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Comment Done in the 2000's (Score 1) 112

I developed and managed systems like this for a living in the 2000's in Europe. The resolution of the realtime location of assets for the RFCode hardware was probable the best in the market, but suffers a lot from reflections and too expensive readers, last I heard from them was trying to lower the price for the Mantis receivers.

Submission + - Google to use ext4 at their servers (

Saiyine writes: This post in a list from Michael Rubin of Google informs us of the steps the search giant is walking to port the file systems on their servers from the obsolete ext2 to the modern ext4, and gives some insight on the results of their tests.

Comment WIC (Score 5, Funny) 160

Wavelet Intelligent Compressor. And it was intellingent, indeed. It had a compression scheme so good it could compress its own .wic files down from megs to bytes. But what do you mean with "random junk", do you mean my .wic based backups could be in trouble????

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