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Comment Re:And vote Democrat to accelerate the process? (Score 1) 709

No edit....

"For all those who want to remove the guns: You can't fight tanks and semi- auto snipers, night vision, and laser guided missiles with sit down protests, dirty looks and really aggressive frowning."

Definition doesn't apply here. There is no real difference either one reaches this same logical conclusion. The whole thing is a puppet show, diverting your attention as your freedom and ability to amass wealth slowly dissolve.

Comment Re:And vote Democrat to accelerate the process? (Score 1) 709

By definition??? Liberal and Conservative are brands. The name plate can say "rose garden" but if it smells like shit, and is gooey like shit, I am pretty sure that is just re-labelled shit. Liberal as in left wing is not "breaking free". If you think national health care will never mean ONE choice, and a "company" that is run based on your worth as a cog in the new Socialist machine, you are just dreaming. Everything comes down to power and money. Big government, or big business. Choose your poison. Either will kill you.

A "liberal" government will be fascist in its implementation here. So will a "conservative" one. Only by going back to our roots, where the rights and freedoms, and power were more focus on the individual, and trickled down to the community, state, and lastly federal governments, can we avoid the end of this road we are on. The second amendment isn't about pistols, and hunting rifles, for example. It is whatever weapons that will strike FEAR in the hearts of any government that wants to erode or deprive your constitutionally-endowed rights and freedoms.

For all those who want to remove the guns: You can't fight tanks and semi- auto snipers with night vision, and laser guided missiles with sit down protests, dirty looks and really aggressive frowning.

Keeping the freedom to say "Fcuk OMABA in his ass with a LAW rocket" may mean having to kill or die at some point.

The shit you see on the news is a diversion. The hand that moves the wires guides a fine puppet show of Liberals versus Conservatives. The other shows are terrorism and "they should make a law for that", to help guide you down the path of ratting out anyone that isn't flagrantly patriotic and supportive of all legal issues, and to help you feel comfortable knowing that the NANNY is making laws to protect you from yourself, and from any free thought.

You wouldn't want to lose your job and your kids by being a "single issue terrorist" and speaking out against the establishment, would you?

Definition doesn't apply here. There is no real difference one either reaches the logical conclusion. The whole thing is a puppet show, diverting your attention as your freedom and ability to amass wealth slowly dissolve.


Comment Re:What Disgusting Moderation (Score 1) 709

I was going to rip you for going on about "paying their fair share", to summarize, for the wealthy.

Then you tied in what I believe to be the single most important, glaring, flaw in our entire system: money from money, and less tax on this "work free" money.

Capital gains should be 30%. Period. I see no reason to allow vapor money to be worth less in tax revenue per dollar than work money.

Tax overseas money at HIGHER rates. Remove shelters. Flatten the code. 12% for EVERYONE of income, 30% for capital gains, with exceptions of homes used as primary living for over 2 years. Hell, maybe even exclude real estate, and use a separate rate.

The overly complex system we have right now only works for the wealthy. Moving from a retarded system to a possibly retarded system can only be more of the same or better.

Comment Re:"You have to make people feel safe" (Score 1) 385

You completely missed his/her point. You also fell right in line with all the other sheep. Free thinkers don't really want to be pandered to. Apparently you object to politicians being honest, and want to be pandered to.

I look at our current POTUS, and know that he is an over-priviliged ass that tells the masses how much of a free ride they will get, and how many "rights" they have just for being born. Sorry, Barry, you aren't a founder of the country, and unlike the person I am responding to, I don't want to hear about how you'll spray Febreeze on our shit-burger that gets fed to the working poor to lower middle class in here.

Comment Re:"You have to make people feel safe" (Score 1) 385

That is a statistic taken out of context, and used to promote an assertion that assumes a context. the 4 per day could very likely be 4people that are either a) law enforcement, b) military, or c) legal concealed carry holders that simply forgot.

A firearm has several things that make it useless for terrorists to try to carry on. Gun powder is readily detected by the dogs. Metal detectors pick up most fire arms as too much metal. Finally, even without x-ray/touchless systems, the size of anything but a (still admittedly useful) low caliber single- shot pistol precludes easy hiding.

The best answer is to allow vigilant military and law enforcement personnel on board the plane, with orders to disregard the value of any one life, to save the many.

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 2) 385


You can't travel where you want. There are plenty of places that are government operated that cannot be gotten to unless you are government personnel, usually of a specific minimum level.
You cannot work where you want, once the government has completely removed the private sector from every major field. This isn't being done through legisation-directly- as much as indirectly through regulation, and by increasing government jobs' footprint in industries. National healthcare. National energy. Involvement in auto industry. Union promotion and government affiliations.... More anecdotal and tending than real to be sure, at the moment.

Worship as you see fit? Hmmm..... I think here is the big loser. The Judeo-Christian religions are being discriminated in the U.S. at about the level that accusers -say- Muslims are seeing. When the government doesn't allow kids in school to express their Judeo-Christian or other beliefs, yet abide by any Muslim garb or expression, we have a problem. Our government was founded by Christians. Traditions that include phrases like "In GOD we trust" should not be suppressed any more than Iran's Islamic-based government phrases should.

It's time that we stop feeling embarrassed about our country and it's history. It's time to assert our free speech in FAVOR of traditions. Being white should never mean being an apologist, Nor black mean that you should feel angry or held back.

Speak and write.... are you even aware that there are laws that can make you a terrorist for simply asserting your view of a public school's choice of curriculum? Try asking them why they make a big deal about Martin Luther King Jr, and Black history month, without anything similar for the Irish struggle. Tell them that -your- kids will not be partaking in those activities and see what happens. Good luck being an unemployed single issue terrorist that lost his kids.

