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Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 0) 269

Not really.

Security through obscurity is not security.

The only reason Linux is perceived as more secure than other operating systems is because most hackers don't care enough to spend time working to crack it, so there are less attempts.

It's like saying that guns are less dangerous than knives because they're not widely used in countries where they are banned.

Comment Re:Proof her perf evaluations weren't fair (Score 5, Interesting) 566

As a guy who worked in customer service for 15 years and one who spent several years doing it at Yahoo I can tell you that those employee evaluations are nothing more than permission slips to fire employees when they are no longer needed instead of laying them off.

They are intentionally designed with metrics that are impossible to meet and the targets are open to interpenetration by managers, which creates an ever moving target that can't be hit.

It is just like in Office Space where the boss asks the waitress "what do you think of a person who just does the bare minimum."

Meeting expectations is never enough. No matter how good you are, when it comes time to reduce staff you will be eliminated and you have no recourse because the numbers they made up say you performed poorly.

But it's not just Yahoo who does this -- rather it's been the practice at every company I've ever worked at.

Comment Re:Exploited? (Score 1) 226

I understand that you probably are a programmer and you probably live in a happy, insular world where all you have to do is push some buttons on a keyboard a few times a week and and maybe get out of bed before 1PM once a month to wander into the office and roll your eyes at your manager for being a square, and out pops a paycheck for $200,000/year, so let me explain to you how overtime works.

People who work on salary don't get overtime. They get paid a specific amount per year no matter how much work they do. And the company you work for won't tell you that you have to stay in the office working on that project until 3AM, sleep under your desk for 2 hours, then get back to work but they will heavily imply that if you don't, there are plenty of people desperate to have your job, and if you don't work until you're incapacitated and your life is a blur of being judged by your work output, they might find that the metrics they create that are slanted specifically so they can't be met need to be called in.

Example: If you work as an escalation engineer in a call center, every customer you close a ticket with gets a survey to fill out when you are done working with them. Often as an escalation engineer it's your job to tell the customer they can't have what they want, so the negative outcome that is outside your control comes from you. The questions on the survey are phrased so that the customer is asked to judge their experience with the company rather than your work. However, you are evaluated based on the customer's response. Of course the customer is going to mark every answer on the survey 0 out of 10. You had to tell them they couldn't have the thing they wanted, and if they can't have the thing, that's a bad experience for them. They wouldn't have been escalated to you if they were happy with their experience with the company. These surveys are then saved so that when there's not enough escalation volume to justify continuing to pay you, you can easily be dismissed and the company has a valid claim against you.

Or all of a sudden you'll be called in to train someone to do a job strikingly similar to yours and oh by the way, now that you've finished training them, you've become redundant.

Comment Re:Spectrum... (Score -1, Troll) 226

Autism is what happens when mom says "stop that" and the kid says "no" and mom says "okay honey..."

"Stop picking your nose."
"Okay honey."

"Stop playing minecraft and go outside."
"Okay honey."

"Stop playing minecraft and go to school."
"Okay honey."

"Stop playing minecraft and get a job so I can retire."
"Okay honey."

If you can play Minecraft you can operate a cash register.

Stop pretending bad parenting is a disease.

Comment Re:Typical (Score 5, Insightful) 341

I am certain that none of those people fired were the managers who established the unrealistic quotas and instructed their staff to create the phoney accounts.

Hiring managers is expensive. Hiring tellers is as easy as calling up Express Personnel and ordering another six-pack of desperate unemployed middle class peons.

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