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Comment Re:First AI Post (Score 1) 109

no, 7.
The ASCII standard is 7 bits, that there are 8 in a byte means that it usually consumes 8 bits.
Case in point when Wordstar (in)famously used the high bit to flag last char in string they didn't violate ascii, because the 8th bit was not part of the standard, but they still broke the defacto standard because no one else could make use of it.

Comment Re:2nd and 3rd shifts? (Score 1) 69

Well, what if OP is simply the most qualified and there is a 2nd/3rd shift that handles ops.
Shit happens, and sometimes you need your *best* people to handle it.

Now: That should be rarer than a blue moon, and the problem is when that kind of thing happens too often; a common problem.

As to the article, what if my boss and I are personal friends as well?
The way TFS reads, that friendship would be damaged.
I would hope that the law stated "business or employment related contact".

Comment Re: Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 354

which is why I want to see America tax all goods/service based on the location of the worst sub-part and do it with emissions / $ GDP.
By putting a slowly increasing tax on the parts from bad emitters, while rewarding nations like Sweden who is VERY LOW emissions / $GDP, we get nations to either clean up, or for businesses to quit getting parts from those nations that pollute heavily.
This also has the advantage of getting nations to quit manipulating their money against the $.

Comment Re:I hope Apple knows (Score 4, Insightful) 175


Any new computer hardware on the market these days is plenty powerful enough to handle anything a typical user might ever want to do.

That means that unless you're a power user (or video game or VR enthusiast), there's going to be very little difference between your experiences using a modern low-end vs a modern high-end system; either one will work just fine for you.

So the remaining criterion (other than purchase price) is the quality of the user-experience -- i.e. how much of your time at the computer is spent getting accomplished the things you want to accomplish, and how much is spent dealing with computer problems?

Minimizing the latter is what Mac users are willing to pay extra for.

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