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Comment Re: Lost emails (Score 1) 404

I can't point to law, and I'm not sure it's exactly a law with a USC number (it could be derived from a few different laws or simply policies regarding handling of classified information), but anyone who has ever had a clearance _and_ worked in a secure facility can tell you that. If you plug a thumb drive into a secure computer, that thumb drive can't leave the lab. If you connect a laptop to a secure network, that laptop can't leave the lab. Further, neither could be then connected to an unsecured network.

Comment Re: It better not be. (Score 1) 515

The best way to resize windows in xfce is to hold down alt, and then with the right-mouse-button, click in the window and drag.

This feature makes me not miss the window border and drag handle, but if you want borders, you can use a different window manager theme.

Comment Re:simple (Score 1) 497

If you think that the "women, minorities, veterans preference" means anything at all in the real world, please give some examples. Good luck.

You've obviously never worked on US Government contracts. Have a look at the 8(a) business development program.

Whatever you think you may have read, 8(a) is HUGE in the government services business. Many contracts are 8(a) set-aside, meaning only 8(a) companies can bid on them. Companies who acutally do the work often will "shop around for a prime" contractor, meaning they will look for an 8(a) company to take the prime contractor position (who they will then sub to) on a job they can execute. The 8(a) prime gets a percentage for management.

Once you get your 8(a) status, you keep it for ten years.

If you're an Alaskan Native-owned company, you're in even better shape.

So I can't say for sure about women and veterans, but for minorities, there is _huge_ advantage in the government services sector.

Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 213

Nope, my experience with Delta has to do with personal in-seat experience.

I'm pretty sure in-seat experience is different than _SAFETY_. You said initailly:

and I don't feel unsafe except on a couple of carriers in the US. First, anything flown by Republic which is a contract carrier for US Airways and others and secondly, Delta.

Sorry your in-seat entertainment TV crashed, but that's no reason to say you feel unsafe on an airline. Seems like someone who flies "100 to 150 times a year" would know the difference.

Comment Re:There you have it (Score 1) 330

On an objective scale yes. But most of us here in America think that America's scale is complete, instead of starting in the middle and going right.

Says who? We have two parties who refuse to do anything but increase the size of government. I say we start in the middle and go left.

Who gets to define what "the middle" is anyway? In my experience, there's a basic human tendency to try to find equal and opposite in everything. For some it makes them feel like they're above (ie: superior to) the fray. Just read the comments here. The theme of "it's the same on both sides" is pervasive. Someone above suggests that Fox News and MSNBC are the same but opposite. Think objectively for a second. Can that possibly be true? Equal? Or is it more reasonable to think that one of them (whichever one) is _more_ biased than the other. It almost _has_ to be that way.

Fox news supporters say "right of the left is not the same thing as right of center." It's tautology. You can't dispute it. Everyone thinks they're in the middle and balanced and everyone else is nuts.

It's easier to hate everyone (in this case both sides) because if you don't support anything, you never have to defend anything; you can just throw rocks.

By the way, I'm a right-wing nutjob. I can admit it.

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