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Google Announces Android 4.3, Netflix, New Nexus 7, and Q Successor Chromecast 244

At a press conference dubbed "Breakfast With Sundar," Google announced two new pieces of hardware and a minor revision to Android. Complete stories and commentary are still coming in, but in the mean time you can skim a liveblog or two First is the new Nexus 7. The hardware is slightly improved (full HD screen, better graphics, etc.). The specs managed to "leak" hours before the event through Best Buy opening preordering too early. On the software side, they've announced a minor revision to Android, 4.3. It features improved Bluetooth support (including Bluetooth 4.0), OpenGL ES 3.0, enhanced internationalization, enhanced DRM, and multi-user support. The multi-user support looks most exciting: now you can share a tablet with more than one person. One of the features Google focused on was restricted profiles: a device owner can create accounts that e.g. cannot make in-app purchases (Junior won't rack up a $3000 bill again). Bad news: Google is implementing stricter DRM for books and video, locking down the entire video stack. The consolation prize is that Netflix will work on more devices and at 1080p. Also demoed were a new version of Chrome that brings the tablet experience closer to the desktop, improved hangouts, and improved maps. Google also appears to be making a push into gaming, emphasizing tablet-only games that integrate into Google+. In addition to gaming, they have secured deals with five major textbook publishers to sell students presumably DRMed electronic textbooks that can be purchased or rented, enhanced with better search and highlighting (because PDF readers don't support those features already). As usual lately, all of the really nice additions to Android are proprietary and tied to Google services, further eroding the open nature of Android. Finally, they announced a tiny $35 dongle named Chromecast that appears to be the successor of the Nexus Q. Running Chrome OS, it connects to any HDMI port, finds your Wi-Fi network, and Just Works (tm) for online video. The online and mobile Youtube and Netflix interfaces will allow you to hit a single button and forward the video to your television as well. Google Music streaming to the television is also supported. The Chromecast looks like a handy little device, hopefully it is turns out it can be reflashed. Of course, when using your browser as a remote, all of the commands go through The Cloud. An SDK and more details on the software side of things are slated for release later today, although conspiciously absent on their supported platforms list is GNU/Linux, listing only Chrome OS and Android. Update: 07/24 18:01 GMT by U L : The Chromecast SDK is out, but with an awfully restrictive license that requires written permission from Google to distribute any cast enabled applications, which appears to make it completely incompatible with Free/Open Source software.

Submission + - RIM gets a copy of your IMAP password on the Blackberry 10

Fefe writes: When you use the mail app on the Blackberry 10, and enter your IMAP username and password, an IP address from the RIM IP range will connect to your mail server with your credentials, which means that a) RIM is NSA'ing your email credentials and b) if your mail server is not configured with mandatory SSL, your credentials might be sent over the internet from Canada in clear text. The guy who found this out lives in Germany, and he notes that for him the route to that RIM IP goes through both the US (NSA) and the UK (GCHQ).

Comment Re:I don't want to be "that guy", however (Score 1) 319

Pretty much this. OSGi and Maven made me like Java. I used to say that C# was Java done right, but OSGi and Maven opened up an entirely new world for me.

I don't think in terms of Java programs or even packages anymore. They're Maven artifacts and OSGi bundles (if you're structuring your projects right, there should be a 1:1 correspondence between the two, not counting POM-only parent projects).

Wake me when C# gets something as cool as Maven and OSGi.

Comment Re:the message is clear: MAKE IT !!! (Score -1, Flamebait) 632

So, how do you plan to stamp out racism? Genetic modification so everyone has William's syndrome?

I've also heard that Australia has refugee camps where they house immigrants until they can be proven to not be a danger to society. How do you feel about aboriginals using up your social services funds? It isn't like Australia is actually a shining beacon of multiculturalism.

Every year there are more black-on-white murder victims in the United States than in the entire lynching history of the KKK. Excuses for the behavior or shifting blame doesn't mean much to the rotting victims of reverse racism.

I don't want to take away the rights of other cultures in America. I just want the one major right that the other cultures have: The right of association. As in if I want to go off and built a new city, fence it off, and only let in people who pass a genetic test as white, the Federal government will keep its nose out of it like they've kept their nose out of the increasing black-on-white violence going on in our cities.

Comment Re:the message is clear: MAKE IT !!! (Score -1, Troll) 632

It is sad that liberals believe that guns are cursed objects that take control of its helpless human "victim" and then forces them to go around and kill others. They refuse to admit that the problem is with those who hold the guns and commit murder.

But please, don't blame it on American culture. There is no such thing as American culture. There is white culture, hispanic culture, black culture, and various asian cultures all jammed into one nation. The only "melting pot" is that these cultures are being forced into the same areas which leads to conflict.

The idea was that people would move to this nation and they would take up the majority of our way of life while we take on some of theirs. I don't think it is working anymore.

The only real melting pot is cuisine, and most of it is presented in a way that will lead people to an early grave (huge portions, more than your recommended daily sodium intake in one meal, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup jammed into almost everything in amounts far beyond what the corn industry claims is safe in moderation).

