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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 5, Informative) 570

Carbon Dioxide is the foundation of the world's food chain. It's not pollution. Try studying some geology courses. The earth has had climates in the past with CO2 concentrations 10x higher or more than current levels, and life was thriving. Our planet is still stuck in a glacial climate. People don't realize how close our planet actually came to complete extinction a mere 20,000 years ago when the CO2 concentration was under 200ppm. This is approaching the lower boundary for plant life to survive.

Comment Re:Popcorn's ready... (Score 2) 524

1st, Comey is no longer a registered Republican.
2nd, Obama appointed Comey to the position, so mentioning his previous affiliation with the Republicans carries no weight whatsoever.
3rd, insufficient evidence to secure a conviction is a falsehood. They have proof of multiple transmissions of classified information. There's absolutely zero chance that they couldn't get a conviction on the charge of mishandling classified information. They don't need to prove intent to mishandle or any other difficult to prove charges. Mishandling of classified information is pretty cut and dried. Did her emails contain classified information? Absolutely 100% yes. Was the information marked as classified? Absolutely 100% yes.

Comment Re:Apple just has temporary advantage (Score 3, Interesting) 161

your analysis is total horseshit. My wife switched from Apple to Samsung because of the cost savings. She thinks the Samsung is an inferior product. It glitches and crashes occasionally, and the auto-correct is horrible compared to the older Apple version she had been using. I'm sticking with Apple because: 1. I own a Mac, and the apps integrate well
2. I like my current iTunes setup, playlists, etc
3. I was impressed by the camera on the current model
4. I agree with my wife about the auto-correct sucking on her Samsung
5. All 5 of my kids own iPods, and I can text them and facetime them, my wife can't
6. I prefer iOS to Android as far as ease of use
7. I don't like the fractured Android versions market.
8. Better games in Apple store
9. Development looks easier for iOS than for Android (I haven't actually gotten around to serious development on either yet)

Comment Re:Waste of helium (Score 2) 189

On one hand you argue about the efficiency of hydrogen versus helium in terms of atomic weight, but then you propose a solution to the volatility of hydrogen by proposing all cells are surrounded by an envelope of N2, which is far heavier than Helium and would likely undo any advantage gained by using hydrogen over helium. It's also worth pointing out that there's nothing stopping your "protective" envelope from being punctured, allowing the hydrogen to mix with oxygen, kind of like how the iceburg punctured enough of the watertight compartments on the Titanic to sink the "unsinkable" ship.

Comment Re: Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 1) 706

Snopes offers no direct proof that any of these deaths are NOT suspicious. They merely offer up circumstantial evidence to dispute the circumstantial evidence that links the deaths to the Clintons. Do you not find it suspicious that so many people with knowledge of Bill's extra-marital sexual activities wind up dead?

Comment Re: Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 1) 706

Snopes declaration doesn't carry much weight. Take for example their analysis of the death of Mary Mahoney. She was an intern at the white house. It was announced by Mike Isikoff that a former intern was coming forward to testify about being sexually harassed by Bill Clinton. Three days later, Mary Mahoney and two coworkers were gunned down at the Starbucks where they worked. The police investigation determined that it was a "botched robbery". However, Mary was shot 5 times, including 1 shot to the back of the head. Nothing was actually taken from the Starbucks. Yet snopes declares this murder to be "false". Why? The person ultimately arrested claimed that Mary tried wrestling the gun from him. Here's more details about it.

Comment Re:FB should did it (Score 1) 447

You don't have a clue of what you're talking about. If someone is pulling a gun out and pointing it at police, they're clearly not a law abiding citizen, and would be considered a danger to society. Nobody would advocate standing down and walking away when presented with this situation. The only reason you can get away with advocating this position is because you already know the outcome of this particular instance. This was an extremely stupid move by Korryn Gaines. There's no reason whatsoever that could justify her pulling a gun on the police and resisting arrest. It's a completely stupid, boneheaded move on her part. She should win a Darwin Award for 2016.

Comment Re:FB should did it (Score 3, Insightful) 447

Of course the cops would get blamed regardless of the outcome. Murder/Suicide? It's the cops' fault! She shoots first, kills a cop, then gets killed? It's the cops' fault for not handling the situation better! The police are in a no win situation at this point in time when dealing with black suspects. Because of all the anti-cop rhetoric being thrown around, people are disrespecting the police or resisting arrest more and more, making matters worse and worse.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 2) 1017

He has changed the topic of conversation from the emails to "trump wants russia to hack us".
No, he didn't do that. The Democrat supporting mainstream media has done that. The server is no longer online, it is in the FBI's possession. It would be impossible to hack it now, and the media knows that, but they're going to spin the story as much as they can to try and knock Trump. The fact is, the Russians (and/or others) already hacked that server. Trump joking about them finding the emails is not a request for them to hack the server now, it's a suggestion that they already have and just need to find the missing emails among all the other data they stole.

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