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Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 3, Insightful) 813

It's kinda funny too - as I've had to train my Indian replacements (at Adobe). I heard from the layoff survivors that not a single one of them had any clue what I was talking about or showing them.

In other words - its a pointless waste of time. You simply can't uproot a whole office and replace everyone and expect smooth sailing.

Comment Re:It's not as simple as "just switch over" (Score 1) 166

We ran into this same issue - in our case it was a video/controller board for some electron microscope - and the board itself was like 15k, and it just wasn't in the cards to upgrade it mid research project. So all dozen or so XP machines get to use the local network and that is it.

Every single other application I was able to hack/triage to get running on Windows 7 or 10 in some way or another.

I would suspect in the police dept - network security should be as concerning as physical security though - you never know when a cop turns his/her back and someone attaches a device to their XP PC or Laptop.

That said - my experience with IT law enforcement - is that its a scary world where people like to browse porn on downtime, people build all manner of in house solutions to every problem imaginable (cops are odd like that - many seem to be self proclaimed IT experts...).

Comment Re:Fashion Accessory? (Score 1) 472

Mac's don't just work either. I can't think of a computer that does just work. I have to solve just as many weird ass issues on the Mac that the Windows guys do - often times more because my solutions are often horrible hacks, where Windows actually supports things like enterprise client management.

Source: JAMF CCA/CMA - I manage thousands of them at work.

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