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Comment The Lesson? Kickstarter money is for entertainment (Score 1) 155

>> People funded product, product happens, people who built product sells out to competitor, product is killed

Let's hope people have learned their lesson: any money they give through Kickstarter should be for entertainment purposes only. You're basically buying movie popcorn, at best.

Comment Re:For what? (Score 2) 38

SLIDE 1: "Uses for Powerpoint Collaboration"

SLIDE 2: "Agenda: What Is Collaboration - What Is Powerpoint Collaboration - How Powerpoint Collaboration Helps Megacorp - How to Use Powerpoint Collaboration - Powerpoint Collaboration Policy - Reporting Powerpoint Collaboration Misuse - Conclusion"

SLIDE 3: Pirated graphic of unrealistically fit and happy office people high-fiving. "What Is Collaboration"

SLIDES 4-50: ...much needless content...

SLIDE 51: Pirated graphic of business man stupidly raising his hand like a fucking second grader. "Any Questions?"

Comment Re:Lingering effect of "only click this once" (Score 1) 102

>> As Apple/Android Pay on sites becomes a standard

It'll be many years before I hook a credit card up to my phone. Part of the reason I keep my family on the Google infrastructure is that their app store doesn't require a credit card (and I'm still looking for the first mobile app I'd need to buy), so it would take two leaps of faith to get me to link up built-in payment to my device.

Comment Lingering effect of "only click this once" (Score 4, Interesting) 102

I think a lot of this has to do with the lingering effects of a hundred "don't close your browse / click refresh / click twice" warnings during that critical credit card submit/commit step. They make me nervous enough on a PC wired to a network - I really don't want to see a dropped connection during this step if I'm my mobile device. (So, I may build up a shopping cart with my phone, but I usually wait until I'm at a trusted PC before buying.)

Comment The best thing about "developing countries" is... (Score 1) 45

From Facebook's perspective, the best thing about testing "developing countries" is probably that dropping a drone on someone's head from 60,000 feet will mean, at worst, they're out a three goats and a pair of chickens. (See also: drug makers and name-a-country.)

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