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Comment Re:Good ol' days (Score 1) 121

Faster hardware is not always a boon. Now we have Java monsters that eat up all the performance of even decent hardware. Easy to learn? Nah, with the myriads of different libraries and paths it is a conceptual mess. And it was supposed to be the cure-all for viruses, but that has not materialized either.

The good Lord gave us C, Bash and the CLI , and we frail humans should not presume to improve on His creation.


Comment Re:Zero Page memory locations (Score 5, Informative) 615

The zero page on e.g., a 6502 consisted of the first 256 bytes in memory, so the address of any byte therein was only a single byte in stead of two. Access therefore was faster on that page than of all other parts of memory.

The Apple II was my first computer. I bought it when I was thirty, in 1979. I then was an art historian, looking for new ways to administrate art collections. It really changed my life


Comment every homebrewn beer smells weird... (Score 2) 109

I have made a lot of beer, and every batch smelled like funky cheese or worse for the first few days or even weeks. That is normal. And as the alcohol is developing, you can drink it and get a buzz. I guess that the ancient chineese, and egyptians, and sumerians, and all other beer drinking civilizations found like me that it pays to be patient.


Comment Re:American show, European winners (Score 1) 93

My dear Brian, I do not quite see where I was rude or insulting in my original post. But as you pointed out correctly, english is not my native language.

When I started university, long, long ago in the sixties, literature and textbooks were in french, german, english and, of course, dutch. When you published a paper in whatever language, you had to include abstracts in the other languages. Superficially the recent english-only situation in the western world seems an improvement. Anyway, if you want to pursue an academic career, you have no choice.

But if I were you, I would follow some courses on the way how a language defines your perception and you will see that apart from the obvious advantages of universal communication, there is a very real danger of monoculture and lack of perspective. This is acerbated by the fact that we not only use english for communication, but also in culture itself, music, movies, literature, you name it. Don't be surprised when the world lashes back at you.

I will feel some sympathy if you do not quite understand this. My best advice for you would be, stop reading websites for now and go read some books on language and philosophy, in whatever language you prefer. German would be a good choice :-)

And I still feel great about the dutch team winning this contest.


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