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Comment Re:I feel so sad for these poor MCPs... NOT! (Score 1) 476

Perhaps I'm just not enough of a Microsoft-hater, but I fail to see the 'skull fucking' here. What I do see is an angry rant from, I assume, someone who's likely receiving calls from bill collectors in Redmond. I'm sorry that MCP thing didn't work out for you, and if you want to switch from plugging Microsoft products to promoting Open Source Software, than more power to you.

I happen to know that Smári does not work for an MCP. The point of the article is that MS is not working in their own interest in killing off their resellers and in creating extremely ill will and in fact fear of doing business with them in the future.

Comment Re:Business People ... (Score 1) 476

BTW, I hope if our own economy collapses you're left holding the bag for things you couldn't have foreseen. I will consider that to be justice after your attitude towards others.

What a jerk!!!

I'm Icelandic, and I don't want anyone's economy to collapse. Well, except maybe Britain's a little, but no - ordinary Brits don't deserve that even though they're led by a cluster of turds.

Comment Re:heh @ openoffice comment (Score 1) 476

If you have to interoperate with anyone doing high-end Word stuff you might struggle to switch to OOo. But if you can make EVERYONE you deal with use it ALL at once and the formatting stuff isn't that big a deal - then sure, it'll work for you.

The beautiful thing is, that MS is riding Iceland hard enough, that everyone just might. The stragglers may be forced to switch to be able to use those ODF files everyone keeps sending them.

Sweet, sweet irony

Comment Re:This seems strangely familiar (Score 1) 476

But these are not normal times and especially not in Iceland. Everything is in turmoil. Switching to Ubuntu+OO.o is nothing, and just may keep the company alive until the worst of the horrors are over.

And if everyone does it, and the MCPs are dead and their techies now run OS service companies, why should anyone switch back?

Comment Re:This seems strangely familiar (Score 1) 476

But they are going bankrupt. MS is driving their own customers bankrupt trying to suck out of them money that the final buyers of the licenses can't pay because they have gone bankrupt. Everyone responds by switching to free, and hopefully Free, software.

MS is being stupid and they're letting everyone in a whole country see what they're really about. And if the whole country moves away from MS stuff together, the network effects which have helped MS so much will from then on hurt them.

Of course, the Icelandic software developer I work for has already dropped all MS server software for linux and hosted services and is running a mix of windows, os/x and linux clients.

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