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otter42 writes: It's a bit of a moral dilema to post this to slashdot, giving the bastard what he wants, but even if DecorMyEyes is right and it's true that all bad publicity is good publicity in Google land, the story still needs to come out. The NYTimes has an 8-page exposé on how an online business is thriving because of giant amounts of negative reviews. It seems that if you directly google the company you have no problem discerning the true nature; but if you instead only google the brand names it sells, the company is at the top of the rankings. Turns out that all the negative advertisement he generates from reputable sites gives him countless links that inflate his pagerank.
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"My goal is NEGATIVE advertisement"

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  • This shows the failure of how hyperlinks works and how the page rank algorithm works.

    The Page rank algorithm determines how useful a site is based on the amount of hyperlinks TO the website. Each count is multiplied by how reputable a website is - so if its a huge website which brings in millions of users - then its more likely to be reputable than a website on a free host which gets 10 hits a year.

    Now the problem with hyperlinks is that there is no semantic information attached to them - if you place a lin
    • there is no way to mark it as "This is a dangerous page" for example, or "This guy is an idiot, someone shut him up"

      Good, just imagine all the abuse SEO people could do with that.

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