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Comment Re:American Wage Slaves are an Even Better Value (Score 4, Insightful) 1313

I wish I still had mod points left to mod parent up to 5, insightful. I would like to know how many REAL hours of work this particular CEO puts in on average per day. The average shouldn't include 1.) Meetings that could be done remotely but instead end up being at a venue several miles a way requiring 1st class travel expenses as well as lodging 2.) meetings that don't really get anything done/are not well planned (and never had the intention of being productive) 3.) time he spends making bullshit comments like the one mentioned in TFA

Comment Amazing response slashdot (Score 0) 98

This guy is pioneering digitizing life (something that on this scale, is for the most part unexplored territory). He just might be ahead of his time, this might become the norm in 10-20 years. You assholes are doing nothing but putting him down. Do you think he's an idiot? Do you know how hard it is to develop something as intricate as the site he made? Could you have done any better? Shut the hell up. _You're making fun of nerd on a nerd news site_. Furthermore this nerd will probably be more successful and make more of an impact than any of the negative commentators' lives combined (plot that on your own life graph you fuckwits). Don't be so short sighted, just because you can't see the implications yet because you made fast judgement. Your time might be better spent thinking about how you can do even half as much as what this guy has done. I really hope he never reads this news site or at least has the sense to gloss over the meaningless commentators.

Comment Re:I stopped reading the responses after... (Score 5, Insightful) 920

Anything that can be psychologically addictive.. ANY substance. The problem is that the white house was vague about whether they were referring to psychological or _physical_ addiction. The latter meaning that when you quit your body shows sign of extreme withdraw. I guess you could also question the ambiguity of 'extreme' too tho

Comment A few questions (Score 3, Interesting) 114

Do you feel as though law is finally catching up with technology when it comes to computer security or are we pretty far off still? Do you think that current law does a bad job of protecting security researchers and if so why? Which laws make their life living hell and what is the best way to avoid confrontation with the feds?

Comment Here's a protip: (Score 1) 169

Don't get yourself in the situation where you have to defend yourself from people that want your info that badly. Disk encryption is fine, sure it drains battery. But i'd say 99% of people that get your laptop from there will give up. If you have to worry about the other 1% your life is pretty whacked. Or you are in the military and they have standards you should be following.

Comment Re:To summarize: (Score 1) 473

Right on the money buddy. If you're trying to attract intelligent and stable partners it should only be obvious you should present yourself like that as well. Common sense right? But some people can't figure out what they want.

Comment Can anyone else see this? (Score 1) 205

Lets all remember anything Google does "for free" is not "for free" it is for strategic advantage. I just see this being abused for more targeted ads. Akamai is also a partner of Microsoft. I'm not saying this wont be a good service or if there will be privacy issues but lets all remember that a company of any size has no reason to do anything for free, even the most basic of charity is good PR at the very least.

How can this be used for more targeted ads you ask? Quite simple really. If they host the content they have every right to scan the content. Lets take images for example, we know they have the capability of doing a full image search. They scan their hosted images add tags to them then every time a visitor goes to your site Google will record how many page views you get/record the client IP. This IP can be later used to connect to a Google account, thus providing more targeted ads in your subsequent searches. We all have to look at the big picture. I can only see Google's stocks rising.

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