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Comment Re:i/o ports and support (Score 1) 74

The Pie has FreeBSD and other Linux distro support and lots of i/O to hook up other peripherals.

And I was running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a Beagle Bone Black in April of '04 (although its userland was running on a somewhat back-versioned kernel for a couple months until the guy doing the kernel ports got the proper one fully ported).

The Black is not the first Beagle Bone version, either, and it was running Debian Linux from the first time I encountered it. It has lots of I/O hookup opportunities - including onboard USB, Ethernet, video, and lots of GPIOs that can be configured to provide several serial ports and a number of buses, in addition to lots of wiggle wires. And you can stack peripheral boards on it, as well.

Plug in a wall wart, USB hub, keyboard, mouse, monitor, (and, if 4 or 8 Gigabytes of file systems feels too cramped, a USB drive or mount a filesystem from a fileserver). Bingo: a full-blown desktop system with about the power of a cellphone and smaller than a pack of cigarettes (excluding all the stuff you plugged into it, of course).

Which is not to say it's the best choice. it's just one I happen to be familiar with. There are a number of single-board machines out there. Cellphone processor technology is too powerful, cheap, and available to NOT be plowshared.

Comment Re:Merit over Intersectionalist Bingo Quotas (Score 1) 309

implement fascism

I suspect we have different definitions of "fascism", which I don't want to delve into here.

Good luck firing Jews that exceed their quota

What specifically is this in reference to? I would note that quotas should be based on what's available in the workforce. For example, if group X gets 20% more college degrees in finance, then we should realistically expect 20% more of group X in finance careers.

good luck firing 87% of the Blacks (13% in the US) employees at the all Black Entertainment Television.

I'm sure the laws can work out some exceptions, such as entertainment or political shows catering to specific ethnic groups, at least for the parts of the business that relate to cultural issues.

Drawing perfect lines in the sand may be unrealistic, but that's civilization: compromising and cutting deals to keep the peace.

Comment Trade Wars [Re:Now lets see.] (Score 1) 1441

If a trade war starts, we've already lost.

In the short term, maybe. But I won't rule out that we can get a "better deal" than what we have now when the war finally plays out.

However, I do think it unlikely that we'll get a sufficiently better deal to compensate for what's lost during the battle. It's like winning a physical war only to realize half your population is dead.

If T is such a great negotiator, why are there still about 500 people richER than him, most of whom don't claim they have super-human negotiating skills.

Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 1441

There's nothing impulsive about anything Trump does; it's all extremely calculated.

If so, nobody has published an algorithm to test his actions against to verify it. It sure the hell looks ad-hoc to most of us.

I will agree that to some his off-the-cuff remarks make many feel he's genuine: telling the world exactly what he thinks. This could be considered a legitimate "plan": to gain trust by saying what you actually think, although I see it as merely his inherent personality. He was a compulsive child also: it's why his family sent him to a military school.

The upside of this is transparency: we see his actual thoughts as they are formed. The downside is that much of his thoughts are petty, vengeful, ill-informed, overly-simplistic, and based on inaccurate assumptions.

H was careless with emails; T is careless with everything. If T does well, it'll be a Jar Jar moment in history. May The Force be with us...

Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 3, Interesting) 1441

I'll echo Seth Myers in saying that I've been wrong about him so many times that, if this trend continues, he'll be a great president.

People have been wrong about how voters react to him, not really wrong about the man himself.

As far as what he'll actually do in office, we still don't really know. It's like getting in line for a roller coaster covered up with sheets. We don't even know if it's fully constructed yet.

For example, he wants tax cuts, larger military, and infrastructure spending. Together these will likely exasperate the budget deficit. He hopes he can grow the economy enough to expand tax revenue to pay for it all, BUT if the optimistic plan fails, what will he give up to keep the budget in line, or will he just blow the budget, setting us up for a crash without enough in the tank for an emergency stimulus?

The real test of a leader is not when their plans go right, but how they adjust when they fail.

On trade, what if trade-wars start and it becomes clear after a while those wars are hurting our economy? Will he back down, and double down?

And what will he do if Russia invades more territory? If he keeps ignoring it, we may get Soviet Union 2.0. Those were scary days with too many close calls; we don't want them back.

Add to that his ability to agitate countries and ethnic groups.

Spock impression: "This is a fascinating experiment in leadership. I just hope we can watch it from a safe distance, Captain."

Comment Re:Jumped the shark a long while ago (Score 1) 158

My understanding is that this will be based on the Pre-reboot reality. We will certainly be seeing (mostly) new characters so it should feel a little more "Star Trek" than the movies.

It is going to be set shortly after the TOS era though, and this does still have its problems. There's a lot of established continuity that we're tied into; and Star Trek fans will remember every single throwaway line about Sarek, when we are meant to have encountered each race and so on.

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