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Comment Re:Apple is copying...Lenovo? (Score 2) 238

I agree with everything you've said. My 17-inch MBP is almost 10 years old and I refuse to replace it with the newer models that have a smaller screen, fewer ports, and no ability to upgrade the memory, storage, or battery. Apple should rename the MBP because there's almost nothing "Pro" about it anymore - it's barely even "Prosumer".

Comment Re:It seems to me... (Score 1) 796

Doesn't the NSA have copies of everything the guy has been downloading?

That would take a lot of effort to find that data, they'd still have to proceed with the trial and risk him getting off on a technicality, or they may not actually find anything because he might be innocent. From their perspective, why bother when they've already got him locked up indefinitely?

Comment Re:5th ammendment (Score 3, Insightful) 796

As much as I lack all sympathy for people in possession of child pornography

You might want to be careful about saying that. With all of the vulnerabilities in software these days, it would be relatively easy to have someone take advantage of one of those vulnerabilities to upload some reprehensible images to your computer and leave you with one hot potato on your lap. That's my main problem with any laws of possession: the burden of proof that you willfully obtained the contraband is so low that you're effectively presumed guilty until you prove otherwise.

Comment Interesting Concept (Score 5, Insightful) 285

While this is an interesting concept, I can't help but feel like this props up our predatory privatized health system which focuses more on profits than it does on treatment. If we're all going to pay for each other's medical bills via private insurance and crowdfunding, why not change to a public system rather than expect sick people to become beggars of their family and friends?

Comment That's Funny (Score 2) 522

That's funny because I just switched ISPs and the sales rep of my new provider was pretty adamant that 50 Mb/s was not going to be enough for a household of one person. At the same time, ISPs are telling senators that households (which likely have more than one person) don't need any more than 25 Mb/s. It sounds like the ISPs are talking out of both sides of their ass.

Comment Proper Ruling With Improper Consequences (Score 1) 138

I know this is technically how the law is supposed to work but the likely consequence of this is that companies will put more effort into covering up the damages than they put into securing their data. It's a lot more expensive to develop a system that is difficult to penetrate than it is to roll the dice and hope that you don't get hacked and if you do, cover up the evidence.

Comment Typical (Score 1) 344

This is fairly typical of Apple. Although new versions of iOS support older phones, you don't want to run any version of iOS on a phone older than two years from the time it was released. Then you're left with the dilemma of upgrading iOS and likely taking a substantial performance hit or running the old version and leaving yourself open to unpatched vulnerabilities as well as losing the ability to install certain apps as all of the developers start releasing new versions of their apps that only support the new version of iOS (and the older versions of the app are removed from the App Store).

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