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Comment Re:Bill Waterson comes out of retirement to work o (Score 1) 106

I came close...
(I pub sf ebooks... tedyyhunter: etc) on smashwords.

  HALF of vol 6 got posted. (you obviously don;t know rough drafts. that's the one I'm currently attempting to write.)

on april 1st. Another bkgd contrib to gen cult.

you have to pay to me to watch the formal stuff.


Submission + - sex, screwups and sabotuge. (hey, where did te journals go?)

packrat2 writes: First off; SEX:
prayer,(attitude) connect,(ka-push) tantric,(walking the 7) self, (being there) romper, (play) higher-order stuff. (6)
  Meh. Too kinky yet. Needs simplifying. I dunno about this either.

Screwups. It's a been a few weeks; nothing inspiring here yet. There should be nine items. (I have reasons for that.) so...wind up for another shot.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, comets, tidal waves. (nat-dia.)

Tribal, feudal and technocrat (Screwups)

Tribal: war, famine, plague, and pestilent. (4)
Feudal: -(3) pol (admin gridlock; russia china, etc.)
                                            eco — currency ,trade isolation, etc
                                          cult — bigotries of various traditional sorts. (exploiting with meds, ed, justice, entertainment, etc)

  Techno (2) = garbage, (waste) social-genetic fruit fly bottles, (pollution.) Theories? Disastrous apps, (misadventure?)

  Ouch. Save the wails? Difficult when you have
1:flakey psyco floaters;
2: scoring hustlers promoters
3: 'fixer' cannibal positioned to work with.

  So... ***** money, power, fame, sex, vengeance,
(pol, eco, cult) passions, ego-centric. (7)

war pestilent, famine, plague;
pollution, misadventure, nat-dia (7)

All that 'naked ape' stuff the sixties was correct, I guess. And the publisher/distributor problem gets 'solved' by govt (censor) distribution.

It's no wonder UFOs stay away.
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Journal Journal: free ebook(s) of mine

deals, vendors and publishers.
e-books (for pads, phones, kindles and computers!) New releases!
Go ahead and pick one up, ya never know when you're gonna need an escape.

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Journal Journal: ufo-observer, free comic

link to the UFO observer comic I put out. Rant-free, lectures removed... and it's still free as of nov 16th, 2014 sun.

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Journal Journal: ufo filter: bykevin williams ( an SF short teaser)

sf short teaser. UFO filter: by kevin williams.

once I've taken the fun out of this... (get past 'idiots, explosions, falling anvils/ sex, violence + humor' and you're commercially dead) it'll be a decent SF story. (I'm thinking a comic-book.)
my zine has reformatted, i guess.

christmas children;'s story
romantic comedy, valenties/st pats.
SF action-adventure in July
and horror, halloween. (cartoon version)

Submission + - the NWO round-up re-sults

packrat2 writes: #Politics #Economics #Culture
RANT mode. Semi-funny + horrifying.

There are signs of this everywhere. The Apocalypse is coming and this is the round-up part of things.

    Giant lumber trucks heading to DND; (Canadian navy upgrade. Finding Franklin's ship preserved after 150 years was a BAD omen.) plus The watch-tower setting up a booth outside dnd headquarters. The power of prayer, not experimental meds, not patronage and pork-barrel cash.

  Parliament opened again today. (The hot-air factory blowing ill winds. A *LOT* OF it makes for cilmate change, not paradigm shift.)

  Norway, France and other countries leaning to right.. (a little to the right of Genghis Khan, if I read this right. If they aren't at war already, period.)

  Defaulting countries, (pigs, ie) now include most of s.America, northern cities, american states and a couple of provinces other than quebec. (local pension-plan collapses and the grey de-revolution. (not ed rev, de-rev. Trust me.)

  Lynch-mobs roam the streets looking for instant cures and targets to cannibalize. (mostly police forces too)

  Gosh, even I'm getting depressed and I'm nowhere near done. The double-double, poutine and beaver-tails are all VERY unhealthy now. (wheat, dairy, white sugar and caffeine) along with booze, smoking and girls. Now there's a unhealthy sign, eh?