Comment Re:Regulations are so bad... (Score 1) 745

Wait, you ACTUALLY said that garbage. Look, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but Obama is rich. His proposed "buffett law" would only tax the working wealthy. Capital gains and taxes on assets are what affects the truly wealthy. Of course Buffett wants to be taxed on his INCOME. Just don't touch his dividends or gains from the market, or his ridiculous personal wealth. Yes, he already paid taxes on his wealth. Yep, at lower rates due to capital gains or other maneuverings.

Feigned caring is what I see. Feigned so as to keep people from seeking the truth. I don't trust either party. I especially don't trust a part that wants to grow government, and let unions exert ridiculous levels of control. Big government and big unions are both bad, and were never meant to be. We needed unions, but we no longer need what they've become. We don't need FEDERAL programs. Keep Health Education, and Welfare at state levels.

We are individuals with a set of rights, in a united republic of individual states, with a federal government for dealing with international, trade, interstate roads, national defense, and a handful of other purposes. We are too far from what was intended, in government growth, at all levels.

Comment Hydogen (Score 1) 745

I agree that we need to use oil in the near- term, and quit throwing money at ridiculously expensive alternatives that don't have reliability. Nuclear is reliable, and newer plants will have safety measures that surpass the decades old standards of plants that have had issues. Modern combustion vehicles can be powered by on- demand generated HYDROGEN. No batteries. No BS with low power, high cost. You aren't storing miniature Hindenburg levels, you don't even have to store at all. Emissions... aren't.

While I strongly support ditching alternative garbage near-term, which supports the oil industry, I am quite certain that the oil industry is the leading reason why the hydrogen powered combustion never got off the ground much.

Please note that BMW has done this. I know of a real world converted vehicle that gets better power than gas.

I also know that, just like the 110+ octane fuel made from roadside "nuisance" grass in Indiana will never be mass produced.

We need to think like a country gone corporate. We need to promise big oil our love, and then ditch them with the reminder that they tried to usurp our authority as their boss (the consumer).

All my moderately informed opinion. Converting to hydrogen now would force a LOT of lost jobs, as an aside. We need to be back on top before doing this.

Comment Re:Saw This Coming. (Score 2, Insightful) 158

The whole thing regarding your description seems rather disingenuous. I am sure that you must realize that the primary tenant of the Tea Party is that the Federal Government is too large, and by shrinking it your taxes will be reduced. Well huzzah another large part of that shrinkage will include elimination of much regulation of large corporations.

I'm good with that. Compared to expanding government. I will take ultimate freedom over being locked into having the government own everything, run business, tell me when i'm too sick to bother treating, etc. Yes, insurance companies TRY to do it too, but you can sue, and you can even use the government for that.

Removing garbage like welfare for life, bullshit bailouts and free money for failing, well that would be a good government shrink. The EPA? too much power. Unions..... WAY too much. We even lock up drug dealers for longer than rapists, because the government propagates the lies about drugs ruining the world.

Let me ask this:

How do we compete with China, if our work environments are wide open for safety, pollution, discrimination, and numerous other lawsuits frivolously filed, and subject to union threats of shutdown if assembly line workers don't make the same as well educated IT workers?

How can we continue to give away billions for aid to other countries, while we spiral out of control into debt?

Why are we giving away money to support research into pointless endeavors like electric cars? Solar? While we are not balancing the budget? Extending unemployment so far out that between that and welfare people can live most of their life in government CONDO housing, and still have a big screen TV.

Why is it that minorities MUST make up about 46% of any federally backed loans, regardless of ability to pay, if a bank wants to qualify for federal backing?

Do we really need a government to be so large that it perpetuates funding for bad ideas like treating races of people as "different"?

Do we need government to prevent businesses from failing, yet keep unions in force, therefore keeping labor costs ridiculously out of scale?

This same big government is not raising capital gains. Obama had 2 full years to do anything he felt was important. He crammed his garbage money pit health care through on a "budget" vote, instead of increasing cap gains, as a priority.

The TEA party isn't a 100% answer. It is much farther down the road than the two parties that run things as one mind.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 199

What if I don't want steam running on my machine. I am sure you think it's fine. I don't . I run my machines lean, and I refuse to install Steam due to it's insistence on being a launching platform for when I play.

I grew up with: Buy game. Install game. Play game. End game. No game services or processes running. Play next game. repeat.

This is MY PC and I want absolute control over every fucking bit of software running, and if it's done running, it's processes should fuck off and die. Until resurrected by me.

Comment Re:Piracy and indie games (Score 1) 199

Interesting...... So... if the software companies are enjoying a >300 billion dollar business, with 85% piracy, I guess that they actually deserve more like 2 or so TRILLION per year, right?

Could we stop with making up numbers for copyright infringement that are supposed to represent losses, when there is no way that the shovelware being pushed out could ever actually get that much purchased? Sure, i'm pulling that "fact" out of my ass, much like pundits for industry are doing with their numbers.

It's all a joke. The companies are thriving, and I don't see people profiteering from sales of copyrighted works. Well, not in the U.S., anyway. Blatant in China and other places? Sure. Yet we seem to love making consumers look like cheap-asses that would never buy anything unless forced. Laws do not resolve problems. Enforcement does. We have too many problems with violent criminals to pay so much attention to this. If we actually enforced these laws fully, rapists would do a 30 day term, due to overpopulation.

The idea that we need more laws and restrictions on this, to fill prisons and cost tax payers, despite our other real issues, is sad. It's also wrong.

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