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Nokia Gives Some Hints On the Future of Qt 329

An anonymous reader writes "Continuing the damage control following the announcement of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership, Nokia has a post on their official blog outlining the future of Qt which includes some (cherry picked) comments from Qt users. Phil from Nokia writes, 'Lots of great questions and comments coming from you all on the future of Qt. One thing is for sure: Qt remains to play an important role in Nokia. We'll have more Qt-related posts coming this week during Mobile World Congress, but for the time being, the Director of Qt's ecosystem, Daniel Kihlberg, wrote a post on Qt's official blog on the future of Qt.'" An anonymous reader points to one unattractive possible future for Qt.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Science comedy show in Melbourne Comedy Festival

Ben McKenzie writes: "Comedians are not traditionally associated with nerd culture, but I'm Ben McKenzie and I stand proud as a science geek of the highest order. I'm performing a "comedy lecture" about science as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Melbourne, Australia, from April 4 to 29, and I figured slashdotters might just be interested. The following information is from the media release:

Marketing executives and politicians have turned science, the greatest revolution in thinking in history, into a package, a construct, just another angle with which to sell product or influence public opinion. But real science constantly challenges everything we know about everything, it sticks it to the man... Science isn't pop music: it's rock.

Ben McKenzie, the Man in the Lab Coat, is putting the rock back into rocket science with Science-ology, his third comedy lecture, directed by Scott Gooding. Through experiment, humour and raw energy, Ben tears down the veil of pop science and reveals the passionate and wonderful world that is the true heart of science. Science-ology follows Evolutionary (2005; "Brilliant" — 3RRR) and Listen to the Man in the Lab Coat (2004).

Ben McKenzie (writer/performer) is an actor, improviser and comedian. Aside from numerous theatrical and short film credits, he has performed for schools and is a veteran of seven Australian fringe festivals. He currently performs with improvisational comedy troupe The Crew, who have three shows in the Festival, and is also a science reporter for upcoming Melbourne community television program Planet Nerd . He is not a qualified scientist.

Find out more at; you can also see the official Comedy Festival listing for the show, and book tickets and see venue information at the Comedy @ Trades site. You can find reviews of the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival season of Science-ology at the Groggy Squirrel and Buzzcuts."

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