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Comment Re:What Wii, GBC, and PSP-3000 have in common (Score 1) 303

I distinctly remember the GBC having better hardware than the GB but maybe I'm mistake. In anycase the "next-gen" nintendo console will be released when it makes sense to release it, and then Microsoft and Sony will have to bring something new out, whether its just more exppansions for the PS3/360. I have always been a Nintendo fan and I think they're doing more than fine, even if it is 2 years until the next console they release. On a side note I bought my Wii not for the cutting edge graphics (ha-ha) or the amazing games, but for the virtual console and amazing backwards compatability that at least Sony completely missed out.

Comment My view (Score 1) 334

Whilst I didn't agree with the cards being biometric, because that's just another government database for some nonbody pencil pusher to lose data from, I do support the idea of ID cards themselves. I'm a british citizen by birth only and have liver around the world. I'm currently at university in the UK but I live in Belgium out of term time where there are ID cards and until recently (last year I think) I needed to have one. It used to be merely a piece of card with much the same info as your passport, but more portable. I mean yes now the new cards are "e" cards, essentially biometric (not quite) and I don't even need one, but it makes things so much easier for me that I decided I might aswell get it. My problem in the UK is that because I don't have a driver's liscense (yet) means that my only form of ID is my passport, which I don't really want to carry around on me the whole time incase I lose it/it gets stolen which is why I think ID cards would be a great idea but only if they're not biometric as the government already has enough data on us (and far too much to leave lying around on trains.....)

Comment Re:Yep GameSpot is at fault (Score 1) 345

If they actually adverstised used games as coming with DLC that it didn't and they knew this then, yes, that's false adverstising. But since I'm not American and so have never been in GameStop I can't be sure, but in shops like Game in the UK they don't actually advertise anything, they just put the used games on the shelves and potential buyers are free to browse. Please correct me if its different in the US.

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