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Comment Re:Online Poker Turing test? (Score 1) 128

The online poker sites have software that does its best to prevent bots from playing.

It's pretty much impossible to prevent unless you can algorithmically detect computer style play.

Which is a part of what those algorithms do, try to detect patterns that would indicate a non-human decision maker.

Obviously, as the AIs become more sophisticated, so must the detection algorithms. However, if the algorithm's play becomes so human-like that it defeats all attempts to distinguish it from that of an actual human (essentially passing the Turing test), would it still have an advantage over a human?

It is similar to the situation that we have in chess. Current algorithms running on consumer level hardware can consistently defeat even the best human players, and still online tournaments are being played. Of course, poker is played for money, so the incentive to cheat will be higher.

Comment Re:69% know that piracy is illegal ? (Score 1) 252

Alright, I will spell it out for you.

One of the excuses for copyright was that the author, having made a significant investment to create and distribute their work, need to be able to recoup their costs (and hopefully make a profit). Those sunk costs have plummeted.

But the main reason, which you don't seem to view as an answer, is that the current copyright terms do nothing except lock down culture and impoverish the public domain.

Now it's your turn to answer my question: how is life + 70 better for society than 15 years?

Comment Re:69% know that piracy is illegal ? (Score 1) 252

The real question is why have long copyright terms at all?

Enforcing artificial scarcity on ideas and treating them as "property", especially for long periods of time, should only be done if the end result is beneficial to society as a whole, rather than to a few powerful lobbies. And I have not seen anything that suggests that it is the case.

I am aware of one attempt to empirically establish the optimal copyright term, and the conclusion was around 15 years. You are welcome to read the papers and state any disagreement that you have with them.

Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 184

The smart ones already had great driving records. It is the stupid ones you are protecting with this technology.

Being smart doesn't protect you from stupid people's actions -- you can be a perfect driver and still get rear-ended by someone who never saw you slow down because they were texting.

This technology protects stupid people and the smart people who have to share the roads with them.

Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 184

For a small fraction of what is spent on personal vehicle ownership, we could have pretty amazing public transportation that would satisfy the needs of nearly every city & suburb dweller. And that would naturally lead to fewer serious accidents.

Also for a small fraction of what is spent on fast food, people could buy and cook healthy vegetarian meals for themselves, that would satisfy the nutritional needs of nearly every citizen. And that would naturally lead to fewer cases of heart disease and obesity.

Unfortunately, what people want is not always the same as what would theoretically work the best. In this case, most people want private cars, and they have made that preference clear through both their spending and their voting patterns. Barring the advent of some kind of benign dictatorship, a transition to all-public-transit won't happen anytime soon.

Comment Re:Intelligent design (Score 0) 166

These researchers may be trying to apply the wrong methods to a device that is almost certainly the product of a higher power.

That may well be the case, but if so, it's also quite clear that the higher power used evolution and natural selection as his development tool.

If human brains had just been magic'd into existence by divine fiat, there would be no reason for them to look like a specialized version of the brains of earlier hominids (which in turn look like specialized versions of the brains of earlier mammals, and so on for as far back as you care to look).

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