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Comment Re:Debuggers (Score 1) 294

Oh I know these Schroedingbugs. You see your code and wonder how the hell it could ever have worked - it has, but with such a bug inside that seems absolutely impossible. That has happened to me a couple times. Scary.

Comment Re:units please (Score 1) 476

Now 0 fahrenheit are 18 degrees celsius and that's quite cold. But it's not uncommon to get that cold in winter in the mountains. In the regions where the rich people have their winter houses it gets that cold often, and these are the common Tesla clients. I am sure that in St. Moritz there is more than one Tesla driving around.

Comment Re:units please (Score 1) 476

Hey, I live in Switzerland, and 0 degrees is not uncommon in winter (you nonmetric folks call that "32 degrees fahrenheit"). No cable gets unusable at this temperature. It gets a bit more stiff, but that's all.

If I go outside in winter I get a bit more stiff too.

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