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Submission + - Microsoft problems hit dutch police force (webwereld.nl)

paai writes: The dutch police departments north of the great rivers, which covers somewhat more than half of the country have been struggling for weeks with really serious network problems. The cause has been found in a malfunction during the installation of a Microsoft service pack. The police says that it will be weeks before the network will be functioning again. See http://webwereld.nl/nieuws/65040/politie--netwerkstoring-duurt-nog-weken.html (dutch)
This is bad enough in itself, as it effectively cuts out half of the connections, so that officers will have to do their administration on their home computers, or even by hand. It also means that statistical processing of incidents is impossible.
What worries me even more is that police data typically contain sensitive information that you would not want to fall in wrong hands and we all know the track record of Microsoft when it comes to security.


Submission + - Microsoft-only submissions to conferences.

paai writes: "A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with the scholarly community of Cultural Heritage, as opposed to the Artificial Intelligence crowd that I normally associate with. But whereas conferences on AI as a matter of fact accept papers in LaTeX or PDF, the conferences on cultural heritage seem to be Microsoft only, and I really get problems when I submit my papers in PDF, ODT or even in the DOC format that is generated by Openoffice.

As a matter of fact it seems that if I do not use Word, I often cannot publish my papers. I cannot even blame the organizers of the conferences, because they have to comply with the guidelines of the publishers, and they just do not accept papers that are not written in Word.
Walk away from such conferences really is no option, because in academia you live or die with the number of publications and I just cannot afford to ignore Microsoft-only conferences.
My question to the slashdot community is NOT whether I should publish or perish. What I should like to know is if there is a central forum or organization that is attended by the organizers of conferences in general and where I can draw attention to this problem.


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