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Comment Re:Give it away and it is not yours (Score 1) 300

Income should be taxed. But why as an exit from an estate? Either its a W2 (or 1099 or some such IRS monster) or its not income. I wasn't saying income isn't taxed. But this is posting about estate tax. Yes tax income, even inherited money. That should have nothing to do with my bequeathment. If I leave my plumbing business to my son, its unrealized gain. When he takes a salary or disbursement (or sells the business), then its income and should be taxed.

Seems there are two camps on here.

1. Anti IRS gobbling machine (my camp)

2. Anti 1%, even if it might help some 80%. Fuck the 1%

Not that I am in the habit of advocating for the mega rich, but a $5M business is not that mighty big. A business of that size isn't paying out Ferrari's to a anyone's kid. That is not the same as $5M cash. Yet the business will have to be sold off to pay for an estate tax. Assuming you can find a buyer. Anyone selling a house the last 5 years should know just cause it appraised a certain amount, doesn't translate to having a buyer for it at that price.

Comment I stopped reading the review at... (Score 0) 83

"Legend has removed half-breeds like half-elves and half-orcs citing the impossibility or unlikelihood of inter–species breeding. I mean, horses and donkeys may look similar, but they can’t interbreed. What would you even call them? Dorses? Honkeys?" --http://www.oldschool.geek.nz

I can not take anyone seriously that can not be bothered with fact checking before open their mouths first.

Its called a MULE, you jackass.

Look it up.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Interesting) 283

Yes NAT is a pain..and some cases breaks business apps. Hair Pin turns are the bane of my existence. But you are saying place thing either outside a firewall because its easier, or place your support staff on the Internet with out VPN?

I agree that ISP have a need for IPv6. But why would a Windows 7 user need it? Default out of the box? Or did I miss read that MS has that service on by default?

Introducing the Warpship 361

astroengine writes "Dr. Richard Obousy, a guy who has put modern science into the warp drive, has designed his very own warpship. Now, for the first time, he's shared it with the world. It might not be the sleek Starship Enterprise, but its structure has been optimized to harness local 'dark energy,' generating a warp bubble so faster-than-light velocities are possible." Now, the only question is: will the ship achieve faster-than-light travel ... or will the company hit those speeds once it has enough money from investors?

Comment Re:Did he take it well? (Score 0, Flamebait) 196

Yes Americans are known emotional types. For instance that Futbol game where people were crushed to death when the stadium collapsed with people in it to the ground.
I believe they were from Nottingham Forest and Liverpool.
Yes those AMERICANS RAPID fans. Packing in like sardines to see a game. Crazy bastards!
Not like you well mannered Brits. Limey's are the salt of the earth.
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone brings down Duke wifi network

ecklesweb writes: Inside Higher Education has a story that the iPhone is too popular at Duke. In nine incidents since Friday — the most recent Tuesday afternoon — as many as 30 of university's wireless routers have been knocked out of service for 10 minute intervals, after being flooded with as many as 18,000 requests per second that are believed to be coming from the iPhone's built-in 802.11b/g wi-fi adapter.

Submission + - MP3's Loss, Open Source's Gain

nadamsieee writes: "Eliot Van Buskirk has an interesting piece over at Wired about the fall-out from Microsoft's recent courtroom loss to Alcatel-Lucent over MP3 patents. From the article: "Alcatel-Lucent isn't the only winner in a federal jury's $1.52 billion patent infringement award against Microsoft this week. Other beneficiaries are the many rivals to the MP3 audio-compression format... Now, with a cloud over the de facto industry standard, companies that rely on MP3 may finally have sufficient motivation to move on. And that raises some tantalizing possibilities, including a real long shot: Open-source, royalty-free formats win.""

Submission + - DST, the new Y2K for Consultants

fatalwall writes: "I work at a consultant firm that is has been looking at the Daylight Savings Time change of three weeks earlier and what updates are needed for various software. We have discovered that there is an update for Windows, Exchange, Outlook, blackberry ect. Grandly Microsoft has not provided updates through Microsoft updates for all of these. We have found various tools online that will help however we have some clients that use outlook with PST's which requires every user to run an update. The only thing I can find our people complaining they cant find a solution. How is everyone else dealing with this problem? What have you found for solutions?"

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