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Comment Re:I don't get it... (Score 3, Interesting) 290

Officially, NCSoft tried to sell it but failed - they released a statement on October 2 saying that: "We’ve exhausted all options including the selling of the studio and the rights to the City of Heroes intellectual property, but in the end, efforts to do so were not successful." The #SaveCoH community is profoundly skeptical of this, to put it mildly.

Unofficially, various parties have reported that their attempts to contact NCSoft to discuss the possibility of a sale never got anywhere - their emails, phone calls and letters all went unanswered. Bottom line is, so far there's been no indication that NCSoft want to do anything other than kill off CoH completely. If they let it be known that they'd be willing to sell it for just a few million, there'd be several interested buyers, or at the very least a heavily promoted (and I suspect heavily supported) Kickstarter campaign running right now.

Comment Re:Come on, you knew this was an MMO (Score 1) 290

If they had cut the developers to 20 and kept the game going until it slowly died it would be no big deal and we would understand.

And that would've been perfectly feasible to do, too - before NCSoft bought out Cryptic they were able to keep the game running as well as publish occasional new content and updates with as few as 15 staff. If it was just put into a low-maintenance, no-further-updates mode and left to run out its days until it became unprofitable, they could probably have managed it with half that number of people.


Submission + - eBay Australia drops PayPal requirements (

schliz writes: eBay Australia plans to water down anti-competitive requirements that force sellers to offer PayPal, following a probe from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). From July 14, sellers will be given a choice of three online payment methods. The ACCC has called off the probe, which stemmed from "a substantial number of complaints".

Comment My iMac looks sweet. (Score 1) 952

Seriously my iMac screen makes all the other monitors on my desk look like crap even if they look fine by themselves. It's especially noticeable when dragging a window from one to the other. Bigger and higher res is always appreciated but the biggest thing I notice is how bad the brightness and contrast of other monitors is even with the settings maxed out and the color profile customized.

Comment Re:Perhaps nobody else cares? (Score 1) 952

Of course a higher resolution helps you see them better, you don't use it to display more on the screen you use it to use more pixels to display the same amount on the screen.

If you used the same number of pixels for letters and so on, then yes a higher resolution would suck. But that would be an idiotic thing to do anyway so it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Bill Gates (Score 5, Insightful) 737

Bill Gates is a philanthropist? Puhleese! That man is merely trying to buy his way into heaven after all the evil he has done.

He has given away almost all his money, and the remainder of his life, to helping the extremely impoverished. Even then, you still condemn him? And you invent reasons about bad motives lurking behind his charity?

You (and those like you) don't really care about the poor or about social justice, despite your pretensions of social conscience. You hate Bill Gates because he's successful and that bothers you and your sense of envy. You would hate him if he gave away every penny. You would hate him even if he sacrificed his life. You would make up some story about how he was not really sincere when he sacrificed his life.

I'm glad I'm not the only one here that believes greed and avarice are not quality traits in any human being.

Nor is malice arising from envy.

Comment Re:Logic Fail:Correlation does not imply causation (Score 1) 237

I believe the point is that Google is making the news available in a fashion which satisfies 50% of the readers without ever having to go further. This pretty much means that Google, with their ads on their pages, is getting considerable revenue from the newspaper's content without giving the newspaper a chance to display an ad.

The clickthrough rate on the ads isn't significant - nobody is paying for ads based on clickthrough.

The causation here isn't significant either. The observation that the content is being snarfed up by Google and is satisfying 50% of the readers by itself is very important.

You can say that the content summed up by Google in their brief summary is good enough because of a general lacking in quality of the content behind the summary. But that is far more of an inference into the observation than is warranted.

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