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Comment Re:24th Century (Score 2) 131

For safety though, I hope they add circuit breakers (a technology along with seat belts that seems to have been lost in the 25th century)."

TNG's period was the 24th century, not the 25th.

Nerds these days, missing the most basic of knowledge. Back in my days, we could tell you the stardates of different episodes from memory and wore an onion on our belts, because that was the style at the time.

I wore Orion on my belt, which will be the style at the time.

Comment Re:What I can't get my head around... (Score 1) 464

Here is the excerpt:
The leak exposed massive corruption by Daniel Arap Moi, and the Kenyan people sat up and took notice. In the ensuing elections, in which corruption became a major issue, violence swept the country. "1,300 people were eventually killed, and 350,000 were displaced. That was a result of our leak," says Assange. It's a chilling statistic, but then he states: "On the other hand, the Kenyan people had a right to that information and 40,000 children a year die of malaria in Kenya. And many more die of money being pulled out of Kenya, and as a result of the Kenyan shilling being debased."

So, because of the truth, 1,300 people were killed, not because of corruption and a unstable region?

Hiding the truth is good, because we fear the truth?


The claim is that no one has ever been killed due to wikileaks. Assange himself said otherwise this is not true.

Whether "hiding the truth" is good or not is irrelevant to the initial claim, since a fact has no bias.

Comment Re:What I can't get my head around... (Score 1) 464

What I can't get my head around is al those people that spend their time complaining that Wikileaks is not careful enough in redacting the documents and is putting lives at risk. I mean talking about a skewed world view... Not one death on the whole planet has been directly or indirectly attributed to any of the Wikileaks revelations. Not one!

Assange himself said 1,300 people died in Kenya as a result of wikileaks.

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