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Comment Re:Available in Gaza (Score 1) 553

...yeah and who can really blame them? they are living under occupation in the most appalling conditions. what have they got to live for? where do they go now? they have been subject to collective punishment - no wonder there's so much hate over there. just look at the isreali/palastinian body count - the palastinians have suffered much much more. should that hate surprise you? currently, it seems that it's only the hawks on either side that seem to be getting what they want. disclaimer: i am english and live in london. i have no axe to grind either way. i am not religious - and dont like either sides religious and very self righteous rhetoric. however, i just dont understand how the israel govt. has got away behaving like this for so long. from the outside - it looks v much like the s african apartheid govt of the 1950-90's. i don't want to start a flame war - but seek to understand how the supporters of isreal think that the situation can be *fairly* resolved. er, peace to all!

Comment Re:Early adopters and FULL HD resolution (Score 5, Informative) 403

i'm sorry, but your talking complete rubbish. i work in the film industry and 35mm film is usually scanned in at 2k which is HD. even sometimes at 4k! i've shot on 16m, 35mm, super 35mm and on hd. film is a very mature technology while HD is still very young. i spend all day examining and working with BG plates shot on both. just because HD is new and digital doesn't mean it's *currently* better than the technology it's replacing. you sound like the early audio companies that said that CD's sounded better than LP's. they didn't then and have only just arrived recently. (listen to a lynn lp12...) the funny thing is that the new cameras have special "film grain" modes...

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