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Comment Re:Because people can travel? (Score 2) 279

What's to stop people from going to Venezuela and buying 10 copies of Final Cut Pro and bringing it back to the US?

The fact that it's only sold in the App store now?

Beside that point, too much of this reselling will eventually raise the GDP of that country - solving the problem.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 397

If it wasn't clear, I was saying motion interpolation is a failure. You can't add good data if it isn't there. The only place it might be useful is enhancing sports. Cinematography requires a certain amount of motion blur to work and the motion estimation actually removes it.

I also saw The Hobbit in HFR. The sweeping pans and helicopter shots were near-perfect - and they look terrible at 24fps in a lot of the LOTR movies. In the close-cropped conversation shots, it looked like it was in fast-forward. I think they used too wide of a lens. The other problem is that the shots were way too sharp. It's hard to get motion blur when you're shooting at half the shutter speed but you need it for realism. The CGI popped out for the same reason. Motion blur helps with realism. Most prime-time TV shows are 24p with pulldown to 60i or 30p. Soaps on the other hand are still shot in a true 60i, and that's what The Hobbit also reminded me of.

Saying that 4K is a scam is only partly true. In the theater, it makes a huge difference. My living room has no TV, but I have a home theater setup in the basement. In a home theater, you need either a monster TV or seats very close to the screen. I have the latter right now (two couches in series starting about 3-ft from the TV, but at 1080p (42"). At that distance, a 52" TV at 4K would make a noticeable difference.

Curved TVs are more of a scam than 4K. Unless you have an 80+ inch TV at close range, you're not getting peripheral vision with that and there's no point.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 313

That is pretty useless and no defense. "May expire" doesn't tell you anything before you buy it. I've taken Blu-Rays home directly after buying them and the code inside is "expired" (but still worked). Sorry, but that's false advertising no matter whether the codes "may expire" or not. You don't buy "already expired" for the same price as "hasn't expired yet"

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 397

It requires me to wear glasses over my glasses

Or just get clip-ons -

It really depends on if the cinematography was done well (same as with wide aspect ratio, color instead of B&W, etc). A lot of action movie garbage is just an upconversion anyway. The movie Hugo was excellent and most Pixar films are done well without being overdone.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 397

Active 3D glasses pretty much killed 3D TV right out of the gate.

The flickering was awful in the store demos I saw. I was waiting for passive 3D on 4K. And for my TV to be old enough to not feel stupid about replacing (the real reason new features "fail"). I even own some 3D Blu-Rays AND a player.

Not only were the glasses cheap, but you could just take home glasses from the theater instead of recycling. My wife's aunt/uncle have a passive 3D TV, and I made some "2D" glasses for her aunt who can't handle the 3D effect by popping and swapping lenses.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 397

I bought my TV in 2010/2011. My TV is still working, so I haven't bought a 3D TV yet. I even own 3D Blu-Rays and a 3D Blu-Ray player. Hugo is an amazing piece of stereoscopic cinematography, even if you might call it a "kid's" movie. I bought it and may never get to watch it at home.

I thought 4K would finally be the savior for passive 3D (still have 1080p for each eye), because I hate active shutter flicker. Active 3D doesn't require much in the way of hardware, though, so I'm surprised to see it go.

They thought they could jumpstart a trend of selling new TVs to EVERYONE every 3-5 years the way HD made people want to upgrade. Problem is that they didn't realize most of the people were upgrading to get rid of CRTs and not even for HD. Every few years, a new driver for sales - HD, 3D, 120Hz+ motion interpolation, 4k, HDR, and combinations of the same. It didn't work. But that does not mean the new features are a "failure" (except motion interpolation).

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