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Comment Re:Sounds Fishy-enko (Score 1) 81

Shouldn't that be a "Russian Man"? A Russian stole technology for his mother country. The context is a bit different.

Actually, the title is correct. If you take a look at you would see that he was nationalized to become a U.S. citizen in 2003; thus, he, at the time, was a citizen or Texas man.

Comment Re:She seem like a commie... (Score 2) 227

Wrong! With less corporate tax, more money get spent on productive uses, and in a more efficient way than if government were to spend it, i.e. without the huge dead-weight loss of government, which has been estimated up to 30-40 cents per dollar, depending on the activity. So more jobs, higher standards of living, less deprivation, etc.

I disagree with what you said because it is too strong statement -- money from less corporate taxes would be spent in more productive/efficient way than government. It can go either way and is depended on how far you want to look at in the future. I agree that government spending is likely to be in a wrong direction, but that does not mean private/corporate spending is likely to go to the right direction. What have we been seeing how corporates spend their money so far? What is their business model? And what is "more efficient way" in your definition? Are you benefiting from the way they do their business (e.g. you are a CEO)?

Comment Re:I don't understand these warnings. (Score 1) 141

Yeah I'm not getting these warnings.

You may not as long as you know the limit of how to play the game.

Until the pokemon comes out of hiding you can't tell where they are so trespassing to find them makes no sense.

Why would it make no sense? According to , you are notified by your phone that it is out. Some kids (or not bright people) may keep their eyes glued to the phone instead. As a result, trespassing could easily occur (get excited about the game and pay no attention on where they are going).

Then once they're out of hiding you tap to bring up the capture screen. There's no need to get closer to capture em.

You are correct. Again, some kids get excited, look at the phone, and play it right away instead of "moving away to a safe zone" to initiate the capturing.

I hope you would try to understand how others think too...

Comment Re:Need more data (Score 1) 379

What's really needed is data where autopilot saved lives.

You are too optimistic. Besides, what you said has nothing to do with the topic (investigating for fault/bug). What you said is that Tesla should stop improving autopilot because it already saved some lives due to (whatever you think) collected data. I would say your post is a troll...

Comment Re:A Romanian with 1.5k to spare on hacking for lu (Score 1) 114

Well, I agreed only on the money part.

However, I totally disagree on "he is sincere in what he says" part. If you prioritize money as your most concern, then you would agree to what he said. However, if you use logic and think about what "he" is doing, you would not use the word "sincere" at all because "he" is actually a classic case politician who promises everything while running for a position. I bet he won't be able to keep most (if not all) of his promises. If he could keep even 5% of his promises, it would be what he wanted to do -- screw other people. Simply look at how he presents himself -- sweet talk / praise to those who agree with him and bad mouth / talk down on those who disagree -- and you should see that he is very similar to a car salesman.

Comment Re:Some perverse incentives in effect at MS recent (Score 1) 52

Funny. People complained that MS never changed, and it was just a boring old work company. They start doing weird things like... giving away an xbox with a surface pro purchase, and now they're just messed up or poorly-led or whatever. Meanwhile, no one cares that Apple basically does *nothing* new for 5 years at a time.

Are you being sarcastic??? If not, then you may need to understand that they are different situations. Never_changed != Does_nothing_new. Never change in the sense is to keep doing the way it is. It could be culture, behavior, etc. Does nothing new means there is no innovation of ideas or the way things work. Even though both situations can happen at the same time, they are still not the same. So why can't people make a complaint on just one and not the other?

I guess "Well the increasingly bizarre behavior out of Microsoft just keeps on coming." from the parent means "never changed" in your sense which would be different from "does *nothing* new."

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 49

Well, when the labor cost is not in question, you should be wary about material quality... I understand that phone companies in the U.S. are benefiting more on their services. As a result, they do not really care how much a phone cost. Remember when there were no smart phone, these companies were giving away a phone. Phone cost is just a small benefit they (phone companies) have been getting...

Comment Re:plus interest? (Score 1) 180

He shouldn't have allowed it to be drawn out so long. After 30 days, he should have filed a lawsuit against Comcast in small claims, for the amount due.

Then the court may throw his case out because Comcast, at the time, could easily come up with a reason why the guy hadn't received the check yet. Then the guy would waste both time and money (court fee which would not be much). However, the guy could have filed a law suit for a much higher amount if he has already waited this long...

Comment Re:Money from people who want to sell? (Score 1) 241

It might for you, but for me it just says "This IP has been automatically blocked."

I just clicked on it out of curiosity. I guess it thinks i am a scammer, despite having never used craigslist for anything before in my whole life.

IP blocking is not only for scam reason. If you really want to know, you need to check with the site...

Comment Re:Gratuitous Admonishment (Score 1) 214

I think that's horrible. Why not use technology? I bet most of these ticket buying web sites have their own roll-your-own garbage Captcha. They don't care because they get the same amount of money of their tickets are bought by bots or real people. In fact, it can be their advantage to have bots buy out all the tickets. They get an instant "sold out" show and they no longer have a risk for unsold seats. The scalpers now incur that risk (and mitigate it by jacking up the price enough that it more than covers unsold tickets).

People who use the ticketing agents (and care about their fans) should demand those ticketing agents implement better bot detection.

Because technology can't solve some major problems. You are correct that ticket sellers don't care about who bought tickets. However, that's a short-sighted thought. Those resellers usually sell tickets at a lot higher price than their face value because they expect that they can't sell all tickets. As a result, there are empty seats in the venue. No artist or show likes to have empty seats in their show even though their tickets are sold out because audiences would think negatively of the show. They do not know what's going on but rather gauge on what they see. The empty seats make a negative impact on future shows.

The AC proposal may work (make harsh penalty) but it may not work in the U.S. due to the way the country is (and people are). Also the GP method (check ticket validity at the entrance) isn't going to work because a huge cost will fall onto the venue owner and may be passed on to artists (but not the ticket sellers). Even though TFA stated a somewhat reasonable solution (come out with a bill), it may not work at all because I can still see loop holes in operations...

Comment Re:frist post (Score 1) 569

Obesity kills far more humans than "rifles" ever will, and yet you see no artists blocking food emojis, and no companies worrying about what do to when someone posts a cake emoji.

Gotta love the logic surrounding this bullshit argument.

Yes, seriously. How could the parent is Insightful when it is obviously a fallacy -- -- that attempts to associate 2 different events/statements as the same. Gotta love the logic surrounding this BULLSHIT argument.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 130

There is not enough information is TFA. When did the Chinese company file for a patent?

It used to be that one (inventor or applicant) must prove where the invention idea came from when files for a patent. It was changed a while back and now it is "first to file" which is stupid. One conspiracy theory is that the Chinese company stole the design idea from Apple (using the loop hole in patent filing). An enforcible patent must be filed in the country it is enforced (or covered) in order for claims to be valid. My guess is that Apple did not file for a patent in China (but may have it in the U.S.) when they sent (outsource) their manufacturing to China. The Chinese company filed for a patent in China for what Apple asked them to do. Because the part is manufacturing there (China), the violation is valid. Just my guess...

Comment Re:afraid to use the words. (Score 2) 49

How about he was in China at the time he was employed? He stole it for "local government" because he was not in the U.S. yet. Until May 2015, he was trying to sell the code to U.S. undercover in the U.S. Then he came to NY in December 2015 and was arrested. Everything is on TFA...

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