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Submission + - Scientific and technological challenges of today?

ojs writes: What does the slashdot community see as the main scientific and technological challenges facing us today? Is there an online portal (wiki or something similar) that is dedicated to this issue?

I see the main challenge for us is in the field of energy, but to solve that problem I bet we have to go through a lot of minor challenges that none of us can foresee, what are those challenges? What do we need to accomplish these challenges? Manpower? Time? A Eureka moment (they are always handy)?

We have a great resource of human knowledge called Encyclopedia, but do we have a similar thing for the above questions?

Submission + - Medical Breakthrough, Skin Cells to Stem Cells (

eldavojohn writes: "A simultaneous discovery in both Japan and Wisconsin has revealed the possibility of transforming skin cells to stem cells which both eliminates the risk of rejection from the patient to be treated with them and also clears up any ethical problems of using embryonic stem cells. This is being heralded as a monumental breakthrough by the community and may "rapidly advance research in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, diabetes, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, strokes, burns and heart disease because scientists will have much greater access to stem cells." Good news for all."

Submission + - Physics Nobel Prize 2007

whizzter writes: The prize was awarded for the discovery of the Giant Magnetoresistive Effect, Peter Grünberg of the Jülich Research Centre and Albert Fert of the University of Paris-Sud that lead the research will receive the prize. During the presentation the Nobel committe stressed how the research had helped decreasing harddrive sizes. The discovery was also the birth of the spintronics field. More information on the prize can be found at the Nobel site.

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