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Comment False "feel good" (Score 1) 126

In our narcissistic self absorbed world, it's like a junkie getting a fix. It works for a few days/weeks/months. Then, as with a junkie, you want more and more and more. It's an endless cycle. We have one guy at work that has traded/bought a 5 new phones this year, always chasing the mythical "next best thing. I usually keep a midrange phone about 2 years.

Comment They have all the money (Score 1) 53

People in the USA, for the most part, are living paycheck to paycheck, haven't had a raise in 12 years or more. Between the Bush economy and the Obama economy, which did nothing but print money to prop up the stock market artificially, no one had any money to spend. Oh, there are spots in some areas, but for the most part, everyone is tapped out. Once the China market dries up, and it has started, the entire world will be in for another "reset". Will make the 29 crash look like chicken feed!

Comment Old ways work (Score 3, Interesting) 185

Modern aircraft carriers, the handling room, where they have an outline of the aircraft carrier, and use colored nuts and bolts to represent where the aircraft and other details on the flight deck, works better and quicker than the electronic version they tried years ago. They said the computerized version was too slow, which impacts performance on the deck, so they scrapped it and went back to the old way. Sometimes, old stuff works better than the new stuff.

Comment NO! (Score 1) 889

Once you take away the human desire to better themselves, you end up with socialism. Why push yourself to do better, if the bum next to you knows regardless if they do anything, they will receive the same amount, as someone who busts their ass to achieve? Look at all the poor job quality that came out of the old soviet union? Look at the problems in the welfare class? Is that what you want for the entire world?

Comment Duh! (Score 4, Insightful) 99

Been saying this a while. Anyone with an electronics background that also knows anything about chemistry could tell you these Lithium Ion or polymer batteries are ticking time bombs, just waiting for an excuse to go off. Usually there are 3 backups. 1 in the phone (or charging device) and 2 in the battery. The charging circuit, will cut off current once it reaches the programmed level. The thermistor(s) in the battery, will tell the charging circuit to stop the current flow, if the battery heats up to whatever the cutoff level is. And the fail safe, is the thermal fuse. If all else fales, and the battery continues to heat up, the thermal fuse will melt in two pieces, which cuts off all current flow (and requiring the battery to be replaced, it is a one shot device). But, if the thermal fuse is close to the breakdown of the chemicals of the battery, it might be too late to prevent a thermal runaway. If phone manufacturers would stop cow-towing to the "fashion designers" in Hollywood and make phones that aren't "slim and stylish" for the lDIOT hollywood types that run around all the time with their phones in their hand, and start "beefing up" the cases, it would provide enough ROOM inside a phone, to go back to a removable battery. The batteries in non removable battery phones, typically do not have a protective plastic case surrounding them. That plastic case takes up room, room that can be used to increase the capacity of the battery, which given the manufacturers silly idea of continuing to increase the processor speed, screen density etc, need a bigger and bigger battery, in hopes it will make it through the entire day, without needing charging. Now, the problem is you combine a battery that can flex, that has as much capacity that they can squeeze into it, coupled with a very thin casing, then, place said phone, in your tight jeans back pocket, front pocket, and sit down and get up a few dozen times a day and that battery starts to flex. Once you break down the barrier shield that keeps everything separated (anode, cathode, electrolyte) and they all get together, you end up with a thermal runaway. People "think" they wanted thinner and thinner phones, because that's what the industry produced, and they go along like little sheep. Now, you are stuck with non removable batteries, thin phones and the result is BOOM! For Samsung's part, they tried to "one up" Apple, by releasing their phone, without really testing for durability. This time, it costs them DEARLY!

Comment but...but...but... (Score 1) 813

democRATS are the champions of workers, the poor, those struggling. BHHAAAAAAAAAA The "poor" have been worse off, since the welfare programs of the 60's. Blacks are worse off than before the welfare programs. LBJ was quoted as saying after signing the welfare programs in the 60's, "I'll have those n*****s voting democrat for 200 years". It's been over 50, and they are STILL voting for them! Their lot in life gets worse each year, but STILL they continue to vote for them. The Republicans, responsible for all the change during/after the civil war, have been made out to be the "bad guys" and a lot of liberal democrats who were in the KKK, have been made out to be the "good guys". I think some blacks have started to figure this out, which is why the push is on to import a new sub-culture class...illegal aliens.

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