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Comment Re:SVG Fonts (Score 1) 328

AOSP is free software. Does AOSP lack support for color emoji?

I'm using a different definition of proprietary. It's being pushed by a single proprietor. But yes, that one OS as a whole does contain support for it (5.0+).

The W3C has no business specifying fonts. They are a web consortium - it's well outside their scope. They are one of many people who use fonts.

Comment Re:Not Unexpected (Score 4, Interesting) 115

Really, they are only strictly interpreting the text of the law as written - legislating from the bench is against the separation of powers defined in the Constitution. What needs to happen now is an updated law to clarify this to the original intent (and hopefully grant amnesty to anyone wrongly covered). Doubtful that will ever happen, but that's what should happen.

Comment Re:Innovative! (Score 1) 45

I'd love ratings/recommendations to be decoupled from Netflix. I have Amazon Prime for shipping, but have no idea what video content I might want to watch. It won't take my Netflix ratings and tell me what to watch. But if there was a provider-neutral option, I'd re-rate everything I've ever watched just for that.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 1004

It's not so much about what she outright said. It's more the pandering to that crowd that was less outright spoken. That level of pandering makes me very uncomfortable - especially when she's a doctor. It's not that the two primary candidates aren't doing more and worse - I very much dislike that too.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1004

weapon that has a high probability of being able to wipe out much of the Eastern United States for which we do not have a reliable counter measure, renders our convention force impotent

We should close our foreign bases and withdraw our troops. I would suggest we mostly don't need the army.

While I mostly agree that our military budget is way out of control, our foreign bases/presence is also a way of keeping them from all being wiped out by a simple nuclear attack in one place/country.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 1004

she seems like a reasonable alternative

While mostly true, for a medical doctor she still willingly hinted at buying into standard anti-vaccination stupidity (whether sincere or not, that's a problem). There is some reason to believe that certain vaccines can cause auto-immune problems in a small handful of genetically specific people - but she made no mention of anything like that. This is why I think that universal vaccination is not a good rule and that herd immunity should be good enough, provided that it's doctors making the final decision.

She also believes there might be some merit to the idea of wi-fi poisoning.

Voting for the lesser of two evils means nothing when your state is a landslide state. Voting for a 3rd-party might get the party over a threshold to be on the ballot next election or get campaign funding. You're not just voting for a candidate that won't win - you're voting for the future of another political party where there are currently two bad parties dominating.

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