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Comment You don't "have" to carry the epipen! (Score 1) 383

Just carry the small injection package, small tin box with a needle, syringe, bottle of Eppie and it's just a couple bucks. The epipen is a CONVENIENCE item. I don't know why everyone is making this out like it's a frigging big deal! It's a CONVENINCE ITEM. No one is pricing this medicine OUT of your price range. It's a CONVENIENCE item. Just use the regular stuff for a couple bucks. If most people did that, they would either drop the price, or go out of business.

Comment You think it matters? (Score 0, Troll) 560

She & Bill have been protected, since they were in Arkansas. Look how many people connected to them have met with "accidents". Count is up around 100 by now. This election is a farce. She was already picked. Trump got into the election to steal the spotlight from any other Republican candidate. He is called to a meeting with Bill before he even considered running, then all of a sudden runs for president. The Clinton's and Trump's have been friends for DECADES. Wouldn't surprise me if he drops out at the last minute. About the only thing that will stop Hillary from becoming the president, is if she has a major stroke, or drops dead before being nominated, sadly. We the people are just pawns in this nation anymore. We are too preoccupied with Pokemon, "reality" tv, hollywood fanism than what is going on. Plus, our education system in the USA is to politically correct and has a couple generations of SHEEP, that believe all that is bad with this nation is capitalism, white privilege etc, and have been lead on a path to socialism by the (un)education system, who is nothing more than a bunch of grown up 60's radicals.

Comment Bye Bye Jawbone (Score 2, Insightful) 13

Here's a company that came out of nowhere, in the early 2000's with what was one of the best noise cancelling BT headsets around. I got the first, second, fourth, but then they got into boom box speakers, fitness things and their headset noise cancelling headphones suffered. Their last one, the ERA, was a joke. Battery never would last the day unless you carried around the spare battery pack to charge it from time to time. It would cut out, not pick up and all sorts of issues. Even after they sent 2 different replacements, tried it on multiple phones, the thing still sucked. They got too spread out, and the quality SUFFERED.

Comment Say bye bye to the internet as we know it (Score 0) 155

Once the UN or whomever gets it, they can just ban, delete, remove anything they want. The other countries will now probably have a say so, in what is ON the internet, and what gets taken OFF the internet. FREE flow of things, both good and bad is what makes the internet what it is today. Oh well, it had a good 30 year+ run.

Comment Since 2010, I've only had 3 (Score 1) 191

Dell Streak 5, Galaxy Note1, and for the past 2+ years, Huawei Ascend Mate2. Probably going to keep that one, one more year before updating. It's a phone to me...not a fashion accessory that "needs" to be replaced every year. Plus, the global economy is such, no one has that much free money left over to spend on these overpriced "flagships".

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