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Comment Re:Trouble turning a profit? (Score 1) 304

How can Uber have trouble turning a profit? What expenses do they have? Are they literally wiping their asses with money, or something? I can't imagine how maintaining a few little apps would cost billions of dollars a year.

Here is my thought to answer this question... They reinvest into their business by expanding as much as they can for now. If they can dominate the market all over the world, then they will be able to make a lot of money. I would say it is a smart move in this kind of global business (even though I don't like them).

Currently, it is their preparation time in attempt to expand to every single acre in the world. To do so, they need a lot of money to start up the business in new locations. Thus, they can't turn a profit yet. Once they are ready to make real money, I'm sure they will come up with another strategy to maximize profits (which I don't have an idea yet).

Comment Re:never gave them credit card number (Score 1) 236

I travel a lot and I confirm I get locked out every time I land in a new country, both gmail and hotmail. I need to jump through hoops with a recuperation email (which also gets blocked, the idiots). I don't know how kids do it these days, I only connect to email by pop/smtp via my home proxy because of this.

Here is my question... Do you have your account logged in from other devices/computers that are staying logged in? In other words, do you have 2 or more devices/computers stay logged in and they may possibly be in different locations at the same time? That may be the case. If one device/computer is logged in and is, for example, at home, it may trigger fraud detection system when you attempt to log in from another location/country even though the device used to attempt another login is yours.

Another scenario/question is that do you log off from the account on your laptop/notebook before you put it in hibernation, and then attempt to log in again once you are in a different location? If you don't, then the result may possibly trigger their fraud detection as well.

Comment Re:Dun dun dun (Score 1) 427

People on /. are more idiotic than I thought. When I said "both sides," it meant some people from BOTH SIDES but not "ALL PEOPLE FROM BOTH SIDES." There are ALWAYS some people from both sides that throw out HATE speech and the hate come in different ways. Stop pretending that ALL OF YOU on one side are pure or good guys and the others are bad or full of hate. It is BIG BULL. SH1T.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 598

"our Winter comes in June"

Australia doesn't have winter. The whole island is to far away from the South Pole

OK, maybe Tassie might get some snow sometimes in the mountains

In the southern Hemisphere you need to be about 45 degrees south or more to get winter, due to all that ocean moderating the temperature.

I think that your reply is still irrelevant because someone from New Zealand, who lives in the South Island, could come out and say the same thing (thus, a representation from southern hemisphere). Also, the definition of "winter" tends to be related more to local than in a dictionary. If you ask people in South East Asia about their winter, they will tell you that they have their "winter" as well. Though, as you already knew, their winter is nothing but a cool weather being pushed down from the north, and it is a nice and cool season for you (but not for them).

Comment Re:He didn't do shit (Score 1) 488

What's 650,000 - 55,000 again?

I'm so surprised how some people on a tech forum don't know or understand any type of text comparison algorithm... Even though the input data seems to be huge, computers nowadays can solve any kind of this data in much faster than before once a base program has been implemented (and can even run the program in parallel). By the way, it would be so stupid to use real people looking/sorting through all emails to find which one is duplicated and which one is not.

Comment Re:Not just Uber. (Score 1) 230

The majority of people are too stupid to hold down a good paying job and aren't worth what companies are paying them. ... However the government should stay out of it and employees should get a clue and quit.

If those people are too stupid to hold down a good paying job, what make you think that they will all of the sudden get a clue and quit bad paying job???

Companies don't like high turn over because it costs them money.

True. However, this is not the case for Uber, Lyft, etc because they do NOT care if you are going to quit. They can simply advertise and fill in the positions because there will always be people who, per what you said, stupid enough to work for them. Thus, there is no extra cost for Uber in replacement process.

Comment Re:The IRS Test (Score 1) 230

Yes, Uber could; however, doing so right now will reduce their revenue. Remember that Uber is taking a portion of the service charged to the clients (passengers)? If they follow what you are explaining, even though they could avoid the employer-employee relationship, it could hit their revenue quite hard. Business people (or corporations) do not like to lose their earning and will try to drag it out as long as they can...

Comment Re:Weird... (Score 1) 67

If someone offered me 24 billion for anything, even my hypothetical super-successful company that I built with my own blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of a firstborn son, I would take it in a heartbeat. Same puzzlement over the Snapchat guys declining what I think was an overly generous offer for that company. Then again, I've never built such a company so I have no idea of what it means to give up control of it. Still... With 24 billion in your pocket you can pretty much do what you want, start your own new company, hell, start a space agency even...

You will not get the whole 24 billion dollars... If you own the company out right (100%), then you would have to deduct taxes and the process will be quite a headache. If you do not own 100% the company, then it will be even less; plus, other owners would have something to say (as always)... Though, the amount should be enough for to retire right away if you aren't going to live life like some other billionaires all the time. ;)

Comment Re:Fees == false advertising (Score 1) 81

GOV is more worried about who uses what bathroom than actually doing things to help the average joe.

I think you are the one who is worried about the bathroom issue more than understanding what is being discussed.

The issue here is that the corporation found a way to work around the systems/rules in order to charge (average) people a few more bucks each. Due to most people would let go a couple bucks a month fees, the fees were under radar for a while. However, more and more people had been being charged to the point when enough people said "enough is enough." Now, the corporation is being caught and will be paying a "slap in the wrist" fine (again), sadly...

Comment Re:Interesting, but not suprising. Identity politi (Score 1) 171

I'm not *suprised* the Dems lumped candidates into buckets based solely on race and gender, rather than perhaps QUALIFICATIONS FOR JOB, ...

The word "qualifications" in your case has a very broad meaning. You need to understand that those categories are set for "strategic" in order to help making decision. Once you understood, then categorized candidates into groups of expecting people to vote can be seen as a "qualification" as well. If you are talking about those who can get jobs done while in the office, then you will never find one in politics because you should know why...

Also, I highly doubt that Republicant part would differently strategize their plan. It is about politic after all. Those list you gave could possibly be in Democrate's plan as well, but they do NOT play a major roll right now. If they could not get elected first, what's good to have those plan for? You should already know how majority of Americans vote (and it is very similar strategic to get a job in a big company where you need to get through their HR first). So please do not be "not surprised" that this happened in Democrate party.

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