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Comment Re:How... (Score 1) 143

So much this. The only time I know someone's password is when I set it the first time with a forced change the first time they log in, typically minutes later. I don't want to know anyone's password, nor do I need to know anyone's password.

When someone leaves, I immediately nuke all of their account credentials, often before they even exit the building.

Comment Re:And deadly, too... (Score 1) 174

When I worked in a data center with an IBM mainframe, you were required to wear a tie because reasons. Some idiot manager insisted that my clip-on tie was inappropriate. I refused to wear a real tie because I had to work around those high speed printers and didn't wish to have my head removed in an accident. I made it clear I would never enter that room wearing a real tie. I think someone showed him the printer and asked if he wanted to lean over it while it was spitting out a job, because it suddenly stopped being an issue.

Comment Micromanage back (Score 1) 140

I had a manager who tried to micromanage me. I can play that game. I became incapable of making the simplest of decisions. I kept going to his office every few minutes to ask stupid questions, like what color he wanted a particular header in. I made sure to only ask one question at a time for maximum impact. So every few minutes I'd interrupt him with something stupid. I had actually expected to get fired, not win the battle. Imagine my surprise when he finally just yelled, "just do whatever you want", and left me the hell alone.

Comment Re:Closing a loophole... (Score 5, Insightful) 352

Do you have any evidence that Google has been pulling in people to fill lower positions? Disney absolutely abused the system, but everything I have seen either personally or in statistics says that companies like Apple and Google have been using the system to pull in high-talent people, and they paying the accordingly. I know that Apple has off-shored a lot of low-level IT (to India), but that is not directly associated with the H1-B conversation, as those people are still living in India.

The real abusers are places like Tata Consulting, Infosys, and Wipro where they secure the H1-B slots for consulting, then go and find actual work for the people they bring in (so the opposite of what is supposed to be happening). The chart in this article nicely lays out the problem, where outsourcing firms dominate the top 20 users of H1-B (data is from 2014, but is unlikely to have materially changed):

At a guess I would lump half of the IBM positions (remember they are mainly a consulting company), and all the Deloitte & Touche positions in with the mis-use category. And then treat the Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and Apple (plus half of IBM) positions as valid uses of H1-B (I am sure there are some exceptions even there, but... on the whole...). A quick addition of what I just said has 4,329 legitimate H1-B and 27,806 dodgy positions in the top 20 users of the system (those 20 account for a bit less than half of the use: ~32K out of 85K positions).

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 2) 227

I'd seriously like to see the courts side with consumers and insist Lexmar must refill the cartridge for free as long as I own the printer. Let's see how fast the printer companies back off from their outrageous claims.

All of the printer companies have a history of abusing the legal system. Lexmar just happens to the worse offender.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 537

Do you really think that most of President Obama's trips were vacation? Do you think that the President of the United States ever gets anything but a "working vacation"?

A pretty Apples-to-Apples comparison puts President Trump way ahead of President Obama in costs to defend him, and that is before you start to talk about defending his wife and children (which are a more complicated story). But even more damming is all of the quotes from the campaign when then-candidate Trump talked about how he would never leave the White House because he would be too busy to golf. That promise was truly and thoroughly shredded in the first couple of weeks of his Presidency.

Comment Re:Article & its source fail to ask key questi (Score 1) 377

the NRA has stifled any meaningful attempt at reasonable gun control reform.

The anti-gun crowd keeps changing the definition of "reasonable gun control". At one time the NRA backed extensive gun control laws and those laws passed. Then the anti-gun people moved the goal post. They keep moving the goal post. So the NRA finally said "enough is enough".

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