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Comment Re:Huh... (Score 1) 157

Lets not mince words here.

A large part of Apple's customer demographic doesn't talk to people who own other devices because those other devices belong to poor people. To them Android users are poor people.

The reason Apple's not bringing iMessage to Android is that the other portion of Apple's user demographic would then have no reason to own an iPhone and they'd lose a third of their sales.

Comment Re:That sucks (Score 1) 276

It used to be anyone could go to the Al Jazeera English website and watch a live stream.

Then they tried to sell out to the cable companies in the US (and failed, obviously), placing IP blocks on their video stream for anyone browsing to their site from an IP address inside the US.

I hope they'll go back to streaming in the US so I can punish them for their dissent by blocking their ads and watching their stream in my browser.

Comment Re:Why would anyone tolerate this bullshit!? (Score 1, Insightful) 720

Forcing upgrade to Windows 10 is preparation for micropayments.

Microsoft's next step after they get everyone onto Windows 10 is to start charging a little it for everything.

Want to use a third party browser? $5.

Want to save files that are open? 10 cents per file.

Want to change your theme color? 99 cents.

Want Windows updates? Those will be $2 each, and if you don't install them your operating system will cease to function.

Pretty soon after that Microsoft will start force installing updates and debiting your bank account without permission, and you'll allow it because Microsoft spends more on lawyers in a year than your government spends on health care.

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