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Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 431

it wasn't until the US spent billions on the "war effort" that the mismanagement of The New Deal was undone even though FDR doubled the national debt.

And that New Deal led to the most prosperous period in US history, and FDR was elected president four times.

Call me when Donald Trump wins his fourth presidential election.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 431

Nice try but the 40s were barely the hallmark of social justice and the left did not want to go to war.

So, Franklin D. Roosevelt was not a leftist? The New Deal was not leftist? You mean you've been bullshitting about him for all these years?

Back to the Breitbart of Deplorables for you, lad.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 1) 432

"that word doesn't mean what you think it does" regarding "decimate"

I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking knows what "decimate" means, and his use is absolutely correct.

Either definition is true. Automation has already reduced a large percentage of the jobs in manufacturing (def. 1) and has at least replaced one in ten workers in traditional manufacturing (def. 2).

That Stephen Hawking. He think's he's so smart, amirite?

Comment Re:Better up the Military Budget (Score 2, Insightful) 290

Just in case their crazy-sounding warning happens to come true.

It's all those Marxist SJWs in the US Military pushing their climate change agenda based on a Chinese hoax just so they can get money from George Soros.

Give me a second, and I'll work in a reference to #pizzagate, pedophilia, third-wave feminism and corrupt games journalists.

Comment Re:Wait a year (Score 1) 501

I'm only referring to the adjectives and focus made by the media on the monthly job figures.

Could you give an example? I think you might be misremembering (as GWB put it).

When it comes to economic news, the media seems to be pretty evenly distributed across a center-right section of the spectrum. .

Comment Re:Wait a year (Score 1) 501

When Bush was president 200,000 new jobs was considered anemic

That's not true.

And remember, those 200,000 new jobs have to be offset by the 900,000 we were losing per month at the end of his presidency.

Barack Obama is the first post-WWII president who did not take the economy into a recession at any point in his terms. He took us out of one - a big one - but left it in better shape for President Elect Urinal Cake.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 2) 394

Who’s Really in Prison for Marijuana?

The statistics your study cites only include state and federal prisons. Not county jails.

In most states, if you are caught with small amounts of marijuana, you would find yourself in a township or county lockup. Then you'd have a trial where you''d plead out for no jail time. So, you end up with an arrest and conviction on your record for yes, having a few joints. So the time locked up may be short, but the legal impact on your life can be great.

In Arizona, it's a felony to have ANY amount of marijuana. In Tennessee and Florida, it's a felony to have less than an ounce.

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