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Comment Re:Dr. Roy Spencer... (Score 1) 954

The "alarmist" wording of this article blows a "gaping hole" in the credibility of this paper. It is "extremely important" when trying to teach people something new that your article not be so "dramatically" worded. Glad it linked to the actual publication, but I didn't see anything here to make me think that the Earth isn't warming.

Comment Agile as a manifesto is a mistake. (Score 1) 395

I like agile when people use it to learn the how and why of managing software projects. It can provide a great platform to debate, discuss, and learn.

I hate agile when people use it as a manifesto or religion, assuming it works best in all aspects of all projects at all stages and with all people. And like religion, they use it as a means to gain power over those who would use reason and logic instead.

And dude, this is wrong on so many levels:

"One of my guys keeps telling me that he would like to have more specified requirements. I keep telling him we're going faster because we don't have specified requirements," Weston says. A hardcore requirements document is a "waste of time," he adds.

Comment I agree (Score 4, Interesting) 180

I used to be a good programmer until I got into management. The flood of information, calls, and e-mails that came in seriously did a number on my brain. It felt like it was being remapped.

I've gotten out of that field, but I still feel the effects from it. Now I've taken to learning Russian. I think I enjoy it because of the concentration required.

Comment It's not just games (Score 4, Informative) 252

It's not just games. In the finance industry I've witnessed many failures of projects to re-write systems from scratch. Some of the best teams just keep updating their old lumbering system, occasionally slapping a web interface or window dressing on it. But it works! And they ship on time! And they make money! And that money goes to fund these colossal re-write failures.

Comment Talking to one of those who worked on the case... (Score 4, Interesting) 159

I had one of the people working on the case come talk to my college class. The documents provided to the law office were on paper. The office had an impressive cluster of computers used to do optical code recognition on all the documents so that they could be indexed and searched. There were tons of documents. It was not easy technically, and they worked a lot of hours.

The person I talked to always hoped someone would take this on. They couldn't give up their work for public domain, but there was a ton of computer history contained in those files.

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