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Comment Internet TV (Score 1) 770

Invest in TV over Internet. Roku is excellent. Between Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, you have everything you need plus a database "Can I stream it?" app for ios or to look it up. Don't forget Vudu disc to digital allowing your DVDs to be stored in the cloud if it's in their database. --Sam

Comment The Daily did not understand the web (Score 5, Informative) 106

The Daily had OK content. But they did not understand the web. More than once, I took advantage of their trial period, would read a little bit of the daily paper, only to find that the next one had been delivered erasing the previous content. There was no archive, despite continual promises to add one. I told them I would subscribe as soon as they added this feature. Also, why did they require an app to get the content? That meant it wasn't linkable, was restricted to only one device, and couldn't easily be shared.

Comment No it isn't a dead dream, wrong target audience (Score 0) 163

I am a freelance computer consultant like many of you. I had a client the other day that had a windows 2000 system she picked up as a donation. She had forgotten the administrator password. I backed up her data using Acronis (no encryption), installed Lbuntu (a special distro for older systems), gave her a wireless dongle, extracted her files on a windows box, and moved them over to her Linux system. As it turned out she was already using OpenOffice. She was of a certain socioeconomic status where this made sense, and now she no longer had to pay for her operating system either. More importantly, I'm not pro-Linux or a Linux expert. I installed Red hat so many years ago, it was ok, but not great. This time when I installed an Ubuntu derivative, there was technical support in terms of documentation, IRC, and forums and I used all three. The point is: Linux is great for older systems, great for people who can't afford Windows and Office, and is well-supported. --Sam

Comment phoneview (Score 1) 234

Phoneview (mac) from ecamm software will archive voicemails and texts, or she can drop her iphone off at the police station.. they can get it off. I believe there's one called iphone explorer for the PC Good luck.

Comment Tangent: Is open office really stable? (Score 0, Troll) 110

I was doing a major project in OpenOffice Base a while back, because that was what was specified. Trouble was it wasn't stable.. at least not on my Mac. How can I trust software that crashes? With no respect lost to the open source community, I did a substantial amount of work in OpenOffice Writer and in Abiword on my PC (Windows) without too much trouble.

Comment use a CMS (Score 4, Informative) 342

Using a CMS will allow him to use the CSS customizations he loves, and javascript as well, while giving the architect something they can maintain after he's gone. Many drupal developers now prototype in drupal gardens ( exporting it when they're done or have reached the limit of the hosted environment. Either way, has tutorials on the three major CMSes (wordpress, joomla, and drupal) as well as how to choose. Dreamweaver is a useful tool, but CMSes are a much better way to go. --Sam

Comment backup strategy to prevent this (Score 1) 247

You clearly need an image based backup system to prevent this from happening again. It needs to be a chron job (or task scheduler) and run on regular intervals when storage is available. ideally, it needs to be network storage, so that a sudden disconnect (abscence of power) cannot easily corrupt the backup. There is an open source version of Ghost, partd, rsync.. options for you, though I am relatively new to linux so I don't know what the appropriate option is for you. Time machine you could use if you had a separate partition, but I think that isn't what you want. also, fundamentally writing to one partition from three OSes is asking for trouble.

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