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Comment Worse than useless (Score 5, Interesting) 365

LinkedIn is a frigging joke. Maybe the intial idea was okay, but then they let any random idiot "endorse" you for skills. When I started seeing my connections endorsing me for skills they did not know I possessed I realized that I could no longer trust any endorsements for people I did not know.

Now I just use LinkedIn to see what people look like, nothing else.

Comment What will really happen (Score 2) 1052

I have been reading a lot of thoughtful posts about this issue, but I fear the reality is that it will turn out to be like our attempt to reform the mental health problem.

Remember when we were going to eliminate the horrors of the mental health warehouses by shutting them down and opening up smaller, local homes for the mentally ill? We shut down the hospitals, then never opened the local homes. Those who needed help ended up on the streets with the homeless population.

Now we propose to taper off our hodgepodge of social safety nets and eventually replace them with a basic universal income. What I forsee happening is the taper, as that is politically viable, but then they never get fully replaced with an equivalent cash income, as that is politically too easy to oppose.

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