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Comment Re:Go back to make it illegal. (Score 4, Informative) 270

In 2013 Obama signed a bill

If you want to attach name(s) to legislation please disclose all the names and parties of the people who proposed the legislation, the majority parties who passed it, and the name of the president that signed it. In this case, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), and it passed a Republican majority in the House and Senate, and was finally signed by Obama (D). Disclosing this information gives people a fuller picture of who is to praise/blame, especially when both parties are responsible for its passage.

Comment Re:So we need to be Samsung haters now? (Score 1) 96

While that is very true, it's possible we're witnessing a pattern of decline in the quality of Samsung products. Despite the fact that the products are coming from different divisions, there could be something rotten going on in their corporate culture that is starting to pervade their products. I still appreciate some of their products but I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on them before purchasing anything new from them.

Comment Complacency Broken (Score 3, Interesting) 155

This is enough to break my complacency of using Google products. I already just finished uploading my files to a cloud server that I'm hosting as an alternative to Google Drive. Does anyone have any recommendations for Chromium-based browsers with optimized privacy and security such as SRWare Iron or Comodo Dragon? How about privacy-based secure e-mail services such as ProtonMail? My last steps will be to switch over to DuckDuckGo for default search and find a custom Android ROM that is frequently updated and allows lots of visual customization.

Comment Re:No authority (Score 2) 72

If they want, they can write a law and grant that authority to an agency.

As much as I like some of the senators imposing these questions, let's be honest: no new legislation will be proposed, let alone voted down. Like all of the other congressional inquisitions and hearings that have occurred recently, the senators will jump up and down and screech like a gang of wild monkeys but in the end absolutely nothing will change.

Comment Re:Mostly... (Score 1) 178

This is exactly the mindset that leads to waste, inefficiency and bloat. If you can save even 5% on bandwidth, which is a limited resource, WHY NOT DO IT? And this is way more than 5%.

Because h.265 requires hardware decoding to be even moderately watchable and the vast majority of devices that people currently own are not capable of decoding the latest h.265 videos. Netflix could force people to upgrade which would cause them to buy new decoding hardware and the waste you mention would shift from wasted bits on a network connection to wasted hardware in landfills. Unless, of course, there is a standardized way of querying hardware to determine which codecs and maximum resolutions/bitrates are supported by hardware decoders but I'm not aware of such a feature.

Comment Re:An interest dichotomy (Score 2) 152

Even if you don't buy Apple products, you're still effected by their business decisions. For instance, many laptop manufacturers stopped making a 17" laptop after Apple discontinued the 17" Macbook Pro. Worse yet, many phone manufacturers released phones without headphone jacks simply based on the rumor that the new iPhone wasn't going to have one. Therefore, even though you may not buy Apple products, your choice of features becomes more limited as companies blindly follow Apple's lead.

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