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Comment Re:Here's a simple fix... (Score 1) 102

It shouldn't even require a counter-suit. It should be automatic that, upon demonstrating the DMCA demand was wrong, bad, or deliberately fraudulent, the DMCA claimant is charged, say 10 times the claimant's own estimate of the damages they did, or could have, incurred due to the the so-called copyright infringement. (And DMCA claims should all require an estimate of damages if the claim is not resolved.)

I think you'd see false claims (by movie studios, in particular) dry up pretty damn fast.

Comment Re:Not two, four to Three (Score 1) 879

I'm in a blue state, so the electors are going to the Democratic nominee, regardless of who is running on either side.

I'd vote for Sanders if he's on the ballot, but if I have to hold my nose while I choose between Hillary and Trump, I'll go ahead and throw my vote over to Trump.

I may not be able to contribute to the election of the president, but maybe I can hasten the destruction of the current Republican party, even if by only a tiny bit.

Comment Re:How do you ban all weddings, exactly? (Score 1) 204

That's just it. The wedding wouldn't be legally recognized.

Most likely, trying to put a wedding date on a legal form with a date in the prohibited range would invite scrutiny and a visit to a reeducation camp. They'd also demand to know who performed this "fake" wedding and make sure he never performed another.

I think it would be worth most people's while to just wait out the ban.

Comment Re:How do you ban all weddings, exactly? (Score 1) 204

Is marriage a religious thing in NK, or is it a government thing, requiring a civil servant like a justice of the peace?

If the former (if religion is even allowed), I'm sure all ministers are registered and have permits to operate. Just tell them not to perform weddings (or else).

If the later, then you just instruct all civil servants not to conduct weddings.

Comment Re:The USA is better at censorship then China... (Score 1) 109

From what I read this morning, it may be because the U.S. has a separate tax agreement with Panama. So U.S. citizens may not have been able to hide stuff there as readily as people in other countries.

Remember, we... *ahem*... "liberated" them from their president in the late 1980's. I'm sure we got them to make all kinds of agreements while we occupied the country.

Comment Re:What we need (Score 1) 571

I do recall seeing a story about one of the earlier pinball machines with voice synthesis (called "Xenon" or something like that) and one of the things they mentioned was that they could compress a female voice better and fit more vocalizations into the machine.

I remember it would give a suggestive sigh when you put a quarter into it.

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