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Comment LEDs (Score 4, Informative) 278

I converted most of my bulbs in my house to Philips LED lamps from Home Depot. I had a few teething problems, with some of the bulbs initially. Some of their earlier floodlights were around a single bright LED, and it was annoying to have in an angled fixture. I took it back to the store, and found newer ones that were built around a multiple LEDs and had a diffuser. Some bulbs are still incandescents, mostly because I haven't been able to find a satisfactory replacement. These are small chandelier lights (that would need at least 40 watt equivalent output) and the three-way bulbs on the night stand (Cree just released them). Products are available, but both require shipping from the States. I'll wait a little longer before making the complete switch.

Submission + - TiVo announces DVR-SuperAdvance

mark0 writes: TiVo has announced the TiVo DVR-SuperAdvance. The PC World review says, 'Familiar TiVo interface; DVR can record not-yet-broadcast programming; potentially useful as a wagering aid,' though, '[it is] expensive; access to programming is limited; footage is displayed in standard definition only.'

Submission + - Massive threat to instant messaging unveiled

SecurityConcious writes: Security researchers reported on the bugtraq security mailing list that they have found a way to exploit instant messaging applications by encoding shellcodes into smileys. "This would make massive attacks against instant messaging applications impossible to catch by anti-virus, IDS or similar signature based technologies. Moreover, it is possible to conduct attacks with plausible deniability." they said. They are urging chat network operators to disable smileys to mitigate the threat. Is this the end of friendly IM ?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - WiFi Banned at University for Years to Come

An anonymous reader writes: Dr. Fred Gilbert, president of Lakehead University, recently held a presentation as to why his university will continue to have a wireless networking ban in place for years to come. Here is a transcript of his presentation.
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Readying RHEL 5 Real-Time Product

GeekGal writes: "Red Hat is preparing its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 real-time product for release later this year. The decision to release a separate real-time version of RHEL 5 marks a significant shift for Red Hat, which initially planned to bundle the technology into RHEL 6, the next version of its enterprise server operating system software. The current plan currently for the software, referred to internally as Red Hat Enterprise Linux RT, is to have a capability set that is primarily a kernel drop and replacement for standard RHEL 5, eWeek is quoting (,1895,2121656,00.a sp)Tim Burke, Red Hat's director of emerging technologies as saying. The RT product will also be priced separately from standard RHEL 5 and will not be included as part of the normal customer contract for that server software. Red Hat also plans to productize its implementation of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, Burke said, noting that most of those users also have high-speed messaging needs. "But our AMQP offering will not require customers to be running RHEL RT," he said."

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