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Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 240

I know what I've seen discussed here, and that is usually a case of outsourcing an IT function currently provided by employees to an American outsourcing firm, which itself has H1-Bs. That is apparently legal. I don't buy your assertion that the companies getting away with abuse are forging documents, otherwise we'd see more stories like this, and not about people training their replacements and then losing their job.

Because I experienced in one, but I quited the company before anything got done. It is not my thing and it is illegal. The forging documents do not need to be "legal" paper at all. It could be as simple as a resume (fabricated and submit it to those who want to hire staffs). There are some desperate people who will do whatever they can to stay, so yes there exists. It won't be any big news or stories because those who are involved would never want to disclose. You should know why they don't want to...

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 240

Because they are stupid or uninformed. A queen bee is the best fed bee in the hive. In many species it also has the most miserable life because it has to carry all the children. See where I am going with this?

I see this, but it is different in humans. Why? Because of human politics, and that already creates a lot more complex relationships than the logic you presented.

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 240

No, I think they want to come work because they love tech. And I mean really, really love tech. If they are smart enough to compete on equal footing with indentured servants, they do something else (unless they really love what they do and are willing to tolerate much lower social status harsher work conditions in order to do what they love).

Are you really serious??? You may need to look at this again from business instead of from personal point of view...

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 240

I don't think this follows the usual narrative of H1-B abuse that most tech companies are doing. What I see most people complaining about is general abuse of what the perceived purpose of the system is, however most of that abuse is perfectly legal within the framework because people have discovered useful loopholes. The idiots in this story were blatantly lying and forging documents.

You don't really know much about the abuse, do you? Most of them (staffing companies) do forging documents at a certain degree. It is just that this one got caught. Small companies (and may be inexperience) like this don't cover their track well...

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 240

Salaries have NOTHING to do with it...

Hmm... You aren't logical here. Why there are many people here complaining about cheap labor of H1B?

Salaries are also a part of reasons why they do it asides from the management point of view. It is easy to hire employees whom can be discarded after 6 years without paying any benefits on top of their salaries. If you own a tech company and want to hire Americans, do you think they want to come to work for you if you can't offer them the salaries+benefits they want? The more experience they have (or think they have), the more money they expect plus some benefits. Nothing wrong with that, but to me it is a bit unrealistic because many people are still living in the tech bubble salary era fantasy.

Comment Re:Can't be (Score 1) 240

Got me thinking for a second there, didn't know how many universities there were here in 'merica. In case anybody gets asked on Jeopardy, it's 2474. Not quite 3M, but still almost 50 ***per state***!!!

From this wikipedia, there seems to be a lot less than 2,474 universities... I guess the number you mentioned is also included Devry, ITT Tech, U of Phoenix, etc.?

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 3, Insightful) 240

So far, I see Collins is still on board, funding actually increased, regulations actually down, science visa processing actually streamlined (my colleague got his in 3 days, instead of Obama's 2-3 months). At NIH, they actually paid for travel this year (Obama was constantly cock-blocking the researchers from conferences).

Are you naive or stupid? Which approved budget the NIH is now spending? You need to look for the meaning of fiscal year and how government budgeting works before you spout this nonsensical statement.

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 255

However, you left out if these balls actually are NOT violate all 11 Acushnet patents, what would happen? This is a part of business tactic when a company is using patents to force others out of its way of monopoly. If it is the case, this is a kind of patent troll tactic and I don't support it...

Also, from what I read TFA, Acushnet is trying to force "meet or exceed the quality standards of leading national brands" as Costco advertisement of their balls (#7 in the Complaint). However, if you really look at Costco page, the phrase actually gives a different meaning in the context.

... Our goals for Kirkland Signature items are that they (1) meet or exceed the quality standards of leading national brands, while being offered to members at the lowest possible price; ...

For infringing those patents, you should read the complaint yourself for what Costco said against those patents. I don't know whether or not those claims are valid and won't argue about them because I'm not a patent attorney.

Comment Re:Absolutely wrong: it did differentiate! (Score 1) 124

"We reclassified non-drinkers as former drinkers if they had any record of drinking or a history of alcohol abuse in their entire clinical record entered on CPRD before study entry."

This will not capture a significant percentage of the former drinkers who are non drinkers. So contrary to your assertion, the current study did not truly separate out the two categories.

However, their defined data (raw data) contains former drinkers as well. It is just that the way their analysis (reclassification) for the result merges former drinkers with non-drinkers to make it easier. It is similar to given 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, I want to reclassify it to 1, 3, and 5 to make it more distinctive.

We used the most recent record of alcohol consumption in the five years before entry into the study to classify participants’ drinking behaviour. In light of current debates on the U or J shaped relation observed between consumption and aggregated cardiovascular disease outcomes we defined five categories of drinking: non-drinkers (Read codes such as "teetotaller" and "non-drinker"), former drinkers (those with codes for "stopped drinking alcohol" and/or "ex-drinker"), occasional drinkers (those with codes for "drinks rarely" and/or "drinks occasionally"), current moderate drinkers (codes such as "alcohol intake within recommended sensible limits" and "light drinker"), and heavy drinkers (codes including "alcohol intake above recommended sensible drinking limits" and "hazardous alcohol use").

This reclassification does not invalidate their study or make it look as bad as your impression is. Also, if you really look at the trend in their figures, you should see that it is OK to merge former drinkers with non-drinkers. This study shows a proof of concept and could be refined for further studies.

Comment Re:Two glasses of wine per day would wreck me (Score 1) 124

1 glass of wine doesn't even use up your quiescent ADH levels. It is quickly metabolized. The third and fourth glasses are past the point that the metabolization rate is determined by the production rate of ADH and so stays around a lot longer.

Does this apply to those who turn red after drinking even a 1/2 glass of wine as well???

Comment Re:HUGE Opportunity (Score 1) 211

If we can just raise the temperature enough to melt the ice in Antarctica, it will become habitable year-round. It could then be opened up for real estate development. Apartment complexes, strip malls, industrial parks...the possibilities are mind-boggling.

I believe the parent post is a joke (and should be marked as funny). Some countries that have shore line could easily lose the land because the sea level will rise and that is not really a gain for them in most ways...

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 127

I'm not sure the argument flies with actual humans. Remember, we're not rational agents.

Just look at many African countries, where everything is in constant shortage. They shouldn't be having kids, right? And yet they have way more than highly industrialized, rich countries. A lot of them will die, but more will survive with just the bare minimums, exacerbating the already evident shortages. Sure, eventually the population would reach a tipping point, but that would play out as more children dying than surviving, causing the population to stabilize. That's utterly inhumane and not something you can rely on for population control.

Well, they are actually rational, but their way of thought could be different from yours. You should never attempt to compare the view from the 1st and 3rd world countries. They are 2 different cultures and often times a comparison won't work.

The way they think is that they need kids because they hope/expect that their kids will grow old enough to help them work. Eventually, when the parents get older, their kids will take care of them. Then they need to have as many as they can because, as you said, some of their kids may never become adults (die). It is more self-center thought, but it is still rational and comes from a different angle of point of view...

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 127

Anything to combat aging.. just look at the amount of resources we use to take care of the sick and elderly. And as a big bonus everyone would have much better life-quality with less sickness etc.

You assumed that the resources we use to take care of sick/elderly will become available if we can live longer with healthier life? What do you think we need to pay to get the healthier life? Nothing is free. They just replace drugs that prolong (not cure) your life with this drug that slows down your aging... No, you won't have extra money to spend regardless...

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