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Comment Re: Oh please (Score 1) 204

Object comparison is not easy, you have to compare every field and if fields are objects, compare their fields and so on. And I did not take into account recursive objects, where an object contains a reference to itself, either directly or through a contained object. Nor thread safety: what should happen if an object is modified while the comparison (which is at this point not atomic) occurs? Hiding all that in a == would be very bad. And well, objects are pointers, so with == you are comparing them (if you think about it this way, you see that when passing parameters to functions, objects, like primitive types, are passed by value since their pointer is passed by value)

Comment Re: Simple (Score 1) 155

There is a lot of money around it; starting from support contracts to stuff Oracle built around Java, like its weblogic application server or the fact that you can run Java code in their database. Oracle can go to enterprise and sell them the entire software stack, from the db to the application server, assuring them that finding programmers will be cheap and easy because their language is the most used around the world. To add to that, if you were to build something successful around Java, you have to expect Oracle will sue you. It's also likely, given their record, that they will try to collect royalties from Java some day. That's good reasons not to use Java, for your own interest.

Comment Re: Is Wine Useful? (Score 1) 202

For 1, absolutely useless, since Chrome has a fully-featured Linux version, never heard reports of Netflix not working on it. About Steam, if your games don't run on Steam for Linux, I think there is no global answer. Some may work, some may not at all, some could work partially. You have to try, and possibly report your findings on the Wine database.

Comment Re: OSS working as it should. (Score 1) 166

Well that is true for any software. If you need a feature, and it doesn't exist, you can either implement it or ask for it and hope to find a developer which is kind enough to implement it for you. Developers as a species tend to get kinder when paid though. People tend to forget that just because someone develops a product that is very useful as free software, there is no obligation for them developers to spend their free time to satisfy user requests. We should be grateful when they do, but we have no right whatsoever to be mad at them if they don't.

Comment Re: Yet Symantec remains? (Score 1) 86

Certificates expire for a very technical reason: they can be trusted because we assume the encryption on which they are based is unbreakable. However, given enough computational power you can break all certificates; they are unbreakable because we believe there is NOT enough computational power to break them. Since computational power available is increasing, certificates issued a few years ago are useless sequences of bits, even though they were very trustworthy at the time they were issued.

Comment Re: Get over it (Score 2) 182

A previous court ruled Google was indeed infringing copyright; the latest trial did not overturn that, but did rule it was fair use; now if the rationale behind the decision was that Google did not use Oracle code to compete with Oracle because of different platform (phones vs computer), then Oracle's point might be considered valid. The fact that the Android runtime is built to run Android apps but not arbitrary Java code still invalidates it in my opinion, but that is up to Google lawyers to demonstrate.

Comment Re: Can you open multiple windows simulaneously y (Score 1) 193

Then you are probably referring to gnome 3 classic mode, which was a kind of gnome 2-looking optional start-up mode for those using software rendering. It is indeed gone, and replaced with a set of extensions that simulates its look&feel. As per extensions, they were introduced to stay: gnome shell was launched with like 10 extensions, and now hundreds are there, hosted on extensions.gnome.org. For something temporary they wouldn't have bothered setting up an hosting website to begin with. As per not wanting to rely on extensions because they break, as an extension maintainer I cannot tell you are wrong. They do, and sometimes is a PITA to fix them, but I'm still glad they are there.

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