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Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 1) 442

Uber and Lyft may be "similar" to taxis, but they're exactly the same service as a limo service. And they already comply with all of those rules.

Taxis drive around and provide ad-hoc rides when they're not out on a fare - which is what most of the regulations apply to. That's the entirely different category. Limousines services are not subject to taxi rules either. Taxis and ride-sharing both provide transportation, grocery and restaurants both often provide prepared food (grocery stores also sell packaged foods, but that's beside the point).

Comment Re:Nintendo should have bought these guys (Score 1) 138

Also, even though the infringed on Nintento's copyrights, they built a popular app and it didn't cost Nintendo anything. They should offer to buy the company and app for a small price (something not neither insulting nor outrageously high...

We don't strictly know that they didn't. Under an NDA, they likely wouldn't be allowed to say why they took down the links - but they would definitely have to and this is a way that would definitely generate a ton of PR. If they were being bought out, this would not be a bad way of going about it. On the other hand, people stumble on better plans by accident than usually happen by intention.

Comment Re:Is data scraping illegal? (Score 1) 112

You can't copyright facts, but you can copyright a compilation. It's likely there are a handful of fake listings in your average yellow pages just to ensure that they can prove copying.

The same happens with fake streets on GPS to prove when maps are copied. I won't do the research for you, but there's plenty of case law out there.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 398

the "rich" paying "their fair share" ... and then run off and buy a $600K beach house, his 3rd home.

Does the IRS have a donate button on their web site or something? If taxes aren't raised, a private citizen can't pay more taxes. OK, so the Treasury actually has a donate option.

Buying a house is objectively better for the economy than hoarding money.

Comment Re:But facebook likes 'em (Score 2) 398

This past week on Facebook, I've clicked on two ads that were interesting to me, and one of them even got me to sign up for a webinar for my own personal interest.

Contrast this with actual users on Facebook - there's almost nothing I want to see. The confirmation bias and echo chamber are so strong, that I can't even stand people talking about candidates I like.

Comment Re:Switch(true) (Score 1) 671

Works in both PHP and Javascript. You linked to bad code all around on stackoverflow.

Their example works out to:
userInputtedInt == >= someNum && <= someOtherNum

It doesn't even make sense.

The right side of that is two invalid expressions (a comparison operator missing one side) &&'ed together. My example does a different comparison:
true == $a < 5;

Both sides of the comparison are boolean. It works.

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