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Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 381

There is no need for the perp to know that the child is under age only that they intended to have sex.

I don't think that's true. In a lot of sting operations (e.g. TCAP/Chris Hansen), they use an of-age actress pretending to be underage (or even just men pretending to be an underage female in chat) - and that counts for prosecution. It's about intent - though being intentionally unaware of age probably counts as implicit awareness.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 63

I should mention that I don't have a facebook account, so would this mean I'd have to create one if, say, some team I join happens to use that crap?

It's a separate account anyway. Facebook users have to create a new account too. Just like Slack, for that matter. I really doubt you'd be required to create a personal account to use it.

Comment Re:Not meaningfully different from in-vitro (Score 1) 198

But pretending this offspring has three equally biological parents is disingenuous.

They're not equal in parentage, but they're definitely equal in being biological donors whose DNA pass on to future generations.

I don't think anything equates them as being equal, but it's still an awful lot of genetic material to not be considered for biological parentage at all.

Comment Re:Why are we doing this? (Score 3, Insightful) 198

Stop being selfish (needing your "damaged" genes to propagate)

The damaged mitochondrial DNA was replaced completely - and will propagate the replaced DNA as well.

There are plenty of children that need to be adopted.

A baby is a child, but a child is not a baby.

Raise one of them, and accept they won't be propagating your genes but they will be propagating your values.

Depending on the age of the child, there's no guarantee you can change/undo what's already been done.

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