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Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 2, Insightful) 369

Seems pretty straightforward to me. After the election, we started to hear "the Russians hacked the elections" (as opposed to "Hillary was a shit candidate with morons for advisors")...and for some reason the Russian story lived into Q2 2017. To counter the news, Trump's already done two things: cut ties with people on or near his staff with Russian connections, and attacked Russia's ally Syria. Last week we saw the release of a book confirming that Hillary was a shit candidate with morons for advisors, and the pursuit of Assange seems like a fourth and final move to finally kill off the Russian hack story: e.g., "if Trump's trying to arrest Mr. Wikileaks, then how could you say they were allies?"

Comment Um...audience? (Score 4, Funny) 168

>> his computer sometimes struggles to handle large spreadsheets and multiple documents open simultaneously

Hi "MsMash" and welcome to SlashDot! We are a thriving community of developers and IT folks who do interesting things like "compile code", "simulate load" and "troubleshoot." Having to deal with a computer too slow to handle a bunch of crappy Office documents isn't something we really ever face, since our challenges are greater than those faced by the poor schlubs (like this imaginary office worker) we mock.

Do you have any stories that might interest us instead?

Comment Re:Brick by design (Score 2) 206

>> school looking for laptops for your students to use

Funny you ask - I've actually had this role a few times for local schools.

Generally, if you want tablets to surf the web and dink around on some learning apps, the only financially responsible choice is Android tablets. They're wipe-able and cheap enough that you can break a few every year and not really care that much. Anything over $50 or so a table starts to quit making fiscal sense when you're handing them to second-graders to surf the web - iOS and Windows were never really in the "tablets for schools" game.

Submission + - Last Jedi Trailer Is Out (

xxxJonBoyxxx writes: The Last Jedi trailer is out:

It's pretty much what you'd expect (after watching dozens of fanboy trailers) — skip to the second half to see anything interesting. Not sure what the ships painting the planet in formation are up to, but I did like the armada of rebellion ships near the end.

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