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Comment Re: Virtual Private Raid (Score 1) 151

But the chance of losing your data is triple.

[because] each one gets only a 3rd of each file

I think the meaning was if you spread your data across 3 nodes, but you need 3/3 nodes to access the data then the chance of losing all your data is times three.

If you used a parity system like RAID 5 across 3 nodes, then you could lose 1 node but still access your data. Losing 2 or more nodes means all data is lost, but also means the party performing the seizure needs 2/3 servers to recover the data.

Comment Re: No complaints (Score 1) 262

Not saying it's easy to create new human-computer interfaces, but has anyone here read the novel Ready Player One? (Or equivalent sci fi - Stephenson, Gibson, etc, even lawn mower man).

We need precise 3D haptic interfaces controlled with our hands. Combine with physical or virtual keyboards for complete control of everything.

I agree with the general sentiment of this thread - stop whining and create something!

Comment Re:But can the bootloader be unlocked? (Score 1) 132

Except the last 3 LG phones all have removable battery, SD card, and headphone jack: G3, G4, G5

Though apparently they have a "bootloop" problem even after battery remove/replace. Never happened to me on the 4 or 5, but I also don't update beyond the factory firmware (I need root).

Comment Re:Get it MFers? (Score 1) 357

Have you ever listened to the daily _independent_ news radio program Democracy Now? Stream it a few times if you don't live near a local station that broadcasts it. I listen on a local (community-supported, not wide-scale public) radio station. The team does a great job with multiple interviews (not just a few talking heads) from out in the field - where stuff is happening, but also with a range of award-winning journalists from all over the planet.

It's easy to criticize the reporting of details, but this is an intense story that has not received enough attention on main stream media.

Just snipits from a timeline:

These events have been reported by a range of medial outlets, but in limited air time:

Too much mainstream coverage is given to the 2016 presidential election than many other current events of consequence.

Comment Re:Keeping up with the emojis (Score 1) 175

This single file font, arialuni.ttf, supports a ton of languages and includes glyphs for many characters:

Font Specifications and Notes

Source: Developed by Microsoft Corporation and supplied with the latest versions of Microsoft Office (2000, XP, and 2003). Also available with Microsoft's FrontPage 2000 and Publisher 20002.

Stats: Version 1.00 has 50,377 glyphs and no kerning pairs.

Support: This large font includes support for the following languages: Arabic script (Arabic including some dialect-specfic letters, Balochi, Persian, Punjabi Shahmukhi, Urdu), Armenian, Cyrillic (all or most of range), Devanagari, Georgian (Mkhedruli & Asomtavruli), Greek (including polytonic and Coptic characters), Gurmukhi, Hebrew, IPA, Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji/Han Ideographs), Kannada, Korean (Hangul only), Latin, Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese.

OpenType Layout Tables: Arabic (default, Farsi, Urdu), Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Han Ideographic (default, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional), Kana (default, Japanese), Kannada, Korean, Tamil.

Comment Re:Interesting possibilities (Score 1) 184


The gateways do let residents establish private connections between their homes using an empty port.
"We create a virtual connection that acts like a network cable," Patterson said. Two users of the network could thus transfer files at gigabit speed, or residents of a few houses could set up a private gaming network.

Comment Re:"Use 4 spaces per indentation level." (Score 1) 181

This crazy one-liner can be used on many flavors of linux that do not have wget, netcat, curl, etc. Obviously those would be preferred, but if the server is locked down and all you have is bash, it's great to check if a certain webserver hosts a particular website, or to discover your external IP.

I forget why I needed to redirect to descriptor zero for the read line... I'd have to look that up again.

Comment Re:"Use 4 spaces per indentation level." (Score 2) 181

How do you write a shell one-liner in Xonsh if you need to use whitespace instead of curly braces and semicolons?

# one line HTTP check in bash
{ echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.1\nHost:\nConnection: close\nAccept: text/html\nUser-Agent: Mozilla/5.0\n" #1; while read LINE; do echo "$LINE"; done; } #2 /dev/tcp/

Replace "#1" with ">&0"
Replace "#2" with "<>"

Comment Re: Certainly can't hurt (Score 2) 84

I don't have real data, but anecdotally this "feels" accurate to me. (Very long-time /. reader so I've seen the ups and downs.)

I would say total story comment counts were quite low from autumn 2015 through winter 2016 but have risen this spring.

Easy to compare "today" (meaning each day) to prior years using the old side-bar widget that showed past high-comment stories on the same day. Recent years are dramatically lower than past years, but the trend appears to be going back up.

Perhaps some researchers could get a dump of stories with comment counts, then chart them? (It should be possible to scrape if someone had the time.) Easy to see seasonality like northern hemisphere summer vacations for students.

Comment Re:may might predicts (Score 1) 655

I had the same initial thought of summing purchases through a shopping day in a single vehicle. But maybe you load your purchases from each store into a box (perhaps standard sized reusable boxes instead of bags), and a self driving car drops it off at your residence or secure pickup area. With drone delivery around the corner (or at slowest SDC + robot delivery), will we be carrying lots of stuff around?

Brick and mortar stores may last for a long time, especially if they can compete with delivery like Amazon; the delivery of goods may well change with self driving vehicles.

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