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Comment Re:MS Spyware (Score 5, Interesting) 421

It is documented. When this whole windows 10 is spyware thing started, I started searching. The telemetry is exactly that. how many times an application is run. For how long? did it exit clean or with errors? etc... Microsoft has been giving speeches @ Dev conferences for a while now shopping this new feature set. Not a secret. it it a service called "Application Insights" https://www.visualstudio.com/e... Nothing secret, an apparently an advertised service. Another way to make money for Microsoft, not spyware for nefarious purposes.

Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

This. Especially for children's titles. I have 2 viewing options available for my kids, Plex and the DVD changer in the minivan. When buying titles, I Torrent for Plex and the un-opened disc goes onto the shelf. If it is a frequent re-watcher, My oldest son burns a DVD for the Van with windows movie maker so that it just plays instead of having to navigate the menus while driving. (who ever thought that would be safe?)

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