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Comment Re:Designed by people who have ... (Score 1) 138

I think this is just an exercise for publicity, but the connection issues to the pods are not that difficult with current technology. If the pods must remain powered up and connected, then a flexible cable race can be built into the channel the pod rides on. If not, then it's even easier. The connections are just a scaled-up version of the mechanisms used for robotic disk and tape systems in play already.

Comment Re:Will she pardon here self and him once she gets (Score 1) 592

"According to Hillary's own emails ..."

More like "according to's dodgy interpretation of Hilary's emails." CBS News had a different take:

But in one email exchange between Clinton and staffer Jake Sullivan from June 17, 2011, the then-secretary advised her aide on sending a set of talking points by email when he had trouble sending them through secure means.

Part of the exchange is redacted, so the context of the emails is unknown, but at one point, Sullivan tells Clinton that aides "say they've had issues sending secure fax. They're working on it."

Clinton responds, "If they can't, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure."

It's unclear whether the talking points themselves contained classified information. Typically, talking points are used for unclassified purposes (e.g. speaking with the media). But in some cases, the material contained in such memos may still be sensitive -- especially if the report originates from intelligence agencies.

On Friday, the Clinton campaign's press secretary, Brian Fallon, denied that the information was classified.

Comment Re:What should happen but won't (Score 1) 1105

On the other hand, Roberts is the guy who claimed "Ingratiation and access . . . are not corruption" in a legal opinion further enabling the legal bribery of Congress. Because, of course, there's nothing wrong with, say, a drug company ingratiating itself with those who write the laws regulating it, or an oil company ingratiating itself with those who write environmental laws.

Comment Re:Thank you. (Score 1) 112

Bear in mind that one generally isn't supposed to publically inherit from STL classes such as vector, since they don't have virtual destructors. Generally speaking, with C++, it's better to use composition to reuse functionality (e.g. making an STL vector a data member of a class) and to use inheritance to implement run-time polymorphism.

Comment Re:Flash must be evil because HTML5 is so good? (Score 1) 102

Bear in mind that there already have already been several open-source attempts at rewriting the Flash Player -- namely Gnash, Lightspark, and Mozilla's Shumway -- and all of them are still relatively immature. In short, the plan of attack that you suggest has already been tried.

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