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Comment SHAME on her (Score -1, Offtopic) 213

For living so long! On a side note, that's part of the problem with the American "social security" accounts. The so called retirement is age 65, which SHOULD be extended to the average lifespan age of 75. Social security benefits were intended to last a few years at most after retirement. The average lifespan when it started was 65, so people didn't live but a few years past that. Heck, both of my parents are in moderately good health in their mid 80's. Granted, they saved for retirement long before they retired, but, many do not, and social security will NOT cover people for 10-20 or more years, especially when you consider the government stole the money from peoples social security accounts decades ago.

Comment My prediction (Score 1) 198

A lot of things will be different in the future... On a more serious note, I won't be here in 2075, unless they figure out how to keep a 130 year old person alive. Personally, I don't want to live that long. I see the world (if they don't blow themselves up), being dominated by a super muslim majority simply because the rest of the worlds birth rate is not enough to sustain their populations. ALL ethnic groups except for the super breeding muslims, are in a negative rate. With the so called refugees being spread all over the non muslim world, they will eventually be the majority populations globally.

Comment MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 4, Insightful) 238

Keep it up...and you'll push more and more people to either keep their current PC's, or switch to alternative processors and computers. MS wants ALL PC's running windows 10...once they figure they can't push any further, they will start their subscription service.

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