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Comment Re:Prime Computer (Score 1) 93

BTW... I remember you. I was working in the compiler department when you were building that test suite management system. You had a minor run-in with a very young and somewhat dickish engineer. That would be me. In the ~25 years since I can certainly say I'm older and I hope I can say I'm less dickish.

Submission + - Mobile Phone Sales Rise, iPhone and Android Grow (

mark0 writes: Gartner reports that mobile phone sales have risen in 1Q2010, up 17% year-on-year. That's good news for iPhone OS and Android, which saw their market shares grow to 15.4% and 9.6%, respectively. Other platforms slipped and ZDNet already proclaims the death of Windows Mobile. They suggest open-sourcing WM could have saved it, but that doesn't seem to be helping Symbian.

Comment And CableCARD? (Score 1) 214

I have FiOS and until MythTV supports CableCARD, it's rather useless. A google of the site just turns up a dry wiki definition of CableCARD and a bunch of forum postings that degenerate into DRM-related poo flinging.

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