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Comment millennials/college (Score 1) 253

The other problem is they were sold a bill of goods that says you HAVE to have a traditional 4 year degree, to get a job. In the early 70's, my HS counselor was asking me what college I wanted to go to. I told him I didn't really want to go to a "normal" college and learn all the crap they make you learn. He asked what I really wanted to do. I told him I LOVED playing around with electronics. He said how about a technical college. After explaining it to me, it was a no brainer. I went to a 2 year tech college, didn't have to go into debt (back then, a 4 year would have cost you 10,000 at most). I went to Texas and worked for Texas Instruments for a couple years, moved back and have been gainfully employed, no layoffs, cutbacks in my field. Today, getting a 4 year BS degree can leave you in such debt, and the jobs in some markets if you can find one in your degree field, pay squat, forcing some to have 2 jobs, 3 jobs, just to pay rent (that is if they move out of mom & dads). Everyone complains about "big oil" big pharma" etc, but this country needs to have a SERIOUS discussion about "big college". A major university can pay their presidents way over 6 figures, over 7 for their sports coaches, professors earn a ton, sometimes using teacher aids to actually teach the class because they are too busy writing books and what not. Universities are nothing more than money generating. And boy to they build palaces to themselves. Perhaps not building new sports stadiums all the time, glass and marble halls to stupidity, the price of college could come back down. Considering the lack of real knowledge coming out of 4 year colleges, I wouldn't spend my money supporting them.

Comment So what (Score 0) 32

They want to protect themselves from an ICBM, fine. I'd be more worried about one coming in rogue from a muslim extremist terrorist than from the USA, especially in light of the military cutbacks, downsizing etc. Even if the USA/China would get into a shootin' match...the drones, stealth, cruise missiles might get through. And at that, would it really matter, after all "wouldn't you rather play a game of chess?"

Comment DUMP IT! (Score 0) 108

If you have it, DUMP IT. If you don't have it, DON'T BUY IT. Once this fad wears out, and/or once the weather changes from summer to WINTER, you think people are going to wander outdoors to play this silly game? Plus, once they have as many on the hook for this fad, you know they will start PUSHING ADS. That will kill it for good. Start playing it, every mile, or certain time frame an ad pops up you have to wait for to finish, before you can continue. It's like a drug dealer setting up in a new neighborhood...start off at a reduced price, get em hooked, then jack up the price.

Comment Don't pay any attention (Score 0) 42

to professional sports. It use to be a "beloved game(s)" Football, baseball etc...gave up on baseball in 94, gave up on football in 95. It's not a TEAM SPORT much anymore, but a group of INDIVIDUALS. Team LOYALTY went out the window. Yeah, I know the career life of a professional sports player can be hampered by injuries, but paying some of these players what they make?

Comment Hillary wins (Score -1, Troll) 180

Stuff the box...the Clinton Mafia will see to that, not to mention her buddy Trump really doesn't want to be president. Give up all his power, wealth? For a job that pays 200k per year? Having the secret service all the time, having to put up with congress? He's even mentioned that if he won, he wonders if he had to actually take it. He's been trying to dump it since the early summer, but "Trumpsters" continue to buy his BS. He only got into it, to make sure a real Conservative didn't get the nod. By being "Trump" and making brash statements, he stole ALL of the spotlight from any real serious candidate.

Comment Space Shuttle TRUCK (Score 0) 237

Worst mistake NASA ever made. The Space Shuttle, as DESIGNED would have been much safer that what actually came about. The biggest issue, was the shuttle DID NOT EXPLORE. We'd just come off the moon program, the F-1 engines in the Saturn V launch vehicle were so damn good, out of all of the flights of the Saturn V (each booster had 5 engines), only ONE failed during flight. Had development continued, we would have explored the moon like we should have, established a "base" for research and could possibly used it as a jumping off point for Mars, but, once we "beat the Russians" to the moon, the public pretty much turned a blind eye to space, dealing with Vietnam, the Watergate scandal and on and on. Nasa took a backseat, and wanted something "exciting". Talks of building a space station, using the shuttle banded about. It's a shame the Apollo program was left to die on the vine, the potential was very good, we'd have a permanent station on the moon now. I was 10 years old when we landed on the moon...just wonder what might have been.

Comment Force them back (Score 1, Informative) 278

Round them up, deport them. If they don't like it? Too bad. The "progressive", "politically correct", types caused all of this problem. The 60's rejects are pretty much running the world these days, and their "I'd like to teach the world to sing/live in harmony" crap just ain't cutting it. I know there are people fleeing those areas of the middle east & Africa that are trying to save themselves, but enough is enough. Unless Europe, and the rest of the world takes a hard line stand, it's going to continue.

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