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Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 895

I don't know if this is the joke or not, but in your sig you say: const int one = 65536; That is in fact wrong. In integer rollover: 65535 +1 = 0 So I'm not sure what you are getting at. If there is a joke there other than integer rollover then I don't get it.

It's probably an example of the infamous programmer "off-by-one" error. The source code he quoted actually exists in a project.

Comment Re:Prototypes are ALWAYS huge & klunky (Score 1) 62

Prototypes should be designed based on the goals they're supposed to achieve: performance and functionality that approaches the final manufactured unit, but with the flexibility to easily troubleshoot, modify, and reproduce the prototype without requiring several lengthy and expensive manufacturing cycles.

Believe me, once the finalized design undergoes its first manufacturing cycle, there will be several kinks that need to be debugged and resolved. It's really best to not conjoin those manufacturing issues with other fundamental usability issues that may arise earlier during product development cycles.

Comment Oh well... (Score 2) 90

I bet the layer of product managers at Atlassian became top-heavy, with number of managers outpacing the number of sub-par software products they release (like JIRA.) So, the natural next step in the evolution of the company is to buy a non-sub-par software product company, and let the product managers have their way with turning the purchased software products into sub-par products. That way, every product manager gets a fair share of practice at screwing up perfectly fine software that probably doesn't really need to be modified in the ways they are intending.

Comment Re:Plot twist... (Score 1) 37

Plot twist: Blackberry renames itself to "Research in Motion", becomes a leading seller of autonomous cars to business executives everywhere.

Furthermore, business executives absolutely rave over the hardware-based steering wheel and pedals included in RIM's autonomous cars. "Real business executives need hardware steering on their cars," claims RIM CEO of the week. "Virtual steering interfaces, like those offered by Apple, just don't cut it in the business world."

Comment Queue Apple Video in 3... 2... (Score 5, Funny) 114

Jony Ive appears on screen, against a stark white background. "The design of our new MacBook Pro fuses form and function into a new degree of usability and intuitiveness. Once you pick it up and start using it, all of the cares of the world simply fade away behind the brilliant illumination of our Super Retina display. It's a design that is at once both futuristic, and timeless. But not TOOOOO timeless - our world class engineering teams will only support this miraculous marvel of engineering for the next five years, so get yours while you can."

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