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Comment Re:How smart? (Score 1) 464

IANAL, but you should always make a lethal shot when shooting in self-defense. Otherwise you can be sued for pain and suffering since you obviously didn't fear for your life enough to eliminate the threat. If you are judged to have not properly feared for your life, you become liable for the injuries you caused by not doing a center-mass or head shot. Hospital bills can get pretty expensive.

Comment Sounds good. (Score 3, Insightful) 79

How about we also install these in Israel, a country that has threatened to bomb its neighbors? They apparently have an extensive nuclear program that isn't inspected or regulated by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

They are also a repressive country that denies same sex couples and interracial couples the right of marriage while their kin in the legal system and media forces it on us. It is 2015 and it is time Israel joins the rest of us in it.

Comment Re:To all you losers ... (Score 1) 331

It only won't work if you don't think non-whites aren't competent enough to run their own towns. I think they can manage. They don't need whites to enforce our way of life on them. It is rather ethnocentric to expect failure from them.

All white nations have been invaded by non-whites by varying degrees. Is one nation too much to ask for?

As for who decides who is white, I'd say being a non-Jewish caucasian of European descent who doesn't want to be enriched by vibrant diversity is enough of a qualifier. Why not allow jewish whites? Well they have Israel and their privilege levels would go up too much if they also get into said non-Jewish white nation. Plus they've been behind every movement to bring vibrant diversity to white countries. There is no use putting a bandaid on a papercut when the carotid artery is gushing out blood.

Comment Re:To all you losers ... (Score 1, Troll) 331

What I think is funny is how people use media terms like "white supremacist" rather than "white separatist" or "white nationalist".

White supremacy as defined by the media is "White people wishing to enslave and rule over non-whites." Most white nationalists and white separatists want nothing to with non-whites. They want nations or towns with the fruits of their labor going to support people like them. They want their kind to exist beyond the current 300 year virtual extinction timeline for whites. They want to be able to go outside and walk at any time without being "randomly" attacked by bored urban youth.

Now if you mean "white supremacists" as in whites thinking their kind are better, every race has that ideology. Whites just have the history to back it up.

Comment Re:Is he dangerous? (Score -1, Flamebait) 163

Most people don't understand the shape shifter aspect of the Jewish people. When they do something good they say they are Jewish. When they do something bad they say they are White.

When it comes time for them to get a job, they are Jewish and thus get minority hiring status. But when it comes time for a non-Jewish white to get a job, they are counted as whites.

Same thing with college admissions. Yet I am an anti-semite for complaining about it. I just think I have a bad case of Jew fatigue.

Comment Re:What the fuck is a Kibbitz? (Score 1) 105

Well a lot of the people who write articles happen to be Jewish and they have a habit of occasionally inserting Yiddish and Hebrew words into their works. This habit of theirs makes it fairly simple to know when a Jewish fellow is posting a comment when the other simple identifiers like defending reducing cities to rubble and firing shells at hospitals during ceasefires are missing.

I'm still speculating on whether or not the occasional yiddish and hebrew is intentional or accidental. I could see it being either. "Oops I used one of our words around the gentiles, I hope they don't notice" or "Heh I used one of our words around the gentiles, let's see if they notice"

The idea that one should be able to read a damned article on an English website without a yiddish dictionary is anti-semitic. Kibbitz apparently means to chat, have small talk.

Comment Re:Gee, isn't Iron Dome supposed to be worthless? (Score 1) 184

Perhaps they are looking to learn from Israel's mistakes. "Okay, this doesn't work effectively so we now know what not to waste our time on."

I just wish my government (the United States of America) would spend the aid money we send to Israel each year on securing our southern border from invaders rather than shooting down bottle rockets from Gaza Strip and the West Bank 5% of the time.

Comment Re:Good for them. (Score 4, Insightful) 165

I tried to look up some cases of Palestinians destroying factories but I couldn't find any in the Google search results. It consisted mostly of Israelis destroying Palestinian factories and farms, or a Palestinian concrete factory that recycled rubble from bombed out structures from Israeli raids. Please enlighten me with some links.

I took a look at the statistics a while back and Israelis are more likely to die from an automotive accident on their Israeli-only highways that web throughout the West Bank than from any Palestinian attack.

I've looked at the structures that Palestinians like to construct. Thick walls, preferably earthbound if possible. Now while one might think that this is a horrible crime, it is the only way to build a structure that doesn't require air conditioning in the region. Air conditioners typically require electricity and it isn't like the Palestinians can count on Israelis to not bomb out their infrastructure.

"Hmm, they bulldozed my house for the fifth time. Perhaps I should build something that's a bit more costly for them to destroy this time." Unfortunately they don't realize that the Israeli military is subsidized by the American and German tax payers and thus won't stop the Israelis from just using a bunker buster missile without second thought. They just need to say it was a weapons factory or a terrorist's bunker and all is forgiven.

If I had driven one of my neighbors to do all of that, I'd deeply reflect on my own actions and wonder if building my house right in his front yard and then bulldozing his down was the best course of action.

Comment Re:Good for them. (Score 5, Insightful) 165

I think it might be because at the start of every peace negotiation, Israel announces a new illegal settlement project in the West Bank.

Gaza and the West Bank are basically open air prisons. Do the prisons in the US make prisoners a better fit for society, or merely drive them further into anti-social lifestyles?

Every new building in the West Bank needs almost impossible to get Israeli approval. Those who dare to build houses without approval get there structured knocked down by armored bulldozers.

Gaza has a hard time getting raw materials shipped in to build buildings. Any farming they do will probably be destroyed by Israeli armed forces.

Now let me ask you, if someone urinated on your face and you weren't into that, would you be grateful for them to do it, or will it piss you off? Asking him to stop just makes him aim it closer to your eyes. His buddies come up and beat the shit out of you if you dare strike back. They then join in the urination party. This is the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.

Comment Re:First blacks, (Score 1) 917

1. Sodomy was unlawful. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness. At the rate things are going it'll soon be legal for perverts to groom children for sexual relationships in two decades.
2. The point is that we don't have freedom of association anymore. All standards of decency must be undermined as a sacrifice for the Progressive god(dess?)

Progressives believe that by somehow destroying every pillar of society that somehow we'll achieve some sort of utopia. I'm just hoping I can find a place to flee to before they do.

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