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Comment carbon footprint? (Score 1) 354

It seems to me (normal career newb disclaimer here) that node is going to burn less juice than PHP under Apache. Disregarding for a moment my general dislike of php (except the paychecks) and my general dislike of the Drupal/WP/Joomla ... uh ... paradigm my experiences with node/mongo have been very refreshing. Async is a cool way to work with once you get your head around it (my head maybe 90 degrees so far ...) and Mongo / document storage is way more natural for certain kinds of relatively big data issues than mysql (which I have no hatred for)

But back to the top. Hey server guys and gals: Wouldn't node draw less electric, like way less. So if my webbloging socialnetworking ecommercing socialgaming buzzwordcompliant client blows up they'd need less of a web armada ... right? And they'd be helping the environment by not using Wordpress or Drupal.


Submission + - Regulators discover suspect gene in GMO crops (

opencity writes: Regulators in the EU have discovered a potentially troubling gene in 54 of the 86 transgenic events (unique insertions of foreign DNA) commercialized to-date in the United States. How troubling is this from a technical standpoint? Should the plantings be revoked or studied more? As GMO inflames passions on both sides in the wider world here's a submission to slashdot where cooler heads discuss such things rationally.

Comment ... sample groups, double-blind tests, (Score 1) 566

would require identical subjects, no? Google: acupuncture nitric oxide and surf around for a while.
I agree with
> some of which might be correct and some of which might be nonsense
and that certainly applies to some of western medicine including all of SSRIs. There's something happening, over the last thousands of years, that hasn't been quantified by western medicine.
And "good" western DRs alter their thinking every couple of years as they should. We don't understand systems biology and are only starting to investigate. Dismissing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is the mark of ideologues and amateurs.

Comment Penrose - Road to Reality (Score 2) 358

Hey great thread! I can confidently state that I'm in lower percentile of the posters here regarding physics and math (I'm just above the random trolls and bellow everyone else). I found Penrose - The Road to Reality a great overview starting with math I already understood, educating me about some concepts I didn't get before and ending up with today's physics of which I understood, charitably ... uh ... 10 percent ... cough ... I already had a tourist knowledge of higher math but my actual arithmetic is a disgrace and I found Penrose kept me on the horse longer than other texts.

And I've been flamed for recommending this book for reasons I didn't understand in the past so YMMV.

Comment Artist conception of a flying car (Score 1) 274

I had a meeting once to develop someones patent (they had been granted the patent already). I spent the whole time confused until I realized that they had developed none of the technology they had patented, wanted me to write a demonstration demo - a look and feel front end that didn't actually do anything under the hood but demonstrated the idea. I told them they were hiring me to draw a flying car as they had patented "personal transportation vehicle (car) that operates in three dimensions" but hadn't actually solved any of the technology at all (purely for description, their undeveloped technology was not a flying car). Anyway ... they were friends so I said "sure" thinking their plan was probably to wait until someone actually developed the tech and then sue and suspecting, correctly as it turned out, that there was some basic computing issues involved and they were probably going to be up against prior art / patents held by the big boys. I described visions of platoons of lawyers hitting the beach but we did the little demo anyway.

I lost touch. I wonder if they're suing someone in Texas right now.

Comment meta subject moderating, plus by the hour (Score 1) 393

Break opinion posts down with non judgmental (yeah, right) category moderation. For politics: "conservative", "liberal", "libertarian", "Democrat", "Republican", "SDLP", "Sein Fein" ... etc ... Moderate comments "opinion" - "background" "(attempted) insight" - "interesting but off topic" "funny" "political flame bait" "random flame bait" "incoherent"

Combine this with Facebook login - that alone keeps me off the tech sites that use it - and - here's the important part - PAID MODERATORS who are monitored by karma (or whatever the site is calling it) holding users. Yeah yeah I know web 2.0 is all about crowd sourcing free content but I offer up youtube comment threads as an argument that it's time to move on. Let's get some new buzzwords going and start paying moderators as there are a lot of people out there who could use the telecommuting $10 an hour.

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