  Ok, so the air is radioactive, the food poisonous, the water polluted with tranks+ whatnot, animals, plants, bees and birds getting replaced with a more vicious type of survivor. (One that *LIKES* human flesh-eating disease.) and the media cheerleaders information-starved.

  I still have my dreams, and they aren't of yesterday. (I don't remember much of the 60's, 70's , 80's and nineties anyway. The eco-stats that came out of those periods fried my brain.

  (Carter's 18% bonds, the 500 million factory cost buying the whole chain on the stock market, several oil crisis-es that threatened to own the whole world in 6 months or less, and mega housing boom/bust cycles, PIT pricing building into extinction, 90% of the dept being in 60-day bills.... I'm sure you get the general idea. Insanity, basically)


  The new Mill is grinding on, but not upward. You might be getting the boot, or a hob-nail to the head, but life goes on anyway.

  You remember the new vicious species replacing the old ones? It's a lot worse than you think, or even what micky-soft did. Wanna know which insider finally got the bio-tech tech/contracts? (relax, it was a bunch of screw-ups. Big-bro is all 'me-li' which hunts, not anything useful.)

  We are winning this war, please just ignore the tanks outside the building and remember fink-world targets finks first.

  The future isn't plastics, or a wi-fi watcher. De-saling water for gold, maybe. Pocket wind-turbines, maybe.

    It's gonna be personal prayer. We won't have anything else left; china is still trying to appoint the reincarnations now.

    Holy barrel scraping, eh? And you're a stave.
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Journal Journal: police state: reflections of a shadow-dance (WEIRD fiction)

Reflexions of a Shadow-dance.

For her, the mirror was always there, if nothing else.
The shadow danced on the cave-wall, from TV, the news and reflexions. It was all there was.
The police state is not a mystery, or a mysterious entity.
It does not exist to manage resource utilization or

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Journal Journal: dirt deeds done cheap (novel extract)


“Meet your new tutor, son. Me. Junior, daddy says it's time for you to grow up. Suit up. Pick out a tie already, a nice one, you're gonna be wearing it the rest of your life..”

“But Uncle, he's deadparked! He hasn't built or made a new move in thirty years!”

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Journal Journal: rant-mode

Losing faith in humanity one person at a time? Naw, whole governments at a time these sad days.

Looks good, doesn't work.

Here? No parking at new stadium (which is condoized), new marble at shopping centers, (power outages and dead trees all over.) Can't build bridges, lay red brick can't survey tunnels.

People? The bullshit passionate, psycho gamers and lunchmeat technocrats.

Comment naw, no paradox. (Score 1) 686

  if intel is a function of predatory intelligence... who needs them?

  there is NO paradox here.
  Would YOU want to go to darkest africa, where the meds werew bull, the natives might eat you and they'd cheerfully KILL for your socks? (NA Indians got the death for that)

  urbanized: a clean water supply. (how's the home village doing, bucko?)

  civilized. No psychotic (cannibal) neighbors

  enlightened. (lemme see, there was this monk in med-evil Italy that could fly...)

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Journal Journal: pi day and week; new novel out!

pi day, ides of march, full moon, st pat's, spring equinox busy busy week here.

published Teddy Hunter: The Nano-zombie War (Vol 3; vol 1 is free at

on pi-day. 3.14 etc. hard SF. appropriate eh? Actually ANY of the those days would've had tie-ins, but...

Submission + - feedback new design (

packrat2 writes: bring back the quotes, bottom of page.

  add cartoons. (see link) third down (1984)

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Journal Journal: seasonal sex

novel is dragging; last journal entry re-written 6 times.
here's some seasonal sex..
Sex 2013 (personal social cosmic?)

object relations mediation
(7 = 4/quads 3/form. Communication+being. Catholic style reasoning)
matrix = mediation (9)

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