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Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 3, Insightful) 286

Also, although job culture could not really have been the root cause, it definitely could be a contributing factor. Someone prone to depression can easily enter a downward spiral when placed under immense stress, to a degree that they're too depressed to take the obvious actions to get out of the stressful environment. If this guy came from LinkedIn and turned down a job at Apple, he obviously had excellent prospects for getting another job, and that would have been the obvious response to excessive job stress. But depressed people don't think that clearly. A good manager and good co-workers should have recognized the situation and encouraged him to seek help.

That is an excellent point. That actually makes me think even further... Why wouldn't his wife who should be the closest person to his life know about his depression? Or did she ever suggest him to find a new job if her husband made a lot of complaints about his work situation? Or did she actually pressure him to keep working in the place? How about his father whom the wife claimed that he was complaining about the job to? What was actually going on at home for him? There are too many unknown things that we should not jump into a conclusion. Though, I agreed with you that the work environment had at least some (if not huge) contributions to the tragedy...

Comment Re:Detectives? (Score 2) 130

It took 15 months to figure this out and now the guy is out on bail? His gun matches, he had major insurance, and the husband is always the prime suspect. This investigation should have taken weeks. Ellington seems to have had 4 murders in the past 12 years, including this one. Must have been a high priority case. I'll bet the crime scene had over a dozen cops onsite eating donuts. The next day they went back to their speed traps.

If you see at least some real investigation shows, you would have an idea that often times a murder case takes months to years to collect enough evidence in order to charge someone. I am sure that the husband was in their suspect list, but they did not charge him until now because they wanted to have as much evidence as they could to fight in the court. They might have asked their DA (or someone who has the authority to make the decision) whether they should charge him, and the person said NO and told them to look for more evidence. Circumstantial evidence is easy to collect (or make up -- logical sense), but that could easily fail to convince (to juries if it is a jury court) in court because the evidence, often times, would be struck down with doubt. You have to prove beyond reasonable doubt in order to convict on a murder crime.

Comment Re:@Sergey Aleynikov (Score 1) 198

Except what he stole was source code files that contain modifications (some of it his own code that he developed outside of work) for open source programs....

That would be depended on the contract he signed with his ex-employer. Often times, a contract would include certain clauses that will cover all the works you do (even outside of work hours) to belong to the company as work-for-hire while you are hired to work for the company. Then he could be in trouble. There were many cases about this kind of infamous contract iirc...

Comment Re:They simply remember your UDID (Score 2) 115

Does iOS make the actual MAC address readily available to the application layer?

You can read it here on the "Deprecated APIs" section.

In iOS 7 and later, if you ask for the MAC address of an iOS device, the system returns the value 02:00:00:00:00:00. If you need to identify the device, use the identifierForVendor property of UIDevice instead. (Apps that need an identifier for their own advertising purposes should consider using the advertisingIdentifier property of ASIdentifierManager instead.)

Comment Re:Potentially a good thing ..... (Score 1) 49

No need to filter, or worry about getting the plastic out. The bits will break down by sun, waves, and bacteria.

Correct, but you forgot one thing which is more important -- consequence. When plastic broke down to plastic-derived chemicals, that is the real issue. You shouldn't just sit an way for plastic to degrade by itself if you could take it out before it becomes toxic to the ocean!

Comment Re:Price caps cause market distortions. (Score 4, Insightful) 257

Let's take rent control as a simple example. Imposing these distortions removes the incentive for landlords to maintain and improve their properties. When this happens, the wealthier people eventually move away to better properties, leaving only the impoverished who can't move. They often can't, or don't, pay rent, which again hurts the landlords. The landlords who do remain will become slumlords. Others will just abandon their properties, or worse, destroy them to collect at least some insurance reimbursement. The end result is that "high-poverty districts" form, and stay like that until the economic distortion that caused them to be formed is removed.

However, your example does not apply to the issue because it is too broad with lots of competitors. Most areas in the U.S. only have ONE broad band provider in each area. Then the provider would do whatever it can to get itself to be the ONLY one in the area; thus, there is NO competition. Allowing no price cap in this case actually opens a can of worm. The no-limit cap could work if and only if there is a competition.

Comment Re:Ironically (Score 1) 296

The Springer article was paywalled but didn't seem to mention anything about health (or taste).

Here is the link to the free article. As you said, the study doesn't seem to indicate negative effects of soy.

Overall, although the SPI and acid- and alcohol-washed SPC produced from EE meals had lower protein contents than their counterparts from white flakes, certain functional proper-ties, such as emulsification capacity and dispersibility of acid-washed SPC, and emulsification capacity of SPI made from EE meals, were similar to, or higher than, those from white flakes. This indicates that certain soy protein products with good functional properties can be made from protein meals processed by extruding-expelling.

This research was financially supported by Iowa Soybean Promotion Board.

Comment Re:Ironically (Score 1) 296

Read this and then say you are jumping for joy at the thought of consuming soy protein isolate and soy protein concentrate, hmm, i can imagine the taste and goodness of the high temperature acid bath. Soy protein isolate not a food any more, just the cheapest possible molecular chain you can get away with calling it food. If there was cheaper worse shit they could get away with calling food, they would. Personally I read that article and it sent a shudder down my spine and made me nauseas to think of some of the crap I have eaten. Here read about your 'food?' for a change If you think that shit is healthier than chicken, you are an idiot.

A better (and free download) link for the article which is not behind the pay wall is here.

