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Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 379

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

I had this happen to me once. There was a document buried in the mountain of new-hire paperwork which asked me list all of the projects in which I claimed IP rights. All other copyrightable material I created for the duration of my employment was considered property of my employer, even if I used my own time and resources. I signed every other form and left that one unsigned in the middle of the pile. Later, the HR person brought it back to me and informed me that I forgot to sign it. I casually said that I didn't consent to the language in the form. When she asked why, I told her "what I do with company time and company resources is property of the company and what I do with my time and my resources is my property". She was flustered and said she had to consult the legal team. Shortly thereafter she came back with a modified document that agreed with my prior statement and I signed that. The point is, your employer can't make you become a slave - only you have the power to do that. Also, ask a new employer for a copy of the employee agreement before you give notice to your current employer. That will allow you to determine if it's worth leaving your current job if the new employee agreement is too draconian.

Comment Because Manufacturers Suck (Score 4, Insightful) 103

We're running old software because the manufacturers don't care about us after they've gotten our money. My experience with the Motorola G4 is a prime example of this. The phone came out in May 2016 with Android 6. Android 7 was released in August 2016, just three months after my phone was released, and I still don't have any update available for my phone despite the fact that Android 7 has been out for seven months! The worst part is that the OS on the G4 is practically stock Android, so it should take relatively little effort to customize the image and push it out. It seems the only way to guarantee access to new versions of Android is to buy a Google phone but the Pixel has one of the worst performance to price ratios of any Android phone. At this point, I have no idea what my next phone will be, but I have a lot of ideas about what it won't be.

Comment Re:Newsflash (Score 1) 519

Sleight of hand is all about deflecting attention somewhere else and Trump has mastered this like few others. The media and many liberals take the bait almost every time because it makes them feel smarter than other people but they're just playing right into his manipulation.

Comment Re:Newsflash (Score 1, Troll) 519

The best part about being a compulsive liar is that it only takes seconds to make an outrageous lie but minutes/hours/days for people to gather enough evidence to definitively prove it's a lie. By that point, the compulsive liar has made dozens more outrageous lies. I used to think that this behavior tends to catch up to liars but apparently the consequences amount to becoming president.

Comment FRAND (Score 1) 21

We all know that Qualcomm must license their wireless technology patents under FRAND terms (for comically cheap prices) in order for their technologies to be included in the standard, but are Qualcomm forced or sell Apple chips or could they tell Apple to make their own damned chips?

Comment Re:An American patent? (Score 1) 65

You are conflating patents with copyrights. Patents were created to protect concrete inventions, not abstract ideas. Copyright covers written compositions and recorded performances. For some reason, the U.S. has deemed software as one of the few things on the planet capable of receiving both protections. It makes complete sense for software to be covered under copyright since the part of software development that defines value is in the source code which is protect by copyright law. However, patents don't make sense at all for covering software because the "invention" is already defined in perfect detail by the source code. Therefore, granting additional protection on abstract concepts via the use of patents essentially covers the idea rather than the actual invention. Therefore, software should receive absolutely no protection under patent law and the rest of the world has already come to that conclusion. I imagine the U.S. will eventually join the rest of the world at some point in this regard - it's just a matter of how much business we'll lose until we can correct this mistake.

Comment How Do We Know Apple Isn't Pulling a VW? (Score 1) 164

So Apple released a closed-source patch for this issue and Consumer Reports is supposedly taking them on their word that the new software is legit. Is there any way to verify that the fixed software is definitely not using cached data so that the test accurately reflects the browsing habits of a user visiting many different sites over the course of the battery cycle? If not, then how do we know that Apple isn't faking the test by using cached data in a similar fashion to the way VW faked emissions tests in their diesel vehicles?

Comment Thanks, HTC!! (Score 1) 205

For years, I've refused to buy a new phone because they always had an annoying headphone jack. I always hated it with its stupid port and for providing me with the option to listen to music while charging. I was really excited when Apple innovated the iPhone 7 without the headphone jack but I'm not really into the iPhone right now because it doesn't offer enough dongles yet. Thank you, HTC, for recognizing what users want and giving us a reason to shell out money for a new phone!

Comment Re:Temps, staffing firms, 30 hour working 40-50?, (Score 1) 186

Many of the warehouse jobs are part-time and they hire tons of temps over the holiday season to avoid having to pay overtime to the part-timers. I spoke with a friend that works part-time in one of their warehouses and he said that he got fewer hours over the holiday season than last year because of the number of temps that they hired. So the number of workers will go up but the hours of the existing workers could potentially decline.

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