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Comment screw corn fuel! (Score 1) 351

I only stop at stations that say no ethyl in our gas, or whatever. I don't want that crap in my Mustang. Not from a performance/non performance aspect. But more of a I don't want my fuel system ruined! I have a 2011, which does not have any flex fuel, bio fuel crap labels. I ONLY drive my car on the weekends. I have a car given to me by my employer to drive Monday through Friday. In other words, my personal car is a "weekend" car. Living in the midwest, when it rains, snows etc, I DO NOT drive my Mustang. I've driven Mustangs for over 35 years, and they just do NOT like anything really other than sunny days with DRY pavement. In the winter, my car might set for two weeks or more, without being driven. With the nature of the corn gas(alcohol) that loves to ROT the rubber gaskets and what not of fuel systems, I'd rather not have that crap flowing through the fuel lines. "Bio" fuel is nothing more than the corn industry, paying off the EPA, politicians and what not, in a way to JACK UP the price of corn. Also, who the h&ll came up with the brilliant idea of using a FOOD CROP, and not only a food crop, but a STAPLE crop like CORN, as a FUEL. Ask any kid...they would GLADLY give up sugar beets before giving up things like corn on the cob, frosted flakes, 99% of the other corn based cereals, not to mention pop corn. Yeah, the corn for fuel is a different type of corn, but, if the price of that corn pays out more, corporate farms will plant more "fuel" corn that "food" corn. Other countries have used sawgrass, sugar beets and what not, but the corn industry here, has suckered (payed off) those that make the rules, to use corn, instead of something else.

Comment Here is the crux of the entire story (Score 1) 333

Several law firms, including Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based Barbat, Mansour & Suciu PLLC, have filed lawsuits against the four retailers after separate testing failed to find aloe in the companies’ private-label products. They’re seeking class-action status and restitution for all the customers who they say were misled. Also, some testing using the method used, will not detect aloe. My guess is there will be testing by the supplier.

Comment I thought snopes WAS fake news? (Score 1) 624

Oh come on...anyone believing in ONE website is nuts to begin with. Inside the USA, hell, you can't trust any of the news on the left or the right. It's all political in nature, to serve their propaganda. Anytime I see a story that claims one politician, killed, raped, stole something, I'll search it out. That includes sites OUTSIDE of the USA. You know what they say...what they DON'T print, speaks volumes.

Comment I've worked in the office machine (Score 1) 260

Business since 1981. I remember in the mid 80's, the "paperwork reduction" act came along. My volumes went UP. Recently, 2010? the HIPAA law came long...volumes at one hospital went up about 8%. As long as we have LAWYERS & GOVERNMENT, there WILL be paperwork. Otherwise look at the countless millions that are paperwork shufflers that would be out of a job!

Comment Ford Taurus SHO (Score 1) 247

In the mid 80's, my dad was still an automobile dealer. Ford released the SHO version of the Taurus. This was in the midwest, small town that they lived in. A guy buys one from my dad. About a month later, middle of January, cold as all get out, he brings it in for an oil change or something. My dad asked him what he thought of it. He handed my dad the keys and said take it for a spin. Now, my dad at the time, was in his late 50's, gray hair, middle of winter, big huge fur hat, gloves, overcoat. He heads down the state highway south of town. He said a kid in a 70's Camero came up behind him, and when they hit a straight stretch, the camero went to pass. Dad stepped on the gas and blew him away. Slowed down and the Camero did it again, trying to pass, dad blew him away. On the 3rd try my dad just let him go...he said when he passed, he honked, flipped him off. Said his girlfriend was laughing. My guess is he took his car to have it checked. "I just got blown away by some old man in a 4 door family car". Those SHO's back then, the only way you knew what it was, was to look closely at the SHO impression molded into the side moldings.

Comment VoIP vs Copper (Score 1) 173

I have pretty good luck with "most" VoIP systems, as long as their ATA's have the T.38 protocols by pretty much dumbing down the fax to just a plain ole G3, disabling any short protocols, setting the compression to MH/MMH and a few other settings, but once in a while, you'll get the one or two numbers it just will not work with. The biggest complaint is "the lines of words look like a barcode" from dropped packet/noise.

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