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Comment Re:Classic Steve Jobs and the Nascent Web (Score 1) 136

In 1980 or so I was searching the chemical literature (paper) for help. One limitation was that editors would go through a paper and extract maybe 5-10 keywords that appeared on the title page. So you could scan those pages for relevant content completely miss facts that were buried in footnotes and experimental summaries. I used to bitch that we would work with our hands tied until every word was a keyword and they were searchable electronically. If I had a NeXt workstation then and Mosaic, I might have pointed that out to you.

Comment When it was like a small club (Score 1) 136

Remember when you would check every day to see what sites had come online the day before. And then check all five of them out?

By the way, notice the quote: "Imagine if all newspapers became Internet service providers, now that would change the media landscape for sure," Daniels quipped.

Today, I am obliged to send Comcast $150 bucks a month, but I am reluctant to send the local newspaper a few bucks a month for access. What if the local paper had the wisdom in 1990 to become an ISP and wire the city with their page as your home page? They would not be going extinct.

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