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Comment Crowdsource it (Score 3, Interesting) 205

Just a thought if a lot of people are going to benefit from your algorithm then you could think about having a kickstarter campain to open source the code. With the amount you are looking to get from the VC's. Maybe with stretch goals of a iPad and Android version. You'll get money up front and might also be able to license it to somebody that doesn't like either (lgpl or gpl) depending on the strategy you choose. You could try having the opportunity of corporate sponsorship and trying to contact Google they are probably going to love having something that makes Youtube videos look better. It would trow some money your way because we need more funding of R&D through crowdsourcing. And remember to have some accessories for people like T-shirts.

Comment Different stages of code (Score 1) 366

Here is a good presentation on what to do:

But there is a short description, if you want to innovate you have to write prototype code. If you want somebody else to be able to work on it then you have to make it more beautiful. Then you can have somebody come in and make it fast.

If you break it down and segment who works on what face then you will be able to convince somebody in charge of change, unless he's pointy haired and then your screwed :)

Comment Asciidoc (Score 1) 221

You should try Asciidoc or docbook directly. I don't know if LaTeX has enough information to be faithfully converted to epub. But Asciidoc can reuse the LaTeX notations for a number of things.

I think it's the questions of right tool for the job, docbook is very widely used and is designed for working with books, and asciidoc and simular tools are for the non masochistic of us that prefer to edit text files and not raw xml. If you like gui there are plenty of guies for docbook, including LyX.


Submission + - Novacut the next revolution in editing ( 1

olafura writes: "As a person that has been involved with editing and making shorts. I know first hand the tedious process of making editing work. I've never been confident about any editing software solution on linux and I've tried them all. Avid or Finalcut were the only solution I had for editing movies. I'm currently waiting excited for the sourcecode for Lightwave to be released so I can see if it's worth my time, not too opencore. Plus we have all be burnt before.

So it might suprise you that I'm excisted about Novacut, I saw the first kickstart project and didn't fully understand it. And I saw the second kickstart project and I didn't fully understand it. But I do now and I'm really impressed, it's a game changer. Hope I can start using it soon. And to all those people that will say that they should use Pitivi or OpenShot as a start don't really understand it.

I've pledged 100$ and was even thinking about blowing my budget and pledging 300$ but decided to be smart and appeal to you. I'm really pissed off that the linux community doesn't respond better to a revolutionary idea that can change how movies are edited, where the project is open source and using sound technology like couchdb as the syncing solution and gstreamer as the media solution. They are even using the unix philosophy of developing software, make something that does one job and does it well."

The Internet

Submission + - Most IT pros say websites will support IPv6 by '13 (

alphadogg writes: More than 70% of IT departments plan to upgrade their websites to support IPv6 within the next 24 months, according to a recent survey of more than 200 IT professionals conducted by Network World. Plus, 65% say they will have IPv6 running on their internal networks by then, too. These IT professionals proclaimed strong support for IPv6 deployment in the online survey, which attracted 210 respondents. More than 90% said IPv6 is "fundamentally important to the Internet," and 74% said they would prefer their companies be "leaders, and not laggards, when it comes to IPv6 adoption." This wave of support for IPv6 comes at a time when the Internet is running out of address space with IPv4, the current version of the Internet's main communications protocol.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Open source viewfinder / tablet project (

olafura writes: This is a great project to raise money towards open source hardware design for a tablet computer that would be used for a viewfinder in the Apertus project. The kickstart project has already raised 1/4 of the money in only 5 days. This could run what ever other platform we could imagine like Android, Meego, Google Chrome OS or just plain Debian.

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