Comment Re:So actually enforce the law? (Score 1) 619

How about we actually enforce the law rather than change it

Because it's difficult to enforce. How much does a 'software engineer' earn? The same job title applies to someone doing security and timing sensitive code for a microcontroller with 16KB of RAM and someone tweaking some PHP on a low-volume web site. The law requires that you pay the average wage for the profession, but if you want to hire people for the former occupation you're able to point to the large volume of people doing the latter to justify the salary. And the only thing that you have to do to justify hiring an H1B is advertise the job and be unable to find an American willing to do it (which is easy if you offer a sufficiently low salary).

You should do some research on H1B application process, then you would have a better idea of how it works. What you are saying here is a typical misconception of H1B process. There is a prevailing wage which should be around or above median wage of Americans, and it is separated by job type and location (e.g. prevailing wage for Software developer in Albany, NY). There is no need for job posting in any media for H1B in order to get LCA but rather post it at the work site (employer place). The job description must be clarified before selecting a job position. And so on... However, the abuse which has been going on works around the H1B process...

Comment Re:So actually enforce the law? (Score 1) 619

Haven't you noticed hundreds of tiny ads in the classified sections of local newspapers asking for programmers or testers and they include salary information? But when you contact them you never hear anything back? Those ads are generating the "proof" needed for the government that the position can't be filled by American workers.

H1B application job does NOT NEED to be posted in any newspaper. The job posting is only at the work site of the employers (and unionize negotiators will receive it too if it is a union job).

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 1) 619

To understand how this scam works... H1-B Indian will have BS/MS degrees (from India) and they are willing to work for $35,000. So the body shop takes out tiny ads in local newspapers offering to hire programmers/testers with a BS/MS for $35,000. Of course no qualified US computer person is going to take work at $35,000/yr. These ads generate the "proof" needed that these jobs can't be filled by Americans.

The body shop then brings in 500 H1-B people and pays them $35,000/yr. According to the law this is allowed, there are no US citizen willing to take these jobs at $35,000/yr. But then the owner of this body shop turns right around and places these people as temp workers for $80,000/yr. He undercuts the US temp workers who would get $90,000/yr.

This is a great business $80,000 - $35,000 = $45,000 profit per H1-B visa per year. This is how you make $100M from owning a body shop over the course of a few years.

To go into a bit more detail of your example, there are more work to do on the body shop part. The body shops call themselves as "recruiting" or "consulting" companies.

  • 1. The fresh graduated can be from India or the U.S. However, those body shops that have better connection in India would prefer those from India because they tend to be cheaper.
  • 2. Due to the process of getting LCA, employers must post the job offer at their work site. This meant, there is no posting because body shop does NOT have a work site but a training site (explained below).
  • 3. Due to H1B prevailing wage (each position has its own fixed wage), the body shop will pick the cheapest prevailing wage position but still relate to IT (e.g. Web Designer, etc.) in their application.
  • 4. Those who are candidates to work for body shop will have their resume fabricated. The resume usually starts from junior to manager depending on how a candidate appears (and/or education). There will be multiple projects in the resume, and each would length from 6 months to 2 years.
  • 5. The candidates will be trained to be familiar with their new resume. This training includes all questions about the job experience in the resume, as if they have worked in those projects. If there is any programming involved with the projects, the candidates will be trained in basic programming of the related technology. Often times, train with someone who works with the technology. No need real programming.
  • 6. After the body shop feels confident about the candidates (a couple weeks afterward), they will start putting these candidates in their supply pool. Let them get interviewed by companies. They don't expect the candidates to get a job at the first time.
  • 7. Whenever a candidate fails an interview, they will help the candidate to analyze why the candidate fails. Then try to improve strategies for future interview. It could be a learning experience for the body shop as well.
  • 8. If a candidate keeps failing an interview, the body shop would either terminate the person or retouch the candidate's resume to be something a bit different.
  • 9. If the candidate lands a job, they will earn big profit.

The reason is that the body shop will apply for H1B with much lower salary (prevailing wage), but at the same time gets paid for higher experience job. Everything (book keeping) is internal. Anyone who can't hold on the job, the body shop will swap the person out with a different one they have got in the pool. Then the body shop may terminate or move the person to somewhere else.

This abuse has been done for over 10 years, but it was very small at the time. However, it became very popular, especially Indian companies, about 10 years ago. Remember when the H1B application went through the roof (140k+ applications) within the first 2 days of opening?

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 1) 619

my ignorance = what is a body shop? I'm thinking car repair. Do you mean it's a business "moving around bodies & personnel"?

A body shop in this case means that the company hires people at a certain qualification, fabricated their resume to be qualified at much higher position, and then sell them to work matched with their fabricated resume. For example, the company hires someone who is a freshly graduated. Then fabricate the person's resume to have 3~5 years experience. Now the person could be hired at that level (e.g. $75k~80k a year), but the company is paying the person for fresh graduate payment ($45k~$50 a year).

Comment Re: Make America Great (Score 1) 619

"Right now H-1B visas are awarded by random lottery and many of you will be surprised to know that about 80% of H-1B workers are paid less than the median wage in their fields. Only 5% to 6%, depending on the year, of H-1B workers command the highest wage tier recognized by the Department of Labor. [...] If you change that current system that awards visas randomly, without regard for skill or wage, to a skills-based awarding, it makes it extremely difficult to use the visa to replace or undercut American workers [...] It's a very elegant way of solving very systemic problems in the H-1B guest worker visa."

Seriously, it's right there in the summary.

It is still NOT a total scam. Because the program is being abused so bad, the program itself is NOT a scam, but it is the way some big companies are using it. Of course, the program needs better processing and qualification reform.

By the way, there is a prevailing wage set to every single position in H1B, and the wage is supposed to be around the mean and/or median. How could 80% being paid lower than the median? How could they let it happen? Of course, loop holes.

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