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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 61

>> How the fuck is LinkedIn worth $26 billion?

It's become the Google of recruiting. These days, Monster and seem to be full of job postings that companies need to legally get out there before selecting an internal candidate or hiring an H1-B instead. You're just chasing a lot of phantom jobs out there. However, LinkedIn is where recruiters can research you instead and chase you down for positions they can't otherwise fill, which in my experience has meant a better-than-50% chance of getting the job before any interviews and above-average salary offers. So...that's why it's worth billions: it's the only place serious job seekers need to keep their resume current, and it's the only place recruiters need to find people.

Comment Is this question from five years ago? (Score 0) 331

>> If you want to develop for Android, then you're probably using Java...and if you're developing for iOS, then you've probably been using Swift or Objective-C.

In my (corporate) neck of the woods, people have been flocking to Xamarin (C#-based) for multiplatform mobile development for the past two years. Final tune-ups can be performed by a limited number (or contracted) platform-specific folks, but not much original "guts of the code" is being developed on "just" Android Java or Apple's proprietary languages these days.

Comment Biggest technical flaw: MITM checks are manual? (Score 1) 99

The biggest technical flaw I think I see is that man-in-the-middle attacks can occur unless both sides manually check a 256-bit hex value - probably above the technical capabilities of most users. (This is unlike SSL/TLS/HTTPS where clients usually automatically verify the ID of the server, and servers often automatically verify the ID of the client.) From TFA:

>> For every secret conversation Messenger exposes in its interface both participants' identity keys (i.e. IKpk). Users may optionally verify these keys in order to ensure no man-in-the-middle attack is compromising their secret conversations. Messenger displays the 256-bit IKpk values in hexadecimal format.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 59

>> I will continue to drive my own car thank you very much

Fuck that. When we have self-driving cars I'm planning on picking up the highest-paying job I can find an hour away so I can game my ass off before and after work every day without any distractions from the wife and kids. :)

Comment Re:they will get it wrong. i promise. (Score 1) 59

>> (thing) that exist to report on every place I travel and when I travel there back to the company that sold me the car, their "family of partner companies", the ad agencies thosefirms "partner" with, the FBI, the NSA, and whoever else = NOT OK!'ll be turning in your cell phone later today then?

Comment "Much" (Score 1) 35

>> A query for the lyrics to a specific song will pull up the words to much of that song

"Much"? Why not "ALL"?

>> LyricFinder Chief Executive and co-founder Darryl Ballantyne projects publishers and songwriters seeing "millions" of dollars in additional revenue from this arrangement. least one of those two groups, right?

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