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Comment You will love this story (Score 3, Funny) 109

Ok, this will show my age... I don't really remember it, but my parents (who will NOT allow me to have it), have a photo of me during Glenn's historic flight. I was doing the "potty training" back in '62 and didn't want to miss the flight, so I grabbed my potty chair, brought it into the living room, sat it right in front of the television set (glorious old Zenith black & white 19" model) and we BOTH had a blast off. They have shown me the photo from time to time over the past 50 odd years. I'm just glad I grew up in the era BEFORE smartphones/youtube/social media, so I don't have THAT following me around like the younger generation does today.

Comment 88 million is chicken feed (Score 1) 37

Until the government starts placing a HUGE fine, ban or some other way to REALLY hurt these azzhats, you think they care? They'll just spend that much money paying off senators, congress and who ever else it takes, slap them on the back, laugh all the way to the bank. I dropped at&t about 10 years ago, haven't looked back. On a side note, I switched to straight talk about 4 years ago, but still use the at&t network on my sim card since for me, their coverage is better than the rest.

Comment Screw that, I live in Missouri (Score 2) 89

We get all four seasons, sometimes within the same 24 hour period. And, in some rare instances, within the same couple hours! We keep a coat in our vehicles until after Memorial day. We had snow last year in MAY. We've had tornadoes after thanksgiving. We've had rain, hail, thunderstorms & snow in the same night. An umbrella that can tell us when it will rain? Yeah right.

Comment That ISN'T a lot of money (Score 1) 158

What they do is find candidates graduating, from SMALL colleges, or schools that are not located in the New York, San Fran, Seattle areas. You know...flyover country. What sounds like a LOT of money for someone from the midwest, ISN'T really a lot of money, when you factor in what it costs in some of those cities to live. The rent for a tiny studio apartment in those cities, will rent you a VERY nice size 3-4 bedroom house out here in the midwest. Plus, the cost of auto insurance, food, travel etc are many times what it is in the midwest. So, a 70,000 salary in a LARGE city, it's really that much, compared to the cost of living.

Comment So what (Score 2) 208

Everyone likes to champion the speeds in Japan, South Korea, Europe, England etc, compared to the USA. Granted, the ISP's in the USA aren't what you would call consumer friendly by any means, but, look at the build out costs associated with running FTTH in the USA? Hell, you can fit the entire countries of Japan, South Korea, England and Europe INSIDE the land area of the USA. Just Texas for example. You have two cars parked at the North Texas/South Oklahoma border. One Driving north, the other south. The one driving north will get to Canada, before the one driving south will get to Mexico. In other words...the USA is SPREAD OUT.

Comment And you know what? (Score 2) 75

I don't care. My previous phone, a Huawei Mate2, was "stuck on" jellybean 4.3 for over a year before they pushed out (skipping KK) to 5.1 Oh there were betas, cooked roms and what not, but I stuck with 4.3, because my phone worked perfectly. No problems. In fact, I probably would have left it on 4.3, had Huawei not had an easy way to push it back to 4.3, from 5.1. 5.1 was very stable. My new phone (about 3 months ago) a Huawei Mate8, came with 6.0MM. Huawei says 7.0N will come to it around the 1st Qtr of 2017, but, even if they don't, won't matter. It's very stable, and I never have any issues. I use 1500-2000 minutes on the phone per month, tons of web, mp3's, photos, what not and not one issue. All apps run, no FC's. As long as a device is suppose to run as intended, I don't give a flip about what OS is on it.

Comment but...but...but... (Score 1) 368

People are ALWAYS giving up freedom, for security. Bunch of sheep! Way I look at it is if you were dumb enough to loan your car to someone who wasn't responsible enough to take care of it, you deserve what you get. We gave up freedoms (USA) LONG ago...people willingly click accept with every app they download, every computer program they install, shoot, every time they turn on a television, talk on the phone, use a computer, and pretty much BREATHE. Orwell was right in 1984, just a couple decades off, that's all.

Comment Yeah, but you should see them in the US (Score 2) 121

I was behind a YOUNG couple at a self checkout in a grocery store. She had TWO items. She scanned the item and it didn't work, then she scanned it 3 more times before it took. Then she LAYS IT BACK on the rubber mat. Scans the 2nd item and of course the machine started complaining about it not being correct. You have to place it IN the sack because that is how it knows. The WEIGHT determines it. When you scan an object, it knows the weight. After she scanned the 2nd item and then placed both in the sack, she sits her purse on the table too. It's starts complaining again. She picks it up, inserts her chipped card, and pulls it out and then inserts it again. I'm sitting there just shaking my head. She then plays with her phone, shows something to her boyfriend and by this time I'm thinking about saying something, but from their youth, and they were wearing college clothes I was thinking if I said something, they would have to run off to their safe space. It amazes me that kids that should be "connected" with all of this tech had that much trouble with a self check out. My mom is in her 80's and handles this stuff like no ones business.

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