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Comment Re: Obligatory.. (Score 0) 231

And yet today hardly an army marches out without having its weapons blessed by the priests or clerics.

Hmm... Not sure what you are saying here. Does that mean every guns, tanks, fighting air planes, etc., should be blessed by priests/clerics before they can be used??? If I buy a gun, I should go to a priest/cleric for a blessing before I can use it??? And why do we need to involve religious in this? Another Crusade war? How about other countries that believe in other religious (e.g. Buddhism)?

Comment Re: The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 1) 210

Simplified information is a two-edged-sword. There is a thin line between enough and oversimplify information. Oversimplified information often time leads to misconception.

It is true that simple information would benefit people in the way that they can easily understand what is going on. However, keep reiterating the simplified information without giving more depth (educate consumers) when needed is a huge problem. People nowadays take information as is because they are overloaded with information. When they are fed with information that is simple enough, they will take it as is and then move on to other thing else. As a result, the simple information leads to misconception. Similarly, I agree that over-analyze/over-thinking could lead to negative results as well.

The thing is that I did not say anything about one should over analyze information in my reply. I simply said that the statement of GP said is too simple and should not be taken as is. I gave more information on what should be looked into, but did not say how deep one should do. I can't answer how far one should go because it all depends on the person. I am sorry that I did not include the statement of not being over-thinking when one wants to do more research on it.

Comment Re:Cars? (Score 1) 75

Does no one else think that airplanes with radio/network connectivity = bad? Does no one else think satellites orbiting Earth at 17,000mph with radio network connectivity = bad? Apparently only a few.

I would ask if the control of an air plane can be controlled remotely like the car? If so, then it is bad. And if Tesla can update/patch their firmware of their car via Internet, then I am waiting to see some other vulnerabilities of the update/patch system they have in the future...

Comment Re: The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 2) 210

Actually, it basically is consumed calories - expenses calories. Thays

It depends on how you define "consume" and "expense." If you define "consume" as eating, and "expense" as activities then it is too simple. Each person body could absorb nutrient from consuming food at a different rate. Also, each person could spend different calories on the same activity (metabolism). Besides, certain disrupt in normal routine of eating (e.g. Anorexia) could change the system (different metabolism rate) in your body. Thus, you oversimplify the way of how calories work with human body.

Comment Re: And.. (Score 1) 108

The fee is in the article. $0.50 per transaction.

You may need to clarify that. The fee you mentioned can be applied to Lyft only and under a condition as well...

For Lyft
Lyft charges drivers 50 cents per transaction when they choose to cash out instantly and only allows payments of at least $50.

For Uber
Uber is starting a pilot program on Thursday in San Francisco for its service, called Instant Pay. Drivers in the program sign up for a bank account with Green Dot Corp.'s GoBank, which usually costs $8.95 a month but is free if drivers make a deposit at least once every six months, the company said.

Comment Re:Well that's wrong (Score 1) 274

In fact on average a computer will have much better visibility to the full surroundings than a human driver could, ...

I disagree with this part. Why? It has nothing to do with a computer, but it is depended on Sensors & how the information is converted in a form that a computer can understand. Computer vision is NOT the same as human vision by the way. And you over value on "on average" cases. Who cares for average cases because there is no significant damages and/or life hazard issues (trivia). The focus is all about extreme cases which lead to dangers and damages. So I'm not sure how you can compare a computer with human in this case..

Comment Re:Volunteer and donate (Score 3, Informative) 428

Really? Do you have the source code ?

I have to agree with GP on this. No one needs a source code to understand this but rather observe the behavior of the app in different situations (unless you have no programming concept). It is an algorithm. Uber set up an arbitrary number of requests within an area. If the request number goes up and passes the setup number, a surcharge is applied. There would be different level (e.g. multiplier) for request numbers.

If Uber intended to jack the price up because of the event, they would have to hire some people watching news on all places and adjust the ride price accordingly. Why would they need to pay extra to those people while they could simply quantify the requests within their program?

Anyway, if anyone doesn't know, Lyft have exactly the similar algorithm as well. And I believe all other share riding apps have the similar algorithm too.

I don't care for Uber, Lyft, or any share riding apps. I feel that their business model is ethically wrong. It is similar to a class action where the money actually goes to corporations and their drivers get something which is just enough to keep them going (or a bit more if they work very hard).

Comment Re:And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 1, Troll) 211

Socialism tinted glasses: "well I work as hard as X!! Why I no rich like them!!!"...

Its the same mentality as people wanting to give trophies to everyone for putting in the same amount of effort rather than giving trophies to the people that play the sport well and win points.

[Sarcasm]Yes, and should still give trophies to those who cheat along the way to win points (and referees either don't see or are bribed) because they are supposed to "play well" too![/Sarcasm] :p

I don't really like to use analogy of sports on life/economic events. Even though they are quite similar in a big picture, there are too many differences when you examine them a lot closer...

Comment Re: Right to be Forgotten (Score 1) 424

This isn't about feathers, though I will point out to you that there are clean-up crews all over the world. They clean up litter.

And yes, you can be punished for littering.

That's a consequence of your choice to act inappropriately.

And it is a continuous effort. Not an impossible one though. We keep picking up trash.

Don't you know how the world works?

You completely missed the point of analogy. The GP meant that once you let go feathers that way, it is impossible to gather them all back and put them into the pillow again. Similarly, the consequence of the incident has already surfaced, it is impossible to completely erase it from the world...

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

Despite the apparent acquiescence of neck-beards on Slashdot, having the ability to share personal information without sharing it with the entire world is something greatly desired by actual human beings. We're seeing a new phenomenon relative to the entirely of human existence -- it's not natural for people to adjust to. People want to share personal information with other human beings without sharing it with the rest of the world. Just because you send a sex video to a few friends (as ill-advised as that might sound), it does NOT mean you should face world-wide mockery by basement-dwellers. So yes, this is a big problem. Brushing it off as "stupidity" is callous and ignorant.

I'm seeing you defending her all the way as if what she did should be forgiven and forgotten. I agree that it should be forgiven, but it does not mean her action could simply be forgotten because it is impossible (think reality). I believe that the fault lies on both herself and the world. It was her fault to send her sex tape, especially for whatever reason she did, to her ex. And it was the world fault to keep mocking her for her mistake (I didn't say it was her ex's fault because it was tit-for-tat). However, I believe that she handled the consequences wrong. In other words, she did not admit that the consequence stemmed off from her own fault but rather ran away from the problem -- ran away from where she lived, changed her name, and finally committed suicide. If she admitted the fault in the first place and did not expect that everyone would forgive/forget her, she would have accepted what happened and ignored the mockery. Then the mockery will subside by itself even though it could take a long time.

I hope that this incident would teach many others who usually want to do some things without thinking further in the future. It is a good lesson to those who are still living, and may be good for those who had done wrong. It is not easy to admit your own fault and has no expectation to be forgiven/forgotten, but once you can do it, it is the best way to handle this kind of consequences...

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