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Comment What if the hackers are just pissed off BernieBros (Score 1, Insightful) 122

>> The White House staffer -- who also apparently does advance work for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign -- is named Ian Mellul.

The one thing the dox's have in common is that they show the Democratic party trying to have a democracy/debate-free transition of power from Obama to Clinton. And this dual-employed "staffer" would seem to fit the profile.

The group most pissed about the attempted coronation has been Bernie supporters, i.e., anyone leaning left and under 45. That also happens to be most of the IT security gurus I know. (The rest tend to be intelligent and right-leaning and have therefore tuned out both remaining candidates.) So...why are people trying to say "the Russians" when it seems more likely that the hackers are Bernie supporters ticked off that the Democrats kneecapped the only viable progressive in a generation?

Comment "Taxpayer dollars" (Score 1) 420

>> received an estimated $580 million in federal money (aka taxpayer dollars)

Heh - as if what we paid came close to what the Feds spent. If you're going to use snide-ness, why not try "a.k.a. yet more debt"?

On the other hand, where do you think all those "job training" dollars that a lot of people keep demanding go? The Feds feel pressured to spend them on...well...something...regardless of actual results.

Comment Re:Sources isn't a name (Score 1) 59

>> can't name your source

This only makes sense if it was sourced by Google's PR team, who might be trying to make as much noise about their offering now they're convinced that they won't win the PayPal account. (Normally, a customer name-dropped during a confidential evaluation process would be pissed off enough to drop the vendor who name-dropped. The vendors still in the game wouldn't normally dare publish the name of a customer considering them now.)

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