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Comment Not Dead on Arrival (Score 3, Interesting) 260

Classic case of hubris and " love to hate " syndrome . It has got a good CPU , Support Flash , QNX run on Dalvik VM so there is always a plan B of supporting . Android Apps . I think for version 1 this is a decent device and i have used the pre released unit . Multitasking is good enough and by any count it is better than Xoom . in a world filled with Android and Apple Fan boys its hard to measure anything on a standalone basis .

Submission + - Twilight Star Rovoted as Best Looking Male in 2010 (

pacificleo writes: Pattinson who was casted in Lead role of Edward the Vampire in Twilight Series of Movies has been voted as most good looking Man in world . i give up on any hope of understanding how women think and what they find attractive .

Submission + - HTC to pay MS royalty for every Android phone sold (

An anonymous reader writes: HTC has agreed to pay a patent royalty to Microsoft for every device it sells which runs the Android operating system. Microsoft has long claimed that Linux infringes on some of its patents, but never specified which ones.

Submission + - Men Take More Risks Around Pretty Women

Pickens writes: "As a group, young males are at the highest risk of early death of any group in industrialized countries in part because they are the biggest risk-takers e.g. men are 2.5 times more likely than women to be killed in road accidents. Now researchers have investigated the risk-taking behaviors of 96 young adult men, with an average age of nearly 22, by asking them to do both easy and difficult tricks on skateboards, first performing the tricks in front of another man, then in front of a young, attractive female. As the researchers expected, the skateboarders took greater risks in the presence of the attractive female, even when they knew there was a greater chance they could crash. Along with this increased risk-taking, the young men had higher testosterone levels when they performed in front of the female (PDF) than when they did their jumps in front of another guy. "This experiment provides evidence for an effect that has existed in art, mythology, and literature for thousands of years: Beautiful women lead men to throw caution to the wind," wrote the authors of the study, Richard Ronay and William von Hippel, of the University of Queensland in Australia. "These findings suggest that, for men, the adaptive benefits gained by enticing mates and intimidating rivals may have resulted in evolved hormonal and neurological mechanisms that facilitated greater risk-taking in the presence of attractive women.""

Comment Re:GPU acceleration and Opera (Score 1) 391

They are not *Betting* on HTML5 they are just complying with standard or hedging for it. last month at Mobile Web Conference'2010 Eric Schimidt Touted Flash Support in android . I doubt they would do it for HTML5 . when it comes to mobile Google want it to be app/pluggin centric pardigm where they control things as they control Android . things like HTML5 which pushes WAP paradigm is something they won't like .

Comment Re:GPU acceleration and Opera (Score 0) 391

When was the last time Performance and better quality became critical in deciding which tech will be widely deployed ? Unless a biggie like Google /MS /Apple back on HTML5 i don't see why it would replace incumbent standard :Flash . i have seen this movie before in Betamax Vs VHS and I am sure that lot of folks on slashdot are reading this discussion on IE 6 . comaprision like these are geeky amusment at best .

Comment Re:Standards... anyone? Anyone? (Score 0) 178

Screen size is just one aspect of it , this is a multi headed monster , other issue is input method ( touch ,trackball, triple key press ,QWERTY) , Heap Size, Memory constraint , diffrence in JVM implementation ,diffrent interpretation of specs etc . Device fragmentation is the harsh reality of Mobile world and its going to stay . let me repeat fragmentation is here to stay . Its evil cousin of differentiation . As long as manufacturers keep producing different devices we will keep running into these issues . I doubt if any of these alliances can do much to change that . not in any meaningful way , unless they can enforce end user to get app from them only or work with handset OEMs to make devices comply with some common minimum criteria before they allow them on their network .

Much as I like to be other wise genie is out of the bottle here , only thing we can do is to keep design of your app as platform neutral as possible. than attack the implementation part with tools for cross platform development , Java , J2ME is one way , there are other tools like Mobile Distelry ,Phonegap and Mitr trying to solve this problem only . but we have a long way to go on this . for more detail i suggest you read this excellent paper from a NUS professor named RAJAPAKSE . it will give you a lot of insight about the same .
Disclaimer : I work for SpiceLabs the company behind Mitr

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