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XBox (Games)

Submission + - New Kinect Acheivement: Ring of Death (

otter42 writes: It seems that the XBox 360's Kinect will manage to scratch 100% of games. Okay, hyperbole aside, it really does seem that playing a kinect game becomes a question of when the disc will be fatally scratched, rather than if. The problem is that, in order to save $0.25/ea., Microsoft decided to forgo rubber bumpers that protect the spinning disc from vibration. As the Kinect virtually ensures there will be lots of humans jumping, bumping, hopping, and grinding, it's difficult to imagine when vibrations won't be present.

Submission + - "My goal is NEGATIVE advertisement" ( 3

otter42 writes: It's a bit of a moral dilema to post this to slashdot, giving the bastard what he wants, but even if DecorMyEyes is right and it's true that all bad publicity is good publicity in Google land, the story still needs to come out. The NYTimes has an 8-page exposé on how an online business is thriving because of giant amounts of negative reviews. It seems that if you directly google the company you have no problem discerning the true nature; but if you instead only google the brand names it sells, the company is at the top of the rankings. Turns out that all the negative advertisement he generates from reputable sites gives him countless links that inflate his pagerank.

Submission + - X-37B found at last (

otter42 writes: It seems that X-37B couldn't stay hidden forever. Launched a few weeks ago, The Flying Twinkie disappeared shortly after separation. Now it has been found in an orbit that takes it as far as 40 degrees north. No additional information about the spacecraft's capabilities or purpose, except for a US Air Force statement that the satellite has no space-weapons purpose. The X-37B is intended to fly for 9 months at a time, opening the door to possible space longevity experiments in addition to its spying tasks.

Submission + - Fossett's plane found (

otter42 writes: Sadly, it looks as if all those crazies claiming Steve Fossett was still alive were wrong after all. The NY Times has the confirmation that wreckage of Fossett's Bellanca Citabria was found. Now it's up to the NTSB's to tell us why this happened, although, statistically, dollars to donuts it was engine/fuel-related.

Submission + - Toilets. In. Spaaaaaace! (

otter42 writes: The New York Times reports that the ISS's toilet has gone kaput. It seems that the system for separating solid and liquid waste has developed a fault. "Solids" go where they're supposed to, but "liquids" don't. The astronauts have bypassed the '"the troublesome hardware" for urine collection with a "special receptacle".' Something tells me they're glad the failure wasn't the other way around. Cue Communist Russia jokes in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

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