The only real solution is to bring back restrictive covenants so each race can have their own towns. Now some might say "Oh but that's racist!", but we already have hispanic majority areas, black majority areas, asian majority areas, and rich white/jewish areas. But those of us whites that aren't rich aren't allowed to use the violence that the other races use to enforce their reign over an area, so we have to constantly perform white flight. The areas where my parents grew up are overrun. If I ever manage to have kids, I won't be able to safely show them the towns where I went for Easter, the Fourth of July fireworks, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years as a child.

I don't want my hypothetical kids to go through that. I want them to have a strong connection to an area and community which multiculturalism prevents.

I know some people will be pissed at me for daring to express my opinion, but when I have a tooth ache I don't go around saying I have a pain on my head. I'm specific about where the pain is. So to say America has a problem with Urban Youth is disingenuous. It has a problem with mainly black and hispanic males aged 10 through 30. Typically by 30 they either grow out of it or get shot by one of their own.

Whatever the cause, be it genetics, their culture, evil whitey oppression, or Sun spots, I don't want to live by it. I want to live in a white-only community where I don't have to earn $250,000 a year to afford the mortgage. I want to be able to build myself an wallet-friendly earthbag house with cash and not be attached to a usury contract with some bank for 15 to 30 years.

Whites only build these super expensive neighborhoods because there isn't another legal option to keep out "diversity here to culturally enrich us." We worship property values and do all we can to protect them because it is a matter of life and death to us. Eventually real estate agents plant some diversity into a neighborhood and the real estate agents get to profit again by selling the whites new houses in a new neighborhood and buying their old houses cheap which they then either sell or rent out as government subsidized housing. But this hurts the whites who can't afford to move on.

So please, let us white people create white-only communities. Send us "racist bigots" off to frigid lands with poor soil quality. We'll survive and thrive well if we don't have to constantly flee. We'll definitely have less gun violence.

Comment Re:Grab your ankles... They're after freedom or mo (Score 1) 271

Except there's a huge difference.

With terrestrial TV and radio, every station in the area broadcasts at the same time, so there's a hard maximum on the amount of people who can send content to you at all. With the Internet, you can pick and choose who gets to send data through your line. You may only get X number of "channels" at once, but you can swap them out for other "channels" whenever you like.

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 248

The paper you are referring to mentions modifying cowpox to become virulent, not rebuilding smallpox from scratch. In fact that is not mentioned at all and that is for a reason - it cannot be done at present. Anyone who says they can rebuild it better put their money where their mouth is and do it with cawpox which is similarly sequenced. Not that they will be able at the tech level of today.

Read the paper again - it goes through how many things we do not know about how smallpox works - the proteins which nobody knows how they work, the inhibition of immune system, etc. By the way, the relationship to HIV is also of considerable interest and there is potential benefit to the humanity as a whole if we find how to study it. If being vaccinated against smallpox or having had smallpox actually confers at least some level of HIV resistance... Hmm... That is an interesting thought... To say the least...

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 3, Interesting) 248

No, You _CANNOT_ recreate smallpox from DNA sequence. Not yet. There is a world of difference between simple viruses which have been assembled in the lab like the polyo virus and a smallpox virus. In fact there is a world of difference between a SmallPox virus and Flu.

The SmallPox virus is _BIG_. It is so big that it is on the borderline to defy the common assumption that viruses are not visible under microscope. It carries a whole battery of own enzymes which are essential for the initial cycle of the infection. We have not yet learned how to build all these with the correct glycosylation (they have glycosides sticking on them same as your average eucariote protein). We are not in a position to assemble it either. If we were, we could assemble a whole eucariote cell which is not anywhere near the current science level. Same level of complexity more or less.

In 10 years we may be in a position to build it from sequence. Now - not a chance.

Comment Bollocks, for the most part... (Score 1) 399

And why do you think it matters? The only data in the HDMI spec which need to be isochronous, jitter and delay controlled, etc is _ONE_ _WAY_. You need several _MILES_ to get jitter between the signals on the different wires worth mentioning. The two way signals which can be influenced by this and used for keying, recognition of capabilities, etc are low bandwidth and non-realtime.

The only thing that matters for one-way serial connections like DVI or HDMI is reflections from the connectors (and transmitting/receiving electronics) and noise (especially from crosstalk). For 15 feet the cable needs to be really sh*t for these to show up.

In fact, just open up a player or a computer with a HDMI in/out and look at the traces coming/going from/to the connectors. They sometimes go for up to 10cm unprotected, unscreened and in HIGH NOISE environment. Snapping a 100$ cable on top of that because it "does not deteriorate the signal" is not just stupid, it is totally bonkers.

Comment Re:a judge with common sense (Score 1) 130

He will do a summary judgement at 20. So the reduction to 3 is actually only if the trial goes in front of a jury.

Most patent trials do not. If the summary judgement does not go the way the defendant wants it the defendant usually caves in and licenses at that point instead of being nuked by jury assigned damages.

In any case, that is only patents. Oracle has launched a salvo of license and copyright missiles as well.

Comment Re:Multiple? (Score 1) 458

Agree - the "paranoiac" option of "Whatever + VPN" is missing.

I use WEP just to make freeloaders and iPhones go away. However, in order to get to anything once you are past the WEP, you actually have to set-up a VPN. So the real security and real encryption comes courtesy of AES256 OpenVPN, not any of the WiFi protos.

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